Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OUT 384--LYFE JENNINGS at the LOFT April 22

PHOTOS by Ma'atology, loni love's my space, and

ABOVE PICS: R&B crooner Lyfe Jennings was at the Loft( so we assume) for Club Appreciation this past Tuesday. Jennings was to be atteh Loft to prmote his third CD, "Lyfe Change." Sposnored by Cafe Soul (LEFT) and hosted by FOXY 95's Loni Love (ABOVE RIGHT) , the FREE concert was part of a live radio broadcast for Loni’s Love Lounge program on WFUN-FM (Foxy 95.5). Fans also had a to meet-and-greet Jennings after the show by listening to the station. Well, OUTTOWN didnt get a chance to peep him out cuz the lines were as long as walking around the world and back as you can see!

It was beyond crowded inside the club to the point where they had to turn down folk! Even the sponsors of the event Cafe Soul had problems as VIP shut down! We are sure the Post's Kevin Johnson was there so stay tuned to this week for his review of the show.

RIGHT: Therre's Hoostar Mocha Latte doin what she does best, passing out fleirs on cars pumping up her events Got Lyrics and My Drink and my Two Step while the people waited in line to try and get in to the Loft. Whats wild the other clubs nearby, Lush and Dante;s were closed!

A long shot of the cars and the line of people at the Loft.

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