Monday, April 28, 2008

OUT 389--LME presents HIGH SOCIETY at VITO's APRIL 25

Photos by Ma'atology, MAJ and

RIGHT: Alisteir Bell, Stress Free Fridays' Mark Anthony Jones, YOURS TRULY Ma;at Atkins and professional weightlighter Derrick Johnson.
LEFT: YOURS TRULY gettin my drink on outside on the patio (In a matter of pics, you will see what too many drinks can do to YOURS TRULY!).

The LME/High Society organziers Otto Nichols (left) and Tim Slater (right) with Jones.

LEFT: The Bag Lady Sistas comin trhough the door. BELOW: Slater socilaizing with the Bag lady Sistas.

LEFT: The Bag Lady Sistas gettin their dance on.

RIGHT: Therre's Johnson partaking one the many appetizers of the evening which also included cups of champagne.

STL politician hopeful Mike Roberts Jr and date Nicole.

Power Couple Inc's Cari and Keith Griffin who had their VIP section poppin!

STL promoter and event coordinator Mocha Latte (in a new do) with SYGU's Darryl Gillepsie. Latte drove in the Pimp Juice car that nite.

Griffin, Griffin's poppa (who was off the chain in VIP) and Slater.

Therre's Tiffany Graham and friend Miss Bonita.

Griffin clowinin in VIP.

Jones clownin.


Therre's Miss Shay (who became a star on stage at the Punany Poet event at Moolah Lounge last week) and Tamika Renee shlowin off them big legs!

The outside patio bar (The man in the middle is Vito, the owner of the venue.).

DJ Reminise had it crunk on the 1s and 2s (as SYGU's Rhashad Whittier does Air DJying)
He had a few tech problems for about five minutes with a power surge as the power went on and off in five second intervals (and as the crowd cheered and awwwwwwed went the power came on and turned off ) cuz of the Reminise's power supply from his turntable set up, but err thing was rectified for the party to continue.

The fountain at on the patio outside.

Johnson and SYGU's Eddie Hollman.

FREE TIME's Daryl Frierson, Hollman. FREE TIME's Roy Robinson and Jones.

Their was a TV cam crew there taking the event all in as Precision's Jerrod Jones and Robinson ham it up with two lovely ladies.

Another shot of the TV cam moment sans Jones.

We dont know what wassup here with this trio but if 70s pop group Tony Orlando and Dawn wanted to do a New Milleunim version of their story, herre are the actors for it!

Looks like Nichols is givin St. Louis American's Kenya Vaughn some scoop for next week's paper as Frierson gets "shouldered" with an admirer.

Wow, must be some good scoop!

EVENt VIEWZ: Overall LME's High Sopciety event at Vito's was off the chain--great comp food , champagne, ambience with the patio set up and from what OUTTOWN gathered of the three events that were going on simultaneously (which also included Ezekiel and Walter Deuce's Lavish at the Intenational Bowling Hall of Fame and Soul Stylz' Zodiac Conenction at J Bucks downtown), LME's was the best as far as turnout and niceities(as oppsoed to Lavish that OUTTOWN heard had about 30 people which included the staff of both Deuce and the venue and the unfortunate fight that occurred outside of J Bucks with Deuce's crew and Harris Stowe's Renaud Chavoz Lucas). Its all about finding teh prefect niche, and what LME did atthis event we are sure will make them one of the "Top 10" of OUTTOWN!

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