Monday, February 16, 2009

OUT 558--MAJOR BRANDS' A MID WINTER NIGHT'S DREAM" ...The Ultimate Singles Night Of Sensual Seduction FEB 14,

Photos by Ma'atology

The poster of the event.

Major Brands Seductive Valentine's Night Cupids' Ashlai Box and Kine' Brown

Mr. Brandon and model Jimmelle, who came back in town over last weekend to attend to family business.

Foxy 95's Loni hosted the interactive games that were held in a tent where the patio area was of the club.

The first game was DATE MY FRIEND. Miss Kelly (PICTURED) was in the game to get hooked up by her friend, Meesha.

The potential suitors for Kelly.

Kelly with the winner.

Major Brands' Tre Williams with Kelly and her date.

After the game, Norbin (right) asked his lady, Shannon to marry him. He presented her with a ring there at the event and she said YES.

DJ /Father of STL Hip-Hop Charlie Chan Soprano had it crunk on the 1s and 2s.

Miss Brown offering the guests chocolate covered strawberries.

The next game was SINGLED OUT where it was the bachelorettes turn to meet a bachelor. For the game. Loni asked the bachelor 10 questions and the bachelorette who came close to what he liked from his answers, won the game.

The bachelor was Mr. Brian aka "Ambitious."

Loni asked Brian the questions. One was, "Do you like a woman with tatts or no tatts?" He said "tatts" which eliminated some women who didn't have tatts. The last question which was the deciding factor was, "What type of drink do you like, white or dark drinks. He said dark and...

Miss Tamika aka "Sissy" was the last woman standing...with a dark drink in hand. LOL.

Their prize was a movie passes and dinner for two.

Brian with his date Tamika (who's lookin at Brian quite interestingly. LOL) and Major Brands' Tre.

The next game was a scrabble game where the participants had to solve the answer.

This young lady was the winner which was dinner for two at five star restaurant Araka Restaurant in Clayton

Loni and Williams take a pic with the winner.

Chan was all smiles at the event.

Loni posing with FREETIME's Roy Robinson.

"Hi." One of the mack moments of the nite.

"What kind of car do you drive?" Another mack moment of the nite.

We dont know what was goin on in this pic. But it looks like all three were about to get lucky. LOL.

The crowd of bachelorhood.

Mo crowd.

And mo crowd

And even mo crowd.
NOTE: About 500 or so came through to this event. We can definitely say, it was better than what we thought it would be. It wasn't just a party. They had interactive games, free appetizers, and prize giveaways (We copped the game TABOO), that made it more than just a regular party.

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