Monday, April 21, 2008

OUT 381--OUT ON THE TOWN Larry Blue Bday-Bar Italia & Darius Bradford Bday-- Janae's April 19 and KONNECTION's PHOTO SHOOT at Simply Fondue 4/20

PHOTOS by Ma'atology ABOVE: The sign directing people to Larry's party.

LEFT: Blue and his bubbly. BELOW: Celebrating with The Blues: Larry and Becky Blue.

LEFT: Becky gives her man a b-day kiss.

Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings, Whats ya Flava's Keisha Davis and Blue.

Dabvis and Stress Free Friday's Mark Anthony Jones. RIGHT: Singer Coco Soul gives Blue a b-day hug.

More bubbly for the b-day boy!

Blue and his lady crew. Aren't you married, Mr. Blue? LOL

Well wishers singers Teresajenee and CJ .

Becky Blue and Four Seasons massage therapist Kamren Holbert.

STL promoter Cerise Cohee and Dj Soundz who had it crunk in on his Mp3 computer (Soundz be sure you give OUTTOWN the scoop about you and the Loft!. )

SYGU's Darryl Gillespie and Rhashad Whittier.

Party time!

Poet Abby sharing a drink with Blue and guest.

Abby and guest on the floor.

Interesting crowd shot with my cam I thought.

Sistas sitting in the Blue Court.

Another shot of the Court.


ABOVE: Platinum Group's Leata and Jacque Land help host comedian Darius Bradford's b-day party.

Mark Anthony Jones and Bradford.

The crowd around the black and white ballooned theme party.

DJ Joe had it poppin.

Thre'es sexy Ms Juanita gettin her pose on.

Singer Aloha sang Happy Birthday to the b-day boy.

Bradford whispers Land his latest joke to him.

Wel wishers doin two shots of......


Last Sunday, OUTTOWN shot Konnection's photo shoot at Simply Fondue downtown for the group's upcoming event in May at Posh. Pictured are model Miss Melanie and Konnection's Wordsmith.

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