Monday, June 30, 2008

OUT 432--OUT ON THE TOWN--MCD's R&B Soul Search Finals at the LOFT and SFF at Jive and Wail June 27

Photos by McDonalds R&B Soul Search and Ma'atology

ABOVE LEFT: The guest judges were Mike Landau of Phat Buddah Records, St. Louis American's Kenya Vaughn, Happy Lewis of Sunny Records, St. Lousi Post's Kevin Johnson and 2007 McDonals R&B Soul Search winner Justin Hoskins. ABOVE RIGHT: The crowd. It was packed, packed, packed!

LEFT: Host 104.1 persoanlity Staci Static.

There were 12 finalists. We missed four performances of contestants Ronata Johnson, Kantrell Lee and Sieglinda Fox and John Fritz

RIGHT: We got therre when contestant #5 Nikki Pye performed, "And I Am telling You I'm Not Goin."

LEFT: Pye with the judges. They liked the fact that she made the song hers and not a copy cat of the Jennifers.

Co-host Foxy 95's Niecy with Pye.

Next up was Contestant #6 Flirt who sang Eric Benet's "I Wanna Be Loved."

Static and Flirt who gave flowers to the judges who said that his performance was good but too laid back.

Meanwhile, OUTTOWN saw who was in the crowd and we spotted these happy people: Northwood Alderman Errol Bush (kneeling) and from left: Brenda Caldwell, singer Silky Sol, Tamme Ford and Former 74th State rep candidate Ingrid Owens.

St. Louis Rams 'Roland Williams and his wife were in a very intimate moment during the show.

Accompanied music was assisted by DJ Soundz as 104.1's DJ Cuddy chcked out the show from the sidelines.

After intermission, 2007 McDonald's R&B and Soul Search winner Justin Hoskins performed Brian McKnight's "Crazy Love."

He of course blew the house down.

Next up was Contestant #7 Kimyetta Huffman who performed Beyonce's "Dangerously in Love." The judges said that she took on a very hard song to perform and was just OK. They did say she looked the part of a star, though.

104.1 personality Young Dip (right) looked on from the audience.

The trophies. Grand Prize was a deal with Sony records to record one song recorded locally at Phat Buddha Recording studios; 1st Runner up won $300 and concert tickets and 2nd runner up won $100 and a gift certificate.

The eighth contestant was JVar who put on a mini concert starting off with R Kelly's U Must Be.

Then he switched it up with Dru Hill's "These are the Times."

Static with JVar. The judges said that he put on a concert and that he was a St. Louis fave but his performance was a bit unfocused.

Contestant #9 was Sherron Phillips who sang ac capella Jill Scott's I Need You. The judges said that her performance was OK. It was a bit over the place and that she looekd nice.

The 10th performer was BJ Rice who performed an original song, "Be About you.." Overall the judges said that he had a nice voice and persoanlity, but overall the performance was just OK.

The 11th performer was Kristin Stamge who performed a wowing version of Oleta Adams' Get Here ac capella style. The judges stood on their feet and told her they were pleasantly surprise of her performance and she made the song hers.

Niecey, Stimage and the judges.

Contestant #12 was Bernard Jefferson who sang Musiq's "Love."

He even brought up a young lady from the crowd to serenade her. The judges liked his performance but it was a bit copy cat of the original version of the song.

DJ Soundz gave some piece during the show.

During the judges deliberations, DJ Soundz had it crunk on the 1s and 2s as Whats ya Flava's Keisha Daniels (RIGHT) got her groove on the dance floor with the sista.

The contestants

Renata's fans.





AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER WITH 175 OUT OF 200 POINTS WAS................................

KRISTIN STIMGE!!! And as you see, she was full of emotion!

She was deeply touched of winning!

She thanked God, family and the juidges for her win!

A picture of the winners

Earlier that evening....

OUTTOWN checked out Stress Free Friday at the Jive and Wail in Maplewood. Pictured are Sally Jackson and from left: Stress Free Fridays' Mark Anthony Jones, Singles Vibe's Joe Jennings and Kenrick Joshway.

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