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Photos by Carl Helencamp (first pic) and Ma'atology YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, doin double cam duty for OUTTOWN and Silky Sol (pictured next to YOURS TRULY) during the McDonald's Blues Fest held at Kiener Plaza Sunday soonafter the Annie Malone Parade. Check out the pics below from the 121st Annual Annie Malone Parade that was held on Market Street between streets 7th and 20th Streets.

Starting off the parade was newly re-elected St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay who addressed the crowd .

Some patrons looking along as the parade begins.

St. Louis Police Chief Colonel Daniel Isom greeting with and smiling

to the crowd.

St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green waving to the crowd in a convertible car.

NEXT TWO PICS: The ST. Louis Color Guard.

NEXT TWO PICS: Normandy High School Band.

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley marching with Normandy High School Band.

Majic 104.9's Tammie Holland waving to the crowd along with her daughter , Meadow. Holland was a co-grand marshall of the parade.Her radio colleague Tony Scott, served as the grandmarshall of the parade. Holland, along with Scott was one of several honorees for the Annie Malone2009 Child Advocate Award.

Event emcees Radio One's Niecy Davis and civic leader Ida Woolfolk. Also on the stage was legendary radio pioneer and civic leader Bernie Hayes.

The Custom Corvette Club had the crowd oohing and ahhhing.

Singer Silky Sol was in one of those vettes.

The black corvette with butterfly wings.

The sign told it all .


St. Louis Fire Department

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson greets the crowd.

Fox 2 personalities Bonita Cornute and Maurice Drummond.

Fox 2 personalities Shirley Washington and Elliot Davis.

McDonalds was servin up style.

Ronald McDonald saying hello to the crowd.

US Bank gave away free fans.

Hot 104.1 van.

Majic 104.9 coming down the street.

....and flipping over the moment!

Majic 104.9 Program Director Darrel Eason.

DIVA Planning 's Gina James in her Majic gear.

The Majic van.

Majic personality BJ the DJ with the mic gettin the crowd hype.

A new paradee was the St. Louis American Newspaper. What was interesting was the introduction to Partyline's Delores Shante finally revealed of sorts (with her face hidden)sitting in the backseat (up front is website coordinator /photographer Kenya Vaughn. The American won third place in the Automobile Division from the judge panel.

Radio One (Foxy 95) personality Deevine Soundz

Cricket had a few minutes to parade around.

The Celebrate St. Louis float.


Soldan won 1st Place in the JR & SR HIGH SCHOOLS BANDS Division.


Bridge in the house.


St. Louis Jobs.

The AKAs

CVC's Rebecca Riodgers volunteering her time passing out free goodies to the crowd.

Spirits of New Northside Drum and Bugle Corps won third space in the Drill Team Division.

In line mode.

A van passing through with the theme of Annie Malone this year.

Cars coming down the parade line.

A tricked out taxicab.

Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts Middle School won 2nd Place in the Jr and Sr High School Bands Division.

They had very colorful uniforms!

Some young girls in the parade.

State Rep Betty Thompson addresses the crowd.

The Omega Sqwires van.

The Omega Men performed for the crowd.

Confluence Academy won 2nd Place in the Floats Division.

The City Of Berkley who was behind Confluence Academy also was behind in the competition. They won 3rd Place in the Floats Division.

The Masons.

Some lil ones watchin the parade.

The Elks (if you look closely legendary radio personality Lou Fatha Thimes is on the truck waving.).

The Queen of the Medinahs'

The Elks Clowns.

Omaha's Old School Drill Team won 1st Place in the Drill Team Division.

The Grace Hill Bear and his helpers.

The Golden Knights

A One Entertainment

Fix A Dent was lively tellin the crowd they can fix a dent in cars like it never happened.

Some young siblings enjoyin the parade.

The Alphas

The Alpha leader.

YMCA Monsanto rockin it out.

Annie Malone Parade supporter Anita Banks, wife of the late State Senator Jet Banks speaks to the crowd.

The STL Rollers had it spinnin!

...And its leader in the hat got points for wearin it!

A shot of the crowd.

100.3 Ther Beat's Dwight Hypeman Stone greeting the crowd.

The Beat van.

The Derrty DJ Van

Platinum Group's Jacque land walking up to the stage. He is a co-creator of the Call to Oneness March and Movement.

The Deltas

The Omegas (If you look closely, you can see FREETIME's Roy Robinson "dawgin it up!"

