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Photos by Ma'atology/ABOVE PIC by 104.1's DJ Soundz

The Superjam Hip-Hop Show was what was happening last Saturday. 20 artists --10 local, independent and national, from hip hop and R&B worlds performed before a crowd of 12,000 in attendance, a first for a mostly local artist concert. YOURS RRULY Ma'at Atkins (PICTURED ABOVE WITH VIDEO VAULT's CERISE COHEE) was working like hot on a dog to get the Exclusive pics for the OUTTOWN fans. We got there about 3:30 p.m. (it started at 2:30 p.m.) so we missed two of the local artists. they were Oli (RIGHT) who performed first and Nite Owl (LEFT) who performed second). The Following pics are of order of sequence of the event:

ABOVE LEFT: Radio personality Young Dip in the 104.1 booth with local rapper Joka. ABOVE RIGHT: Some of the fans standing near the booth

LEFT: Joka, who performed on the bill, done an interview on the 104.1 station live telecast from the Superjam.

RIGHT: The first performer we had a chance to see was Dolla who performed his hit, "Who the F**** is That?"

Playboy Mixx on the 1s and 2s during one of the stage breaks.

DJ Cuddy also was on the 1s and 2s

Jus Bleezy was on the mike.

And so was Vic Damone

In the media tent , Maxine Elbert-co-host of Ohh My TV interviewed Chi-town group One Chance.

Hit rapper Huey was interviewed by Cerise Cohee, host of Video Vault TV in the media tent.

The Latte's: Miss Sydney, Mocha's daughter and Mocha chillin the media tent

Folk chillin in the media tent.

Cohee interviewed Joka.

104.1 personality /My Daddy is a DJ star Tony J and YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins gave peace signs to the cam in the media tent.

Jibbs got the crowd hyped with his teen rap jams including "Chain Hang Low"

Jibbs also brought his lil brother on stage as well to perform. He also let the crowd know he should have a new CD coming out later this year.

The crowd during Jibbs performance.

This sista was all in it!

The crowd outside the theatre.

Newcomer Karina performed songs from her debut album, First Love," including the song "16 at War."

Huey performed on stage with some Alphas.

And you know he performed his gold hit, "Pop, Lock and Drop it."

Elbert interviewed Karina after her set.

Karina also took pics with her fans, including Miss Sydney.

And she signed autographs.

Rock T of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show was in the media tent as well.


104.1 personalities Divine Soundz and Baqi Cherry chillin outside the media tent.

HeadKrack of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show also gave a shout out to the fans.

The lawn chair crowd.

Mo of the lawn chair crowd.

A back seat view of the stage.

One Chance on stage.

One of the members of One Chance doin a solo thang.

Missouri State Senator candidate Riodney Hubbard was interviewed by Ohh

Who these sistas were taking pics of?


He performed his hits including, "Gimme Dat," and his latest, "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T." He performed earlier as scheduled cuz he had a plane to catch.

Some sistas in hot pants and heels.

DJ C-Note on the 1s and 2s.

Rapper V.I.C. stopped by the 104.1 booth to greet his fans and get interviewed on the radio cast.

Yo Gotti had the stage crunk with raps from his latest mixtape , " Crack Rock," with Gucci Mane

He spat his jam, "Grind Time."

The crowd

Some Super jam attendees.

V.I.C. signed autographs in the media tent.

104.1's Sherraine Gilliam and Jami B

V.I.C got the crowd insane with his jam, "Get Silly"!

St. Lunatics member Slo Down dropped by the media tent to get interviewed by Ohh My.

The 104.1 crew on stage.

This sista was livin her life like it was golden....from head to toe. TMP! The crowd was gettin up to the 104.1 booth cuz....

During rapper Chingy's set on stage...

.......superstar rapper T.I. met his fans at the same time, one of the highlights of the event.

Big Sexy Kool Kaos was one of the 104.1 personalities in the booth with T.I. along with his DJ, DJ Drama.

T.I. pointing to his fans.

Meanwhile Chingy's set was a bit upstaged by the T.I. pandemonium but he managed to get the avid fans goin with his jams including "Balla baby" and "Dem Jeans." and a nod that he was going to release another CD this year.

The concert was at the radio booth for sure!

Folk went wild as he greeted his fans.

In the media tent while T.I. was at the 104.1 booth was rapper Gorilla Zoe who also performed.

Zoe and Slo Down gave shout outs on Ohh My.Net TV.

