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STL native Chrys Yvette has been on the grind in the entertainment field on the small screen and national urban stage for nearly 20 years as actress, playwright and teacher and author of acting. Later this month, her company Serenity Arts will host a CD concert for STL gospel artist Pam Green Feb 27 at Metro Christian Worship Center in St. Louis. OUTTOWN had a chance to interview this talented sister her about her start, her achievements and well as her future plans for the ST. Louis area.

OT: Are you from ST. Louis?
CY: Yes, born and raised in the Lou!

OT: What high school did you attend?
CY: I attended and graduated from the Academy of Math & Science.

OT: When did you become interested in getting into the arts?
CY: I've always been interested in the arts, but I performed in my first play at the age of fourteen.

OT: When did you become serious about becoming an actor?
CY: In college at Clark Atlanta University when I landed my first leading role.

OT: .What was your first professional acting gig?
CY: Outkast's, "Git Up Git Out music video (1994). I played Andre3000's girlfriend. I was sitting in class when it first aired and people were coming in one after the other asking if that was me in the Outkast video. That brings back funny memories. Thanks to YouTube I still get reminded of that.

OT: When and why did you get into directing?
CY: I have a passion to push the actors to perform at their peek. I always wanted to share the gift of becoming the character while directing other actors. That's why I wrote the book "Trusting the Actor Within You." It's dedicated to the performers I met around the country who just wanted to know how to embark upon a successful acting career.

A poster image from her website of her national hit stage play, "A Woman's Worth" in 2004.

OT: What was your first directing job?
CY: My first time directing as a professional director was in Los Angeles, where I directed Ricky Bell from New Edition, Treach, and Tichina Arnold in my national stage play, "A Woman's Worth". That same year I also directed a multi-cultural comedy stage play called "The Dating Game" which I also wrote.

OT: What’s the name of your production company and what was the first project you produced?
CY: The name of our company is Serenity Arts & Entertainment. Our first gospel album entitled Pam Green, "In His Presence. " It will debut Friday February 27 @ 7pm at Metro Christian Worship Center. We are very excited about this album, the concert is free and the CD will be available!

OT: Talk about your latest venture with the gospel CD. How did you become involved with the project?
CY: A miracle is the best word to describe it. Pam is very gifted and she is like a sister to me. This album is straight from her heart and God's, and you can feel it in every song on the album. Once I presented the idea to my business partner, Jerrin L. DeLoatch, he agreed to finance the project and we gave Pam our full and undivided support. It's been a life changing project since inception. We are overwhelmed by the love and support we are receiving from the St. Louis community!

OT: Which one do you like doing the most acting, directing or producing?
CY: Acting is what I love the most because I get to be free and have fun. Directing and producing are more of my business oriented side. I have a strong passion to create work for others, so it all starts when I sit down to write that script and bring all the elements together to make it come to life. I learned from the bottom up working in LA at Fox Studios, so I guess you can say I paid my dues. Now it's time to let some of that hard work blossom right here at home in St. Louis.

OT:Have you done any projects here in St. Louis?
CY: Yes, we are in pre-production on a movie. The album of course will be released this February. The artist Pam Green is also from St. Louis.

Who inspires you as an artist, as a person? I would say I am most inspired by Oprah and Tina Fey, two very powerful women in charge of what they do, and also making a way for others. As a person, my mom is my greatest inspiration, she always has been. People just love her but my brothers, sister, and I don't mind sharing her because she raised us with so much love.

The poster advertisement for Yvette's gospel project, Pam Green's "In His Presence" CD concert.

OT: Other than the gospel CD project, do you have any upcoming projects that you’re working on?
CY: The movie is next. We will shoot the movie here in St. Louis next May.

OT: Who are you listening now to on your Ipod?
CY: It's my daughter's, Canton Jones.

OT: What’s your favorite pig out food?
CY: Pizza

OT: What are some of your past time hobbies?
CY: I love swimming and skating.

OT: What’s the last movie you saw?
CY: Mall Cop...LOL

OT: Do you have a website or contact info for anyone to get in contact with you?
CY: Yes,

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