Harris Stowe was workin it out--and so was homeboy!

The Harris Stowe Drum Corps.

Woolfolk, Deenen Busby and Hayes lookin on at the Parade.

The Kappas.

The hair highlight (or shall we say highlights) was one of the hair stylists reppin St. Louis salon, Ohh Fallin's Barbershop.


I guess this is the ice cram bomb pop flavor look. LOL

The Soundproof DJs.

The Wellston Housing Authority won 2nd Place in the Auto Division

One of the boxers for the WHA.

Another shot of the WHA booth.


The Monarch Headliners.

A Van in remebrance of the Rose Man.

The Roseman's daughter,. Lecia is continuing in her father's legacy.

The Zetas and Phi Beta Sigmas van

Zeta Fa LIfe!

How Much for that doggie?

Hot 104.1 float.

And its mascot takin a pic.

104.1 personality Tony J.

The 39th Ave Music Smiles Family Enteratinment presentation had all of the children's characters repped in the Parade.

Spidey in the HOUSe

And so was Elmo!

Riverview Gardens H.S. Band won 3rd Place in the Jr and High School Division.

The St. Louis Shockers had a message for the crowd (and soon after this float, shots rang near the end of the parade shooting a youngster in the stomach and causing a mild melee)

A souvineir worker on the street selling its wares.

As we walked the the crowd for random shots.

The last float was Exquisite FAshions.

Random crowd shot

Random crowd shot

Random crowd shot and near Kiener Plaza.

As soon as the Parade ended:

It was time for the Annual McDonald's May Day Blues Fest that was held at Kiener Plaza.

Some young girls enjoyin the water.

A long shot.

Another long shot from the crowd.

Ronald McDonald giving cheer to the youngsters in the crowd.

A vendor selling Obama T shirts.

Food booth

Glynnis Armstrong (right) and her girls came out to the free concert.

Silky Sol and her decorative and conversational fingernails and rings

Foxy 95 personality Niecy Davis hosted the concert.

First up was 2008 McDonalds R&B /Soul Search winner Kristin Stimage who started her 15 minute set with the Stylistics' "People Make the World Go Round."

Then she sang the standard, "Everything Must Change."

Her last song was Rufus' "Tell Me Somthing Good."

Next up was Silky Sol whose set was sassy and feisty. She started her30 mminute set with Aretha's "Rock Steady."

She was gettin it crunk blues style.

Some onlookers(peep out the lady's EYES WIDE SHUT mask)

Yo cuzzin. LOL

Sol demanded the crowd to get hyped. She told the crowd, "I'm hard headed. I want all yawl to get up and some of yawl come up to the stage. I know its against the rules." LOL

Sol also sang, "The Theme from Car Wash," Johnny Guitar Watson's"A Real Motha for Ya." and Koko Taylor's "Wang Dang Doodle" (which she said that she asked if she can perform her song and taylor said YES)/

She also sang two original songs from her upcoming CD, "A Grown Woman Talkin," which were the adult oriented title cut and a interpolation of Bill Withers' song, "Use me called, "I Need A Young Man to TAke the Dust Off."

Silky gettin love from the crowd after her set.

There was a check presentation to the Annie Malone Center. McDonalds presented the Center a check for10 grand.

Some youngsters playin around.

The Radio One crew looking on.

The headliner was jazz diva Kim Massey who was comical and feisty as well. She started her 40 min. set with the blues number, "S'leep with One Eye Open."

"I gotta sleep with one eye open."

She also sang the blues standard, "I'm A Woman."

Massey also mixed it up performing some R&B soul including Stevie's "Do I Do," and "The Theme from Car Wash." (which Sol sang earlier. )

She also did some disco when she sang, "Boogie Oogie Oogie" and Donna Summer's "Bad Girl."

One guy was gettin his John Travolta on.LOL

Wheeler told the crowd to chant, "Go White Boy, Go White Boy, Go!." LOL

He almost stole the show from Wheeler. She retorted , "Anyone who steals my show, they gotta pay." Well, the white guy walked up near the stage and pulled out his wallet and said that he just had his ATM card. Wheleer then said, "I will meet you after the show." And of course she todl him she was playing with him.

Wheeler ended her set with a rousing rendition of Aretha's "Dr Feelgood," and Gladys' "Midnight Train ."

Some attendees enjoying the weather and the show.

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