Monday, April 21, 2008

OUT 379---OUT ON THE TOWN--200th Stress Free Fridays at Olive Bistro and cafe Soul at at Lucas School House

PHOTOS BY Ma'atology STRESS FREE FRIDAYS celebrated their bicentinnial last week for hosting 200 weekly events at different venues.

LEFT: Stress Free's Mark Anthony Jones and Mario Wayne with Olive Bistro owner Tracy Brown. RIGHT: Jones and Fowler hold up the cake.

Wayne, guest and DIVA Planning's Miss Traci

Traci holding up the shirt she won in the raffle.

Singlesvibe's Mr Tony and Konnection's Wordsmith came to support.

Michael Persons and Joyce Bias share a two step at the event.

Frederick Fletcher, Ms. Cathy and Jones

I ABOVE: Is that Barack Obama with Jones? Actually its Richard Reynolds II who was featured in a Fox 2 segment a few weeks ago when poeple thought he resembled Obama.


Dj Nappy Needles on the 1s and 2s.

Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevnson, Angie Brown (No, my blog ain't goin nowhere. LOL) and host Coco Soul.

The crowd. See where the b-day is located in this pic?

Sherita Haigler, and sisters Dana and Deanna Carroll.

The East Side connection: East Saint Louis natives Mr. Bryant, Stevenson and Mr. Dale.

Coco Soul got up to perform Chaka's "Aint Nobody."

Silky Sol (right) joined Coco on stage.

Carmen J (in gold) and her background singer performed Gladys Knight's "Neither One of Us."

Poet Terrell's mother was introduced to the crowd.

Poet Terrell himself performing, "Fire and Adrenaline."

There's the b-day boy Larry Blue with wife Becky who switched it up in regards to his cwlebration dessert.

He passed around cookies!

Poet Abby performed "State of Emergency."

The crowd.

STL singer Justin toe it up with Brian McKnight's 'Never Felt this Way."

Poet Marshawn did some freestyle.

The crowd with light eyes. LOL

Silky Sol, dubbed the Red Afro Queen, turned it out with Jill Scott's "The Way."

Sol also said her CD will also be called Red Afro Queen which will be released soon.

A lady in the crowd who I thought was sexy with her natural hair and eyes.

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