Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OUT 382--OUT OF TOWN BITZ--Nelly's Blackout Hush Nightclub in Houston 4/19; Fred Williams at Romance Times Convention Hilton Pittsburgh 4/16-20

PHOTOS by http://www.nightlifelink.com/, http://www.flickr.com/ and http://www.janicelynn.blogspot.com/ Nelly and Loose Cannon's Slim
Gipp, Nelly and Ali of the St. Lunatics

Gipp and Ali performed at the event which had over 4,ooo peeps

Nelly also performed

A long shot of the crowd. HUSH Club is a 25,000 sq. ft. multi-level dance club and live venue complete with state of the art technology. The centerpiece of the club is a 1,700 sq. ft. sunken dance floor complimented by a robotic motorized truss featuring a computer-controlled lightshow. HUSH is also equipped with over 70 plasma and video screens, 192 sq.ft. video wall, 1,152 sq.ft. video ceiling and VIP sky boxes.

Nelly and crew performing.

This Blackout party hosted by Nelly and Loose cannon, was a free event (but if ya didnt wear black ya had to pay )and the fee of admittance was everybody had to wear black . The Nelly crew also was filming for Nellys upcoming DVD of his tour of Blackout parties across the country.
To peep the Houston party, http://youtube.com/watch?v=TW3IJyoqdVo
(There are more on this YOU TUBE as well) .

STl fitness model Fred Williams on stage at the Mr. Romance portion of the Convention.

Romance author Janice Lynn with Williamns. Lynn said of Williams at the event, "Fred Williams was the first runner up. Fred sparkled. And looked a lot like Wesley Snipes. Fred was always smiling and having a great time I ever saw him. I really enjoyed meeting him.”

Some of the romance authors posed with Lynn and some of the Mr Romance competitors.

One of the most intriguing pairings, and one of the panels that caused the most buzz, was on "writing the bestseller" with Lisa Jackson (Lost Souls) and STl native Eric Jerome Dickey (Waking with Enemies) both still touring for their new novels.

According to reports, this years' Romance Times Convention, had their biggest attendance ever; rumored to be 1100 registrants, not counting staff. Seemingly all of them - plus many readers from the local area - converged upon the Hilton Hotel ballroom in Pittsbirugh armed with vintage novels for signatures and ready to buy.

As far as the Mr Romance 2008 contest that was held last Friday, Janice Lynn said, "I have to say that I liked all but three of this year's contestants. One of them was just weird--enough said. One of them made me continuously think of zoolander. The other I just didn't think was sexy at all, but that's probably an individual preference kind of thing as he seemed like a really nice guy. I really never spent much time with him so he could have had a super personality and I missed out, so I'll take the blame for not making the effort where he's concerned.. The other six--I wish they all could have won. They were all wonderful & fun & romantic & I enjoyed meeting them. Unfortunately there were only five trophies and only one Mr. Romance 2008 title."
She said that Fred Williams had the Best sparkle. The man shines with personality!

The winner was Chris Winters.
To see the video of the Mr. Romance Awards presentation and Fred Williams receiving his 1st runner up trophy, go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=URpSXZRGoyk

For more info on the convention go to Janice Lynn's blogspot or go to http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?e=9048bd41-a548-4c7a-8d9f-2704d2161681


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