Monday, May 18, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology

The logo of the event that was posted up on the stage curtain. The event, which was hosted by fashion icon/reality star Farnsworth Bentley, was held on the first floor bar area of the Sheraton across from the Scott Trade Center.

Derrty DJ/event coordinator DJ AJ and Black Spade's Ed Lover.

DJ C-Note was handlin the 1s and 2s.

The Greedy Genius Boyz were in the house.

Glam Life Models were in town for the Derrty DJ Summit weekend. They are a promotions/staffing company based out of Minnesota.

GLM also did interviews for its TV show.

GLM in model mode.

Midway at the event, the crowd formed a Soul Train line.

Fyreboy's T-Baby (right) was all flash and dash up in the cut.

Folk comin in to get their party on on the first floor bar at the Sheraton.

A poster promoting hip hop artist Future

There were many Derrty DJs from the Midwest who came though as well as their posse

OhhMy TV personalities Kayshaniel and Nekayy on the scene.

The crowd got its party on--by any means necessary (As you will see later in the pics down below)

This dude used the mirror on the wall as his dance partner!

The Chi-town guests got on stage and gave a horizontal performance for the crowd.

And she got on top of things!

The GLM crew posing for a club pic.

They were gettin derrty up in therre fa sho!

The Man of the hour, Farnsworth Bentley, arrived in style. Herre, he is posed with event hostess Bridgette Marie.

Bentley did a promo for the video cam.

"Be sure to get my good side."

NOTE: Konvict Music's Ray Lavendar also made an appearance, but we bounced in order to catch the tail end of LME's event VS at Black Label.

LME's Otto Nichols and Mr. Chad. LME had its first VS event, a weekly Friday event at Black Label where the dee-jay plays songs from battling artists. Last week it was 2 Pac v Biggie. Nichols was also celebrating his b-day that nite.

LME's Tim Slater was on the mike gettin it hype.

Attendees Taressa Hockwaday, Heather Woodard and Richel Maxwell

On Saturday, we peeepd out Dee Lee's House of Comedy where comedian Deray performed. Opening up was STL comedian Arvin Micthell in one of his many funny face jokes. Mitchell, who put on a brave face, also announced to the crowd of a charity event to be held at House of Comedy Sunday to raise funds for his sister, Ebony who was tragically killed in a car accident on Mother's Day. We gave Mitchell our condolences after his show and he said that he is going to press forward with his career and deal with the tragedy the best way that he can.

Dee Lee did a few minutes of standup before introducing the headliner De Ray. His jokes pertained to "cum" towels, men and their belly buttons, and the upgrading of porn in hotels.

Deray up on stage after gettin introduced by Dee Lee.

DeRay was in full force with his freestyle type comedy on Saturday nite.

Yet, there were a family of hecklers in the crowd (who were eventually escorted out of the club) that veered DeRay off his regular routine. Some of the jokes was partiuclarly with a lady who wore a X-mas style white sweater. He roasted her saying that her sweater looked like it was gift from 1979 and she just opened it up. Another joke he said to the heckler was, "I wish you ran out of words like a cell phone (in an operator voice) "we're sorry, you have used up all your mouth minutes. "He even had to belly over laugh at his own jokes he made up on the spot.

Dee Lee with DeRay after his first show on Saturday.

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