Monday, May 11, 2009


Photos by Fox Theatre (first pic) and Ma'atology Comedian/actor Mike Epps had the crowd in stitches as he performed a 40 minute set at the Fox Theatre last Saturday. He joked about various topics such as how to sneak jacking off with a porno with your lady in the house, Chris Brown ("He's the new Ike Turner. That Doublemint guy is beating up women with that Frankenstein head Rihanna"), Barack Obama ("We got a nigga in the office. And he got a nigga walk, too. He was about to fuck up the guy who fucked up his oath to office.") The guy who threw the shoe at Bush ("I'm the one who threw the shoe at Bush"), the change in song lyrics ("We went from "Oh Girl," to "I Was Gettin Some Head." ); imitating personalities (Judge Joe Brown) and Nelly's walk); OJ Simpson ("OJ beat a murder but went to jail over football cards." ); and imitating a crippled arm R&B singer.

Opening for Epps was Chi-town via St. Louis comic Kenny Howell (who's set was too long) and hosted by STL comedian G Thang (who had the crowd rolling joaning on a thug dude who came late and walked to his seat up front. He said, "This ain't The Ambassador. You shoulda dressed up for this.") in the crowd was former St. Louis rams Torrie Holt (G Thang quipped, "Hey, what are you doin here?"), Nelly, Murphy Lee, St. Louis Posts's Kevin Johnson and Mocha Latte.

Later on Mike Epps was spotted at the Jazz Spot in Downtown St. Louis. Here he was arriving in the club with his entourage.

A fan giving Epps a hug.

Epps was a bit camera shy, but we were able to sneak a few pics of him gettin his party on.

Epps is on the far left.

Many folk asked for a pic, but he politely declined as he was therre to get his chill on. There was also a special VIP area for Epps and invited guests. Kenny Howell and G Thang also came through.

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