Monday, April 21, 2008


PHOTOS by Ma'atology

LEFT: Singer Nikko Smith, Monica Tyson and Nikko's manager Fred Smith.

RIGHT: St. Louis American's Melvin Moore and model Kassandra Williams.

Miss Rachel and Soul Styles' Boone.

RIGHT: SYGU's Darryl Gillespie and Rhashad Whittier

The STL Network: From left: SYGU's Whittier, Soul Styles' Boone, singlevibe's Joe Jennings, FREE TIME's Roy Robionson Jr and SYGu's Gillespie.

DJ Metti Metti (RIGHT) with sidekick Three Step had it crunk .

The crowd from below

FREE TIME's Daryl Freierson was all smiles with popular club sista duo T and J.

T and J in their now famous sitting on the floor pose.

Sisats coming into the event.

Soul Styles' Jamie Spencer and Whats Ya Flava's Keisha Davis chillin upstairs.

DJ Charlie Chan took over after Metti Metti. Roots DJ ?uestlove was also suppose to dee-jay but did not attend.

Mo crowd

Some of the bartendars in a zone.

Sistas gettin their dance on.

Metti Metti had the crowd hyped on the mike.

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