Monday, September 17, 2007


HERRE ARE PICS FROM BLACK ON BLACK/QUIT PLAYING ENT's FAN APPRECIATION PARTY HELD AT CLUB SOCIETY (PICS BY MA'ATOLOGY) PICS: BOBQP artists Just Black, D-Mac and the All Stars threw down their mix tape cuts to their fans.

Rapper Trust (middle) got so into his act that he started taking off clothes as you see from the pics For a moment, I thought he was gonna get stripped like..........

..........this sista, Cee Cee, one of the two models who were giving eye-candy for the brothas in the crowd


CENTER PIC: Beauty Robin V. was the winner of the modeling contests that King Magazine held recently ( It was also open to females in the St. Louis area as well) She has also modeled for AMZI and Ludacris' DTP label

Robin V. posing with dee-jay Charlie Chan who took a moment from the 1s and 2s to pose with the beauty.

YOURS TRULY even got in the mix with Robin V!

The So Diverse girls also were in attendance (SEE LIA?LOL) Jameelah E. on left in my opinion shoulda entered the contest, for real!

The King Magazine poster with Hollywood socialte Kim Kardashian.

GETTING PERSONAL: Poet Ms. Personal posing with SYGU's Rashad.

THREE MOVERS AND SHAKERS IN THE STL: Fox 2's Rob Desir, What's ya Flava's Miss Keisha (I got you on my site, finally. LOL), FREE TIME's Roy Robinson, Jr. were enjoyin the festivties.

FREE TIME's Daryl Frierson and rapper Vandalyzm gettin their I'm-not-buzzed pose on.

Mocha Latte posing with Miss Geneva who was celebrating her b-day at the event.

Mocha Latte and Miss Maria ("Maria, Maria") of Ladies 1st Ent.

Male model Marshawn Watson and friend

Regular socialites Treanna and Jamie Spencer of Last Sunday made their appearance at the event.

Weightlifter Derrick Johnson (congrats on your recent European championship bronze medal) and Stress Free Fridays co-creator Mark Anthony Jones gettin their chill on at the event (I hrear Jones was P-OD cause the bar didnt wanna give him his Crown Royal!LOL) .

Calvin Nelson and friend taking a pic for the OUTTOWN cam

Dino Okin and freind.

"The ladies restroom is that way,ma'am."

VIPers upstairs in the balcomy area of the venue.

One VIPer, who got his hands up, must have saw me taking this pic!

One section of the venue was for Miss Geneva who was celebrating her b-day.




EVENT-VIEWZ. It was double duty on Friday nite for YOURS TRULY. I first attended the private party held at America's Place for the King Magazine party celebrating the winner of the female model search won by Robin V. It was co-sponosred by the 1st friday organziation, who put on a sign up for models during its monthly 1st Frdiay event held at J Bucks on Sept. 7.

I got therre about 11:30 and got in with my MLP (you gotta read the posts to find out what the abbreviations stands for. LOL) without having to wait in line (God I hate lines!) all thanks to the Frontline Protections crew.

Overall, the event was OK. Nothing spectacular. I thought it was going to be like a finalist contest to choose the winner, but it was mostly a meet and greet with the winner of the King Magazine model search, Robin V (who has done quite a bit of work prior according to her website She was very nice and signed autographs (I got a signed autograph and my pic taken with the beauty).

I stayed til about midnite and me, Mocha Latte and Miss Maria trekked over to Black on Black Quit Playin's fan appreciation party at Club Society. It was definitely lively for those who knew the rappers who performed which were Just Black, D-Mac and the All Stars. It was little hard core street for my tastes(One song they performed talked about their riding in their cars tryin to get their dycks sucked!!) , but the crowd seemed to be part of their click. (I also heard that the party, which was supposedly free for thsoe who had on any BOBQP regalia started charging $35 as the nite went on.)

For the sistas in the crowd, rapper Trust was givin a D'Angelo circa 1992 strip damn near as he went from street gear to no jacket or shirt and exposing the tops of his underwear (and the crack of his ARSE) as his jeans hung low. For the guys, there were two beautiful sistas who were painted in glitter (one was Miss Cee cee shown in one of the pics above) leaving not alot to the imagination.

It was going around 2 or so and the cops walked in therre which was a sign that the club was about to close and they werent gonna take any ISH and sure enough the hypemen at the event was tellin folks to get their ARSES out of therre.

They didnt have to tell me twice.

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