Monday, April 07, 2008

OUT 370--KONNECTION, PRECISION and SO DIVERSE presents ALLURE at Simply Fondue-- April 5, 2008


LEFT: Konnection's Wordsmith and SYGU's Eddie Hoillman. RIGHT: SO DIVERSE's JAmeelah E. with Sheles Wright and Hiroko Gary

RIGHT: Visiting from ATL was So Diverse member Deidria B. posed up with stlonfire's Kevin Jordan.

Travis Joshway (the pic will not be in JET. LOL) and Kenneth Joshway

RIGHT: New STL Couple Alarm: Ms. Kinley and Konnection's Terry Cantley.

Patrons at the bar

The girls ordering their drinks and thangs.

Now they were ready for their pic: Therre's Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Ndi, Ms. Brittny and Tiffany Bryant

DJ AJ on the 1s and 2s.

Simply Fondue's Ms. Tiffany passed out samples of a blueberry Stoli to the crowd.

The bartendars were servin up the drinks in a frenzy....however the waitress with the Cosmos in her hand dropped a WHOLEaaaa bottle of Absolut on the floor. OUCH! .

The Simply Fondue menu

The Simply Fondue liquor closet

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, are we ready girls?"

The crowd

Folk entering the bar.

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