Monday, April 28, 2008


PHOTOS by Ma'atology and
PrecisionLLC/Panache organizers Jerrod Jones and Rob Kirk.

RIGHT: Kirk with one of his female admirers Miss Ashley.

Looks like Jones got an admirer too!

Jones with the VIP crowd.

B-Day boy STL investor Lawernce Hopkins was celebrating upstairs UP in VIP


LEFT: Power Couple Inc's Keith Griffin and Lawrence Hopkins. Griffin's organziation helped throw his b-day party. RIGHT BELOW: The Griffins.

Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer and Miss Alma (who get wild as the night closes in as you will see in a matter of pics)

What is Otto Nichols of LME drinking and which potential honey dip had got his eye as he overlooked the crowd?

A high angle shot of b-day boy Harris Stowe's Reanud Lucas Chaviz in his VIP booth.


YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, with my soon to be trademarked pose with my OUTCAM at the event.

Lucas' blood and homeboyz help celebrate his 25th b-day. Pictured are his brother Bino, and buddies McFarland and Alex.

Bino and Lucas clowinin with Bino's cam phone.

Mss Alma, Whats Ya Flava's Keisha Davis, guest and Jamie Spencer were some of the well wishers to Lucas.

It looked like Alma and Renaud were gettin up close and personal as the nite progressed.

OUTCAM caught them canoodling!

Then Keisha got into the moment.

And so did Jamie!

The Gray Goose, OJ and cran up in Renaud's VIP booth.

Party people up in VIP.

A long high angle shot of the upstairs portion of the venue.

Another shot.

Another shot.

A lower aerial shot of the crowd.

For more pics go to!

EVENT-VIEWZ. Panache was what it was:party people, drink dancin and fun. The renovations of Sugras (the old Kyo) the spot was OK. The front area is more of a dining area now and the back has more white curtains to match the white colored VIP furniture and the front area and on that nite two STL stars were having b-day celebrations (Hopkins and Lucas) and we were able to get access to both and see what was poppin..
Then drama and Hell broke loose after the event was over. When the b-day boy Renuad Lucas was shoved out of the club by bouncers when according to sources Lucas was defending his brother when an STL promoter Walter Deuce was antagonizing an altercation with Lucas' brother. OUTTOWN didnt see the fight (we were outside of the club), but we saw the after affcets of it. Lucas, who was a bit buzzed was screaming, "I'm gonna defend my brother." And kept repeating it. He had to be restraiend and wlaked over to across the Sugar's venue to another building where there was a corner to calm him down.
Lucas, come to find out gave Deuce a lump on the side of his face. But the drama continued the following nite outsude of Soul Stylz' monthly Zodiac party held at J Bucks on Saturday, April 26 when Deuce got some of his boyz to park outside for Lucas to exit the party Well, he did and so did Deuce's peeps. Come to find out Lucas was outteamed in a dogfight as several folk tried breaking them up including 3 Way Promotions Big Tah and SYGU's Eddie Hollman (who reportedly had spots of blood on his shirt and stopped the fight). Then shots rang out from Deuce's crew which we are shure caused panic at the disco!
OUTTOWN wants to say, STL stars and promoters please keep the drama at the crib! These venues are seeing US and do you think they want that kind of black on black aggression in and in front of their establishments? Come on STL we can do better than that!
And Renaud, as a friend, please be careful doin your party thing these days. The streets are mean and unforgiving and we dont want anything drastic to happened to you!
That's real talk!

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