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OUT 616--DERRTY DJ and 100.3 THE BEAT present BEAT MAY DAY FEST at PAGEANT May 17

Photos by Ma'atology

Host 100.3 The Beat's Kiki the 1st Lady greeting the crowd.

The first STL act was Luey V who put it down with "Don't Do Dat" and "Do Ur Own Dance."

The front area of the mosh pit area. watching the show.

More of the mosh pit crowd.

Backstage Ohh Myy Online TV personalities Maxine aka Big Sexy Max and Kocapelli.interviewed all the acts that nite for Ohh My TV.

The Fyre Boy fam on stage.

While Fyre Boy was on stage, backstage, Kiki took a pic with upcoming STL rap sensation Stevie Stone who was set to perform.

STL rapper Ludy with STl producer Loudie. Ludy performed an excerpt of his first radio hit, "Sick Wit it" and "Bottles in the Air," and his latest, "She can Get it."

Stone performed, "I Rip" and "I Ain't Playin 'Round."

Stone with his hypeman.

A side long shot of Stone on stage.

After his performance, Loudie got interviewed by Ohh My TV personalities Nekayy and Kayshaniel

Fyre Boy's DJ Scrill on stage performing, "Dance like You Got Money."

Ludy and Loudie gettin interviewed.

Backstage, B and D Security had it on lock as artists and clientele of the show had to get checked and wristbanded.

East St. Louis native female duo Unladylike ripped it on stage with their hits, "Sit Yo Ass Down." and "Countin dat Dough."

Unladylike in freeze mode.

Unladylike gettin interviewed by Ohh My TV. They said that their debut CD will be out in June on Def Jam.

Hypeman Dwight Stone got the crowd crunk doing his popular Stone Karaoke with the crowd. He also snapped on a crowd member who gave him a CD to play on the air and it was a burned CD with a black sharpie print on it. He said a burned CD with a Sharpie was not the way to present a CD.

Event creator DJ AJ (left) handlin the beats for the artist and the biz.

The crowd says CHEESE


Ludy posing with Unladylike.

St. Lunatic member and Ohh My Tv personality SloDown chopped it up with Ludy backstage.

Big Sexy and Slo Down on airr.

Goriila Zoe (in blue cap) is battling getting from backstage to get to the stage to perform.

Gorilla Zoe on stage.

He started off his set with the cut, "Juice Box."

Zoe also put down, "She Knows What it is," :"Hood Nigga,' And his latest hit, "Lost."

Zoe wanted to share a drink with those in the balcony.

Yung Joc was on stage gettin it hyped.

And so was the crowd when Joc arrived.

Joc ripped, "I Know You See it," and other artists curts like Soulja Boy's "Dunk," Juvenille's "Back that Ass Up," Jibbs, "Chain Hang Low," and Jamie Foxx's "Blame it."

Joc with his hypeman. They spat, "She Can tell I'm a G," "Put her on Blast," Knock that "P" Out and his featured rap on T Pain's "Buy You A Drank." and his first hit, "It's Goin Down."

Joc was the first artist to get up close and perosnal with the crowd goin into the mosh pit. He also threw a few 20 dollar bills (and we do say FEW) out into the crowd (We guess his upcoming lawsuit against Block ENT is stressing dem funds! LOL)

Joc and the crowd.

One of the two surprise acts was rapper Rich Boy who performed his hit, "Throw Some D's on it."

"Throw Some Ds on that Bitch!."

Rich Boy was the second artist to get in with the mosh pit.

D Stone savin souls.

...and asked Evening Whirl photographer King Yella to take a pic of the 'big head girl in the crowd. LOL

The other surprise act was Twista

He flowed on his feature on David Nanner's "Like A Pimp" as well as "Shorty Wanna Ride," and his huge hit, "Slow Jams." before he left the stage, he said that his latest CD, "Category f5 " will be released in July and had the dee-jay play some samples of it for the crowd.

Stone brought up former 100.3 the Beat perosnality Kaos (who brought on Stine on board to the Beat) who sermoned the crowd about stopping the violence (referring to the shooting thqt happened after the May Day Parade earlier that day) and stop being #1 teh city for HIV and AIDs.

STL gospel rapper P Dub said that he was "young, fly and saved." He said that his latest CD is entltled, "Kingdom Music."

Stone performed with P Dub. Both created of the Young, Fly and Saved Movement.

Stone said that Kiki (left) was the only radio personality who was on board when the Beat was formed 10 years ago. Then, they introduced b-ball star Larry Hughes (middle) on stage who announced that the after party was going to be at The Skybox. Hughes os one third owner of it along with Nelly and b-ball star Darius Miles.


Nelly and Ali came out first to much screams and applause from the crowd.

Then Kyjuan.

Then Murphy Lee, who got the most cheers. Minutes later, City Spud walked out on stage and the house rocked with applause.

Nelly and Murph

Blood brothers Kyjuan and Murph

Ali givin the crowd some love

The Lunatics performd mostly all of its group and solo hits including songs form its upcoming CD, "City Free." including the first single, "Get Low to the Flo."

All the Tics on stage (except for Slo Down which was puzzling).

It was definitely a moment in St. Louis music history!

When they performed "Stepped on My J's" , someone from the crowd threw their show out to them and Nelly observed it and then thre wit back to the crowd member and the Tics decided to sgow off their J's. .

They also incorporated other artists songs in their set including DJ Kid Cudi's "Day and Nite,:" and Young Ro's "Dunk dat Booty."

City Spud (right) fit right in the mix.

Spud solo was "Look at Me," a cut from "City Free."

The crowd showing Nelly love.

But unfortunately, the Lunatics' set was plagued with sound tech difficulties midway. They waited for about 10 minutes and the sound returned, but then it failed again soonafter.

When the sound did retun, Murphy Lee showed off his freestyling skills.

Nelly thanked the crowd for supporting them through the years.

One of the tour buses parked outside of the Pageant. And peep out the bus' rims!

The other tour bus parked in front of the Pageant (The bus was so shiney, you could see the Pageant logo on the bus!).

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