Monday, June 09, 2008

OUT 420--STRESS FREE FRIDAYS 4th YEAR CELBRATION/Fundraiser for State Rep Candidate Curtis Royston AT NUBIA June 6

Photos by Ma'atologyState Rep Candidate Curtis Royston, Nubia owner Hon. Henry Iwenofu and Stress Free Fridays' MarkAnthony Jones holding the Declaration from the City of St. Louis that Stress Free Fridays received last week commemorating the nite as Stress Free Fridays Day.

Royston, the Declaration and Jones.

Konnection's Wordsmith, STL bodybuilder Derrick Johnson and SYGU's Eddie Hollman were in attendance.

St. Louis Black Pages' Vickie and Howard Denson were there for the festivities.

Businesswoman Miss Gayla and OUTTOWN contributor Senora Robinson were in attendance.

The crowd at the event.

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