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LEFT: That's City 10 personality Sandi Stevenson addressing the TV audience. RIGHT: St. Lunatic Slo Down doin a promo for City 10.

SLO DOWN and wife on the red carpet.

Nelly's father Cornell Hayes Sr and his date.

Former St.Louis Comptroller Virvus Jones and wife Sable(if her gown was ankle length it would have been a spectacular dress.) .

Socialite Shaki looked stunning in this black number(a much better do over than last year's event) , which seemed to be the trend with most of the ladies who attended the gala.

Dapper St. Louis American photographer Maurice Meredith.

Koncept's Keith Harris (who looked great in this tux) and his lady.

Nelly's manager T-Luv and his wife walk the red carpet.

Business mogul Mike Roberts Sr. sported some blinged out black dress shoes which I'm sure cost more than all of the press people's salaries put together.

Mike Roberts Sr. talks with KPLR personality Laurna Goodwin.

Socialite Jimmelle is always comin to galas with an eye-catcher, this throwback to the 1950s. The Lucille BAll hair, was, well....different.

Derrty ENT 's Topher and his lady.

My choice of Best Dressed female: KMJM/Breakfast Crew personality Tammi Holland, who knocked us out with this stunning long sheery gown that flowed as she walked. (Oh and thanks for reading my blog every week.) She even was elegant when she accidentally dropped her purse and the contents came out. LOL.

This white dude was tied for Worst Dressed male. The suit wouldnt have been that bad, but the suit was bigger than him!. (and he kept parading the red carpet to make it even worse).

Synergy's Ahmid gives directions to upcoming red carpet walkers including Ashanti(Nelly was a few minutes behind her) , and Congressman Lacy Clay.

Ashanti made her presence known as she wowed the crowd with her beauty.

Hands down Ashanti was the Best Dressed Overall female. She is used to the Hollywood Red Carpet thing. She was wearing an off black number (It might have been Cavelli, her fave designer) and her hair was very Cinderellaish meets Dorothy from Wizard of Oz .

Laurna Goodwin asked Ashanti about her upcoming projects. She told her about
She is currently working on her fourth studio album entitled The Declaration, which is due out in October of 2007. Ashanti will also appear in the Sci-Fi horror thriller "Resident Evil: Extinction" as a fire powered Florence Nightingale named Nurse Betty. The press was forbidden to ask questions about the allegations Irv Gotti said about his and her illicit affair. (Her assistant in the background looks a bit perturbed.)

Nelly steps up minutes after Ashanti as he talks with City 10.

Nelly, no question was dapper in his tux. He was surprisngly not blinged and he wowed the press with his gentleman demeanor. His 5th studio CD, "Brass Knuckles" will be out in November.

Someone from the press told him to take off his glasses so he can show off them eyes--and he obliged.

Jermaine Dupri showed up to the party, minus Janet this time around. Here he poses with his friend Nelly who used Dupri on many of his hits including last year's No. 1 hit, "Grillz." . It was speculated that Janet didnt attend cause she was a bit freaked out that St Louis invitees were gawking at her in VIP last year when it was held at the Contemporary Arts Museum.

No doubt the overall Best Dressed Couple was Ashanti and Nelly, regardless of the rumors that they are more of a public showcase than a couple.

Nelly standing in front of a smoke-created wall that projected Anheuser Busch's logo and led to the ballroom..

The decorative ballroom where invited guests were served a multi-course meal.

Another pic of the ballroom.

DJ Nappy Needles, dressed in retro Run DMC gear, was the house dee-jay for the gala. It was a family affair for Nappy as well (which you will see later on).

Another pic of the ballroom.

Ali and his wife Lillian are asked a few questions before their entrance.

COCA instructor and breakdancer Nicholas Gates (who is the younger brother to Nappy Needles) and his date at the festivities. Gates gave Nelly a gift that was displayed and a collector's item (That you will see later on).

Rams player Oshiomogho Atogwe lookin so freah and so clean.

Rams star Orlando Pace and wife.

Orlando Pace asking questions with the media. He had a time getting City 10's promo right, but I guess the fifth
time 's a charm. But he was good sport about it.

Rapper David Banner did the City 10 promo in one take.

If I had to choose the second Best Dressed Couple, I would have to give it to Derrty ENT's Blu Bolden (the Betty Boop bag was too creative) and her man, David Banner. They were givin us Hollywood red carpet!

The Best Dressed local man was Rams' Torry Holt. He looked very dapper, groomed and clean cut in this well tailored suit. He is posed with his lovely wife.

Rams'Pisa Donald Tinoisamoa and his wife.

Singer and Cafe Soul co-creator Coco Soul in a sultry number and St. Louis Post Dispatch's Kevin Johnson (sportin those Sly Stone shades. LOl)

Rams' Roland Williams and wife.

So Diverse's Jameelah El-Amin (left) and her girls .

St. Louis athlete Geno Granger and date.

