Tuesday, May 26, 2009


THE STL SOCIAL DUO IS BACK! (Well, at least for that nite. LOL.) YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins (workin out the cap and the tee "TO HELL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES") hangin out with Four Seasons Massage Therapist Kamren Holbert (left) like it was 2006 at Teese 09 at F15teen. Peep out later in the pics below who else got their tee on at this annual, socially-relevant STL event! (Photo courtesy of SYGU)

Photos by SYGU http://www.sygugroup.com/ (above pic) Tre Williams (next two pics) and Ma'atology Major Brands'Tre Williams was holdin it down for the 13 Black Katz event at the Theatre Room in Lumiere Place (Peep out the long receipt list from the cash register!)

Close to a 1,000 patrons came through to the Soiree 13 Black Katz Event.

Meanwhile,SYGU had its annual Teese event where folk come to party with their fave graphic tee. It has been heralded as one of the long awaited social events in St.Louis.

Cafe Soul's Coco Soul and Angie Brown were there reppin.

RFT Music nominee Teresajenee was there gettin her promotion on.

The hallway was filled with tee-ers.

STL model Miss Erica in her tee-licious tee.


Fashion stylist Craig Minter.

SYGU's Eddie Holman and Daryl Gillespie. (Whurr is third guy Rhashad Shadzilla Whitter?)

People were walking up and down the stairs to a point until the capacity upstairs reached its limit.

SYGU says they had 800 plus people therre!

Upstairs wa slike a sauna until the central airr unit came on. B Free's Miata Lewis (in purple shirt) had a shirt that read "Missouri Balck Cockus" Hmmm.)

LME's Otto Nichols (in red shirt) and his VIP crew.

THERRES THE SHADZILLA MAN. He was doin co-hype duties upstairs in the DJ Booth. And who was doin the main hypin? Check a few pics below to see who.


Err one was up close and personal.

Co-hyping was Mr. Daron with Shadzilla.

T and T: Tenoka and Tonya loungin in the cut.

Daron had the crowd hyped! Mad skills. Who knew?

Poet Corey Black and wifey Joann Black had the couples tees goin on.

Although they didnt have the he-she tees., husband wife duo Kevin and Danielle Fields-McCoy were still in synch.

...And so were they--in a different way. LOL

4246 event organizer Anthony Robinson and Four Seasons massage therapist Kamren Holbert.

Put your finger in the air...

Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!

The bar area upstairs.

Likes this shot. A sista fumblin with her purse wearin an Obama tee shirt.

Chris Draper (left) and fashion designer Shan Keith.

The lovely Miss Patrice in her tee.

B Free Paparazzi's Teddy Blackett with his cam. We guess he was flashing nem lights in sista girl's face on the left causing this reaction. LOL.

Peak a boo! Therre's STL rapper/model Kello in an unexpected cam pic. LOL

RFT Music nominee and former winner rapper Vandalyzm in the cut as always.

The I Love NY girl was one of many sistas up in therre who were gettin their wildin out up in therre!

This sistas had a hilarious tee on about broke ass folk.

This bruh was gettin his vertical spoonin on.

Teed down up in therre.

LME's Tim Slater had a wildin out moment as well.

Their tees attracted each others. LOL

Herre is Slater's wildin out moment was gettin a vertical third leg lap massage.

She doesnt look too social from this pic. LOL.


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