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PHOTOS by Ma'atology CENTER PIC: The table tent of the event
LEFT: The cake. RIGHT: SYGU's Rhashad Whittier and Dee-jay Needles

Hosts Nicci Roach and Kenneth DeSheilds

Not Just Another Bookstore's Richard & Connie Cheek

Wildmann and Vanita Applebum, the CEO of the Suite Soul Spot event

Wildmann doing what he does best on stage.

Wildmann got the crowd hyped before the array of STL singers who came through to perform in celebration of Wildmann's b-day.


Wildmann and the band

CJ Conrad started off the nite with a cover of Stylistics' "People Make the World Go Round."

Belleville group Az One all smiles with Cafe Soul/R&B diva Coco Soul (center)

Az One performed an original tune, "Eyes On Me." they also did a hella hot ac capella of their bio.

Jada Avenue brought it with teh song, "Every Time."

DJ Will Power kept the beats flowin all nite.

Coco Soul worked it out with Erykah's "Danger."

Backgrounding for Coco were Miss Melody, Conrad and Avenue

They kept it raw!

Therre's Miss Nina enjoyin the show.

Trio Motre got the ladies swooning with their jam, "Gotta Get you in my World."

R&B crooner JVar was making sure when he was goin on nexrt.

Az One gettin their groove on in the crowd.

JVar performed, "Rock Your Body."

This audience member shoulda been on stage....just cuz!

Singer/keyboardist Teresa Jenee (left) wa son board to perform along with singer/keyboardist Mr. Al. Also in the pic was Applebum who was cam hustlin. . We dont know who the brutha wa sin teh back who took the pic, but he had a Colgate smile though. LOL

Comedian Tahir Moore had the crowd in stiches with his jokes especially the one about how as a kid he was excited going to Ventures department store.

Silky Sol aka The Red Afro Queen was one of the highlights, as well as her Barack Obama shirt that her brother was selling that nite.

Silky had the crowd rollin with her version of Jill Scott's The Way."

One was her talking about if her man can do "tongue tricks."

The background for Silky were Miss Melody. Miss Avenue and Miss Soul.

After Silky's hot to death performance, drummer Dirty Lent got the "Holy Ghost" on the drums doing an impromtu drum solo. The sista's hand gesture was response of his intensity. A definite highlight!

Wildmann's mamma, Jewel serenaded him with a jazzy version of "Happy Birthday" that got the crowd amped.

Afterward, Wilmann and his mamma embraced, a touching moment and another highlight.

Blakc Spade was another highlight. he performed a rarity of singing. He dedicated his original ,"Actioneer," to the Barack Obama winning the Democratic nod that nite. He also went back to rapping on "Don't Hurt me Again."

The crowd while Spade was performing.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Pop Critic Kevin Johnson was in the house.

This coupel was too cute. It looked like she was trying to get a feeeeeeeelin from his hand in this pic.

Vanita presented Wildmann with a gift on stage.

A new guitar.

Nicci Roach with MIA FOUND photographer Demond Meek.

Jenee got the crowd into her performance of the original "Push it" which lead to the scheduled performers to join her on stage doing impromptu vocal romps.

Therre's singer Aloha (right) in the crowd who had an interesting "fright" look with the hair and make-up.

Nicci even got in the act.

Hip soulster Nite Owl was at his neo-hip best.

Nite Owl performed the original, "The Revolution will not be Televised."

The crowd upstairs.

Rapper Vandalyzm, a scheduled performer, was an audience onlooker in this pic.

Singer Bradd Young perfomred Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get it on."

Aloha was Young's background.

After Young performed, Aloha hit the stage. She (as well as her hairrr) performed several songs. Her first was Prince's "Kiss."

Aloha and Young performed, Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill's "Turn Your Lights Down Low."

Rapper Gotta Be Karim also performed.

Karim and Vandalyzm got the conscious rap edge going.

Both are nominated for RFT Awards in the Hip Hop Artist category by the way.

Singer Sheldon Curtis and Aloha. Both are alums of Ronald Mcnair 6th Grade Center.

A flashy button of Barack Obama that was on the table.

Jazz cat Lamar Harris (left) and CJ Herndon on stage.

Harris made his trombone talk! He was Wildmann part two. Always the unpredictible performer, after this composition, he jumped off the stage, walked to the back of the club, blew some more of his horn and jumped back up on stage.

Harris was in the zone!

Backgrounders Donnie, Teresa Payne and Curtis.


Wildmann performing with an admiring fan.



EVENT VIEWZ. Overall this event wa sone of the best so far this year becasue it was the first in a long time that there were so many prominent STL artists performing under one roof and no headlining national act was needed to pack the house. We also like to thank Wildmann for his manifesto on St. Louis and their hating other artsist. Atteh end iofteh show, he broke it down and said that we need to stop hating one another and that in his travels he sees other cities gettin together and promoting their artists and we need to do the same. It was mos def truth (Hmm, it must have been the several cocktails he had that brought on the light. LOL)

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