Monday, June 02, 2008


PHOTOS BY Ma'atology Architect Anthony Robinson (bka the Black Hefner) and party supporter Sabrena Hayes

ABOVE: Trina and Cookie RIGHT: The VIP Crew: Mark Anthony Jones, Chance, Mr. Tony and Derrick Johnson (Robinson in the camera hustlin)

LEFT: Some of STL's biggest socliates came through including Walter Deuce (in galsses) and football player Bernard Whittington (far right): BELOW: Deuce, Miss April and Walter Deuce were in the cut and color coordinated!

LEFT: YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins and his brim!

RIGHT: Poet Brothaz: Invisible Man and David A.N. Jackson.

LEFT: Looked like Wordmith and Kenrick Joshway were in deep convo during the party.

RIGHT: Mr. Tony, we think you were busted whatever you were doing. LOL

LEFT: Wordsmith and Body Art artist Jessica Dana.

Miss Erica and actress Cody Aaron

We counted close to 200 folk up in there.

Eric the Banker, Lorenzo, Blue and Thrill.

Fashion 4ward. Model Jimmelle and fashion constructionist Skylar were there.

DJ Enoch was on the 1s and 2s for the get down.

The Blues: Becky and Larry.

Folk gettin their party on.

One of Enoch's turntables. He is part of the Soulition Movement.

Robinson and Jimmelle.

Charles Brown, Keenan Harris and Derrick Hibbler

EVENT VIEWZ. Overall this event was cool. Anthoiny Robinson never throws a weak party. We are sure more than 200 or so people got their groove on at his crib inside, on the balcony and in the backyard. We got there around 10:30 in the eve and sat in the VIP area of his crib where therre stash of vodka and crown were on the table and bountiful. They also had a bar and appetizers for the general folk and tasty appetizers(Mostocolli was delish). But just as soon as we really were gettin our party on, around 1 a.m., some neighbor called the cops and they arrived and made Robinson shut down the party. As long as Robinson has been having parties at his two-story crib in the CWE, this is the first time, that he had to shut down his party. That was too bad, but we think its cuz folk are mad that Barack is about to become the next prez and have to take it out on somebody. LOL.
But we digress.
Other VIPs up in therre were-- State Rep candidate Mike Roberts Jr, Evening Whirl editor in chief Anthony Sanders, 1st friday's Fred Finley, Eric Lagrone and Michael Persons to name a few.

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