Monday, February 09, 2009


YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins with socialite Noretha Hospon during Liquid Assests 1st Notice Me Awards at the Golfhouse in Forest Park.

Photos by Ma'atology, Kevin Bryant (first pic) and King Yella (second pic) THATS YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, in front of the Red Carpet poster at the event doin his trademark stance with the OUTCAM. Check out some of the STL stars who came through and won awards at this event celebrating models and the people who help behind the scenes of the modeling and fashion industry.

STl-TV correspondent model and Notice Me nominee Ali Delan interviews Notice Me Award nominee photographer Kevin Jordan and event host, promoter Allen A.I." Brown.

Folk gettin their party on before the award show.

Nominee Mocha Latte and presenter Scar La Don of rap group June 5th

DJ Sno was on the 1s and 2s.

LEFT: Nominees Stlonline's photographer Jacob Owens and Soul Stylz' Boone who also took a pic with promoter Ezekial (BELOW).

Model Miss Lindsay lookin sexy chic to the event.

Models Ashlai Box and Michelle Star were presenters and nominees.

A.I. on the mike signaling the start of the awards which were voted by the public.

Notifi Music's Oli Singer opened the show singing his jams including , "I Wanna Be Your Man."

Oli gettn his swagger on on stage.

Oli and his hypeman on stage.

Event promoter and creator, model Chelsea Dawn

Model Jasmine and business man Mike Roberts, Jr. read presented the award, Boutique of the Year TO:

I AM Boutique manager Kim Trigg and a Messina of June 5th accepts the award.

Models Morgan and Michelle Star presented Body Paint Artist TO:

Jessica Dana!

Model and nominee Ashley Marie and socialite/nominee Ali Moseia presented the Makeup Artist TO:

Stephanie Stordahl!

Model/nominee Tia B. and Body paint artist/nominee Chris Sabatino presented Hairstylist TO:Marie Simone (she was not present)

Evening Whirl photographer/nominee Jason Bailey, and models/nominees Lona Russum and Leah Bourne presented the Mens Clothing Line TO:

Nick Loftis of Greedy Genius!

Promoters/nominees Mocha Latte and SLIM presented the WOMENs CLOTHING LINE to YANI COMPANY.

Promoter/nominee Boone and model/nominee Feleg Abraha presented FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER TO:

Joe Lester!

Rapper Jay Kidd and singer Oli presented CLUB PHOTOGRAPHER TO:

Whirl's King Yella who received his award from Ms. Dawn.

Yella, who was the event's photographer, thanked the crowd for their vote.

Kidd performing with his hypeman.

Up in the crowd

and sexanading as well!

Nominees Lady Star and Morgan enjoying the show.

Juen 5th members presented the VIDEO MALE award to:Jackie Messina in his cameo in
"Comin’ For Ya" by Jus Bleezy. He was not present.

Models/nominees Ke Ke and Osita presented VIDEO FEMALE TO:

A TIE: Leah Bourne in "Bust It Open" by Lil Wil and Tiffany Foxx in "Put it On Ya" by Plies (she was not in attendance)

NOTE: Other winners include Jus Bleezy for King of Swag and L.A. for Curves. This event could easily become a staple in the STL (any award that is votedon by you peers is always something to be shouted out! Remember Flipside's Platinum Hood wards a few years back? LOL) ), but it needs to get a few kinks out: The event started at midnight, three hours after the doors opened (NOT GOOD) which caused many to think it was just a party and/or leave soon after their favorites won or lost in their categories. A plus was mostly all of the promoters and models who were nominated attended and the crowd brought in a good 300 or so from what we're guessing (which is good for a first time event). But, hopefully, if they plan to do this next year, that they find what works and what does not work.

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