Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OUt 611--JE ENT presents SOUL SESSIONS at the JAZZ SPOT May 12

Photos by Ma'atology. LEFT: Soul Sessions hosts Shae and Seven(who was celebrating his b-day that nite) who got the mike hot with his piece, "Peace be Still." RIGHT: DJ Enoch had provided the music soul filler before the show started.

The house band Music Unlimited.

The crowd. It took awhile for it to get hyped, but it was one poet that got it fired up (that will be shown later).

First up was poet vet/Urban Hang Suite's MK Stallings who spat the conscious vibe.

Next was Miss Autumn with the woman scorned piece, "You."

Corey Black was up next who introduced a new piece interpolating D' Angelo's song, "Lady."

A long shot of Black in action.

Singer Jay Lee sang Shirley Murdock, "As We lay," and when the key was too low for her, boldly told the band midway in her song that she was starting over in a higher key.

Poetry In Motion recited the double entendre piece, "I'm An Addict."

Co-host Shae spat a woman scorned piece with an inventive twist: calling the Domino's worker by mistake thinking it was her man she was arguing with.

Singer OV sang three songs including "Your Love" and "Oh I."

OV in the crowd.

Hosue of Comedy regular comic Matt Collins had the crowd rollin especially talking about his sister Lynn who he said was a dirty whore who lived in Caseyville, Illinois.

The crowd responding to Collins.

This is the poet who got the crowd fired up. Kosher from Oklahoma. The expressive poet spat on being a poetry addict, personifying a bad drug in one's system , a story about a woman he met on the bus who said that "Insanity is spiritual and vice versa," and a poignant piece about the history of black music after he ran into a white racist at a car wash who asked him why he was playing "nigger music" in his car.

One of Kosher's in town buddies, poet Copasetic soul who was listening intensely at him on the floor..

Soul U host Abbey on the mike talking about the ills of religion.

Lightnin was definitely that spittin her namesake piece and , "I'm Bitter" about her estranged father

Featured artist Wildmann had it on and poppin up in there (in more ways than one as you will see in later pics below) singing songs from his CD, "Rehearsal."

Singer Theresa Payne was in the audience groovin to Wildmann.

Wildmann with his background Donnie and Al.

Wildmann gave them a punk rock funk type set. He told the puzzled crowd if they didn't dig it, to fuck em. Whoa! but then retorted his statement and said that he's just different.

One of the highlights was his song, "Don't Be scared,' and his sexual serenade to guitarist Shawna Frazier.

First, Wildmann took his shirt off then brought her up to the stage.

And the grinding started.

And the punany-worship started.

Then some tongue teasin.

and more grindin!

And more punany worship! Gettin hot and heavy for sure.

NOTE: Although the event started close to 10p.m., when it started, it was a nice mellowed out event. the crowd was a bit stiff (a mix of poetry heads and club heads) but they latently got into it. There was free soul food buffet for the crowd (a plus), JE had the photography goin for the clubbers, and Suite Soul Spot's Vanita Appelbum had a booth set up to sell Wildmann's CD.

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