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Pictured are Derrty ENT crew members Nelly and rapper Gripp during the Derrty ENT v Loose cannon II Celeb Game at Chaifetz Arena last Frdiay. And there's YOURS TRULY standing behind the court looking at the action on court (Photo by King Yella)

Below Photos by Carlston Edwards (first pic), King Yella (next two pics) Jay bailey (fourth pic) and Ma'atology R&B singer Howard Hewitt (RIGHT)performed last Thursday at Oz nightclub in Sauget for a Pre-Mother's Day concert. Herre he's posed for a pic backstage with Majic 104.9 personality BJ the DJ.

Rapper Yo Gotti was in the house at Club Society Thursday for his b-day.

Some attendees of Gotti's b-day party posing in front of a graffiti drawing of Yo Gotti.

Mocha Latte and YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins hangin in the DJ booth area of Lush. Latte was hosting her popular weekly event Best Damned Fridays Period where the Derrty ENT v Loose Cannon Celeb B Ball Game after party took place. Check out all the action that happened at the game down below !

People arriving at the Chaifetz.

Therre's Monopoly Promotions' and Loose Cannon supporter Mocha Latte at one of the booths in the lobby area as videographer Dana Christian (right) and event coordinator/Jes 4 Jackie overseer Chalena Mack looks on.

Before the game, Nelly took time to speak with the media. Herre, he's talking with Channel 5 News about the charity game.

Nelly and the Derrty ENT camp practicing for the 314 (Derrty ENT) v 636 (Loose cannon) showdown . The event was dubbed, "A City Divided: Which Side Will You Choose?"

Loose Cannon camp also was practicing for the showdown.

Former Vokal/Derrty ENT's Yomi Martin was playing with rivals LooseCannon.

Nelly taking a sideline break.

Club Society hypeman Big Terrence was hyping it up for LooseCannon.

Wellz Fargo Slim, leader of the LooseCannon crew gettin interviewed.

104.1's Young Dip played for Derrty ENT. Here he was doin an I.D. spot remote cast of his radio show.

One of the refs was East St. Louisan and Olympic champ Jackie Joyner Kersee.

Mocha Latte's daughter Sydney with her friend Johnae cheese up for the OUTCAM during the game.

Kersee with ref Lawndale Thomas.

The crowd.

Slim taking a practice shot at the three-point line.

"Take that Derrty ENT!"

St. Louisan and Kansas City Chiefs Will Franklin at the scorekeeper area. He was for the Loosecannon crew.

A young fan holding a sign that read, "Win Nelly Win!"

St. Lunatics City Spud and Kyjuan in the cut.

Young Dip gettin his shots on.

St. Lunatics hypeman Slo Down in the mix.

Kyjuan in players mode.

104.1's Boogie D was hypin it up for Derrty ENT.

People standing for the National Anthem.

The anthem was sang by singer Seven.

Ali, who did no suit up, was there to show support for Derrty ENT.

Three Tics: Kyjuan, City Spud and Slo Down.

Nelly stops for a pic with Ali and his kids (His son will steal the spotlight as you will see in later pics).

Some of the Loosecannon crew as they were being introduced.

And Wells Fargo Slim who stood out with his own Tee.

Slo Down, Kyjuan and Young Dip.

Gearing up for the Toss Up.

Nelly about to score.

A double shot. LOL

Both teams hustlin for the ball.

LooseCannon got to scoring on the clock early!

Loose Cannons defense was on point!

Above the Rim!

Slim lookin as his team dominated over Derrty ENT in the first few minutes of the first quarter.

Nelly was on a mission trying to defend his teams title from last year.

Slim was on fire!


Fans looking intensely for Derryy ENT victory.

The half time entertainmnet was provided by rapper Paul Wall.

His fans reaching out for the Wall.

Wall in rap mode.

A sign made my some of Nelly's kinfolk.

When Wall spat his part on Nelly's hit, "Grillz," the other featured rapper on the song, Ali came out to b-boy with him. During the performance Wall asked the women in the crowd, "If you ain't got no STDs make some noise." (And they screamed in reposnse) Nelly did not perform.

Folk takin cam shots of Wall.

After Wall, Fast Lyfe Youngsters (FLY) performed.

The crowd were into their swag.

Murphy Lee clowinin around with Ali's son.

The crowd gettin into the swag.

Lil kids were swag surfin.

FLY takin a pic after their set.

Ali's son got on the floor to get his breakdance on!

He was hoppin like a rabbit with it!

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan also got the mikes to spit some lyrics.

Nelly's mother, Rhonda Mack addressed the crowd about the importance of donating bone marrow. Her daughter, Jackie Donanhue (and Nelly's half-sister) was the reason for the charity game to raise money for the foundation she and Nelly formed Jes 4 Jackie, for African Americans' awareness on the importance to donate bone marrow. Donahue died of leukemia in 2005 as she was awiting for a bone marrow transplant.

In the end, Derrty ENT was not able to retain its title as Loose Cannon defeated Derrty Ent 112-110. No shows were St. Louisan and New England Patriots' Laurene Maroney and Derrty ENT captain Larry Hughes (who was at the Afterparty at Lush). EasT St. Louisan and LooseCannon captain Darius MIles was in attendance .


The After Party was held at Lush at Best Damned Fridays Period. Above are the new posters for Monopoly Promotions Sunday Night Shindig.

The crowd.

Monopoly Promotions/ event host Mocha Latte up in VIP gettin her host pose on.

The crowd with the promotion of Best Damned Fridays Period in the background.

It was wall to wall in in therre!

This is a great shot of Latte in the VIp booth hosting with Evening Whirl photograher King Yella down below.

FLY was also in the house.

Slim with some of his LooseCannon b-ball crew.

Muscle For Hire kept things in order!

A member of FLY got the mike to free flow as Mocha Latte laughs.

Therre's B-baller Larry Hughes in the cut up in VIP.

Evening Whirl Columnist Harlem B in peace mode at the afterparty.

Therre were many brothas up in therre wearing white tank tees up in VIP.

The Rose Woman was therre.

Murphy Lee also showed up.

Slim insisted that the OUTCAM captured him being naughty with the ladies. LOL

Just checkin out the merchandise. LOL

Mo crowd.

The Man of the Hour Nelly came through and was in the cut. Herre he's posed with Lush manager Booker T.

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