Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Herre are pics from Nelly's All White Party at the Boathouse in Forest PArk that was held as the After Party to the Fashion Show that was held at 555 Building on Fridya night (PICS By MA'ATOLOGY)

CENTER PIC: Nelly addressing the crowd. he sported an all white costume with colonel avaitor regalia

NEXt PICS: (LEFT) Nelly smiling showing off his blinged out tooth (Thats Jibbs standing next to him)...RIGHT. A close up of the bling Nelly was sportin.

LEFT: Jibbs takes a flick with some of the VIPers that were in a teenie tapered off section of the Boathouse...RIGHT: Actor Lorenz Tate made an appearance (look like he didnt get the memo when it came to wearing all -white). Nelly told the crowd that he and Tate are going to be starring and producing a movie together in the near future.

Some sistas enjoyin the outside. In the center is Jibbs assistant and fam T-Money (who became my assistant for the weekend as you are about to see in a minute).

T-Money got me access to take pics of the VIPS. There she is wuith Nelly and Lorenz Tate. If it wasnt for her Nelly's bodyguard Big B--who was very heavy handed, literally--would have restricted any photos.

RIGHT: You can write your own headline about this pic!

East St. Louis b-baller/Portland Trailblazers star Darius Miles was in attendance

Sunday Night Shindig coordinator Mocha Latte got her pose on with St. Lunatic member Slo Down and Nelly's bodyguard Big B. (BELOW)

Mocha also got her pose on with Majic 105 Breakfast Crew producer Arrika Parr and (below) Loose Cannon's Slim.

Folks all dressed in white (well, some were in some white as well).

Radio unity--104.1's Young Dip and 1003.3 The Beat's DJ Quinn take a shot for the cam.

Club Society hypeman Country Boy got the crowd hyped before showed up.

Derrty ENT's Topher, Loose Cannons' SLim gettin and rapper Bishop their party on.

"Hey, if I give you a free drink, will you.........."

Model Osita sportin a nifty bat on the back of his white -tee.

People gettin their party on

Hey is that Kanye on the right? Naw, just a brotha sportin the white shades like Kanye in his "Stronger"video.

This was VIP and you see it was a small as a needle hole.


EVENT-VIEWZ. After the Fashion show at 555 Building, most of the people who had on white came through to the after party that was held at the Boathouse in Forest Park which I thought was an odd choice, especially with the venue being kind of small for a Nelly party, but then again, tickets were $40 or so dollaz (I hear it was $50 if you didnt have in all white) so a bigger vebnue would have made the event not as successful..

Neverthless, those who were therre got their party on. I got therre about 11or so (the back door worked again. LOL) . Nelly and his VIP-ers made their appearance about a quarter to twelve (I knew something was going on cause Nelly's b-guard Big B was scurrying people to make a path so he could travel up to the VIP area with the celebrity flock.

People got their party on as Nelly thanked the crowd for coming through and telling folks about the movie he and Lorenz Tate was about to produce (I also heard Lorenz actor brother also was therre but I didnt see him).

Now as far as the amenities. Well, therer wasnt really any. There was a cash bar and the food served was a cheese buffet with crackers. Now, for $40 I would think that people could at least got a free drink out of the deal, but hey....

Nelly's lady Ashanti did not make an apperance which I'm sure got people wondering if they were still together after all the rumors with Nelly supposedly getting an ATL stripper preggie and Ashanti's former music boiss Irv Gotti alleging he had relations with her while he was married.

But the interesting moment of the night came afterteh lights came on and Nelly got on the mike blastin the New St. Lou movement (aka anti-Nelly movement led off by rapper Huey). In a ring of expletives, Nelly pretty much said that the new school need to get plaques and awards on their wall like he, Chingy and J-Kwon before they try to start beef.
He also said that the new schoolers need to go out on the streets and sell their product like he and the ST. Luncatics did back in the day. The conversation of the matter also continued outside as he and his camp left through the back door (Where was my tape recorder when I needed it?). But I could tell that Nelly was quite pissed off of the matter.

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