Meanwhile, Chingy finished his set and left the theatre without meeting his fans or getting interviewed.

T.I. was very hospitable to the media.

And seemed to enjoy himself.

T.I. posed with some of the staff of Video Vault.

Another highlight was the reunion of St. Lunatics and a surprise guest. Murphy Lee staretd off the reunion with snippets from "Shake a Tailfeather," Tipsy," "and U See me."

Derrty ENT's Blu Bolden (sippin on a soda) chillin at the back of the stage with some fam.

Murphy was next joined on stage by Ali, who joined Murph on "Air Force Ones."

Next joining the crew on stage was Kyjuan.

Then Slo Down.

The crowd during the St. Lunatics reunion.
FYI, the dude in the Kanye shades will be a popular fan throughout this post as you will see.

Teh U See Me mascot We All We Got was also gettin his performance on.



Spud told the crowd he had been locked up for 8 1/2 years and that he was glad to be home. He was referring to the false imprisonment for robbery in 2000. He was released last week.

Spud was feeling his way on stage. Murph even said tio him, "Welcome Home. It's on now." Hmmm, we wonder what he meant by that? Hmmm. It may have been a hint of a second St. Lunatic album whiich is reportedly anticipated in
2009. Discussion amongst the St. Lunatics in interviews has led to believe that they were going to wait for City Spud's release to complete the second album.

A close up of City Spud on stage.

Spud performed cuts with his boyz including "Air Force Ones," "Midwest Swing" and "Wat Da Hook Gon Be."

The last jam was Murphy Lee performing his new song, "Look at my Shoes," with singer Kanjia.

Kanjia on the mike.

These sistas in the front are also featured throughout this post. Herre they were doing the Chicken Head dance during Ali's brief rap of his hit, "Breathe In , Breathe Out." He gave Spud an example of some of the dances he missed while in prison.

This sista was up throughout the whole concert.

The three here, the two booty short sisters and the over 35 hip-hopper had their own party goin .

Bun B of UGK was on the stage next.

He performed hits like, "Get Throwed" and their breakthrrough hit, "I Choose you."

Bun B had the crowd amped.

Throughout his set, he gave a shout out to his brother, the late Pimp C.

104.1 personalities DJ Kaos and Silly Azz introD....

One of the headliners Keyshia Cole

She had forgone the media tent and started off her set with "Should have Let You Go."

She did her best to dance around but her dress was a bit too high for her to really get down.

But she did her thang.

She also performed " I should have Cheated,' and her latest hit, "Heaven Sent."

She also got up close with her fans.

She had them sing her hit, "I Remember."

The OUTCAM got up close and personal with her and her Louis Vuitton heels.

She also performed her hit "Love."

Her background singer sang behind a set that consisted of a hood gate.

A highlight waswhen Cole brought her mother, Frankie on stage. She thanked the crowd for making her reality show, "The Way it is" the highest rated show on BET.

Her mother was in the house. HOW YOU DOOORING?

And she was loving every minute of it showing them teeth Cole bought her. LOL.

Frankie even helped her daughter sing, "Love.".

One of her dancers in his element.

She also performed her hit, "Last Night," and ended with , "Let it go." Overall Cole was in great vocals who sang with deep passion and only had one diva moment when she asked the keyboardust to turn the volume down.

At this time, the crowd swelled to 12,0000, a first for the radio station 104.1.

Herre is the guy with the Kanye glasses.

And teh sistas who were dancing earlier. they were doin the Raggedy Ass dance.

This white dude was also gettin into the groove.

And so were the booty pants sistas.

When DJ Drama got on stage, the crowd knew what was up.


He started off saying, "Whats hapnin St. Louis" which got the crowd in a frenzy, then he went into , "Top Back."

"Then into Rubberband Man."

Then into, "Why You Wanna."

Then into, "What You Know"

Then he tested the crowd to see if they knew anything from his first CD, " I'm Serious."

One of the best things about T.I. is his energy on stage. He was like a jackrabbit on stage.

He spoke on all the haters in the game and that he was going to continue rapping as long as he had breath in his body.

And the crowd was in favor of that!

A call and response moment with the crowd.

The shirt as you see was half gone.

....resting on his neck and shoulder

It was hard to cam T.I. cuz you never knew which way he was coming or going.

In his zone.

The fans were lovin every minute of him.


T.I. in a rap stance.

Adn his now infamous shoulder lean. We left the concert at about 11p.m., but we could still hear him performing.

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