St.Louis Cards Jim Edmonds and wife.

Designer Navish has the most creative dress, a bottoms satin see through white number

Inside the ballroom, Ashanti poses with Nelly and his relatives. Hmmm, any speculation on the two?

Americna Idol winner Ruben Studdard entertained the crowd with hits, "Flying Without Wings," "Sorry 2004," and his latest, "Make You Feel Beautiful." At least he didnt do any magic tricks like Joseph the Incredible, who was the entertainment during dinner. LOL.

Ruben also did two Luther tunes, "Superstar" and "Never Too much."

Looks like Dupri, Nelly and Ashanti are enjoyin Ruben's performance.

The crowd lookin intently as Ruben performs. Oh and the other Worst dressed male is the brother on the left wearing the black suit coat and the yellow shirt and pants. I was expecting him to perform some Four Tops with that number on!

This brotha was ready for his pic while getting a drank at one of the five OPEN bars.

Invited guests were able to take their picture at the picture booth.

And it was projected on the wall.

One of the dessert stands.

Fox Associates' Monica Robinson posing next to the dessert buffet. I must say, Ms. Robinson keeps herself up. Me and Monica were high school chums. She is also coordinating our high school reunion next year.

And there is YOURS TRULY in my snazzy number. I got a lot of compliments from this costume. One brother even said to me, "You are coordinating that shit together."

People slow dancing.---at first.

People enjoyin themselves. In the background is a picture that was taken by Ashanti and Nelly.

That's rapper Ebony Eyez, T-Money and rapper Chocolate Tai.

Nelly posing with designer Navish.

Ashanti posing with a fan.

T-Money and her fam.

Nelly drew names for a 2,000 trip and a luxury car.

Is that Ruben's brother? No, that's freelance photographer Carlston Edwards posing with Ruben Studdard.

"Hey, I got an idea for ya to make more money...." Business tycoon Mike Roberts Sr. seem to be talkin biz with Ruben .

After a few drinks and people loosened up and the club music strated , folks let their hair down. Thats Slo Down standing in his chair and thats where he stood for most of the nite.

One of the couples invited. This guy's suit coat was....odd.

One of Nelly's peeps was gettin down as Michael Jackson;s PYT was playing makin the sista keep up with his moves!

As I wrote earlier, Nicholas Gates had a gift for Nelly. It was an abstract doll that Gates created of the platinum star.

Nelly loved the gift.

Sexy American Idol finalist Aloha in a Tina Turner style baby doll dress that showed off them legs!

Jimelle and stylist Skylar.

Three Designers the Hard Way--Mr. and Mrs. JW Moore and Navish.

Ashanti and the girls gettin their party on on stage which became a makeshift V-VIP area.

Nelly took over as dee-jay. He played many Michael Jackson and Prince songs (and david Banner's "Play" and songs form the Derrty ENT camp). He also made the comment while playing Prince's "Kiss,"---"I like the old Prince better than the new Prince. I can't get with the new Prince. I like the old Prince. The nasty Prince."

Therre's Cafe Soul co-creator Nichol Stevenson taking it all in.

Publicist Sarah Thompson and KSDK's Jeff Small (in a pimp hat) and Ann Rubin.

Boogie on down.

Jermaine Dupri got a chuckle when he saw....

This white dude gettin down like a black man. LOL

The dranks kept flowing in V-VIP>


Kyjuan and his lady taking it all in.

Looked like Dupri was gettin smashed!

"Yo, where is the After Party?"

Dupri shakes a fan's hand.

T-Luv with her peeps. Above is rapper Jibbs who looks very mature to be only 16 and a half!

People were hangin all over the place!

Ashanti was gettin it all by herself for most of teh evening.


Nelly finally started dancing with Ashanti and the lightbulbs from cams were a flashing!

"Check out this move, babe."

Look like Nelly aint likin what bruh man is doin behind Ashanti. LOL.

This white sista was mesmerzing. She had the Bob Mackie dress thing goin fo sho. Even had t-Money peepin her.!

A long view of the party people.

And my final shot of the evening was of Harris Stowe prez Renaud Chavoz Lucas and his hot date.

Other VIPErs in the house were: Ben Chavis Muhammad, Cedric The enteratiner's manager Eric rhone (no Cedric), Clear Channel's Angie Brown, Anhuser busch's Johnny Furr and his wife, Joe Edwards, radio One's Maurice HAmilton, Jeannie Roberts and her beau, 100.3 the Beat's Kiki the 1st lady, the Track Starz, Fox 2's Rob Desir and his lady, St. Louis American's Bill Beene and MPAC's Mo Witherspoon (thanks for the push. LOL) Notably missing were Erykah badu (who was invited) Rams' Isaac Bruce (who was introduced on the Red Carpet as one of the attendents) St.Lunatic's Murphy Lee, St. Louis comedian Darius Bradford and Steve Lacy.

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