Monday, September 24, 2007


HERRE ARE PICS FROM CAFE SOUL's PARTY FOR RAPPER COMMON AT THE HALO BAR (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY AND INDALOU.COM) CENTER PIC: THE CAFE SOUL TEAM (Coco Soul, Nichol Stevenson and Angie Bown) with rapper Common after his performance at the Pageant.

The Three Degrees: The Cafe Soul Team poses together for the OUTTOWN cam.

Coco Soul poses with dee-jay Napply Needles who spun the wheels for the pre-concert event.

Nichol and Angie poses with St. Louis singer Coul train who was in town from New York to perform for Cafe Soul and the Taste fo St. Louis After Party

LEFT: The Cafe Soul Team poses with Pageant owner Joe Edwards

Cafe Soul doin her thing!

Is that No, Cafe Soul bassist Wildman, who recently had a listenoing party for his new CD, walkin up to the stage to get his props.

Local singer CJ was one of the performers at Cafe Soul--the Halo Bar version.

Coco joined him on stage performing India Arie's "Strength ,Courage and Wisdom."

Cafe Soul fave Jamie Spencer sang John Legend's "Save Room."

Rapper Black Spade performed an impromtu the orginal jam,"She's the Only One for me" with Coultrain.

Coco Soul got in on the action performing Jill Scott's "Golden" with local jazzman Lamar Harris.

Sexy Belleville duo Az One, who won a spot on the showcase by a vite from the Cafe Soul crowd last month at Lucas House, performed their vote winning song, Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady."

Nappy Needles on the 1s and 2s.

"Soulternative" host and Majic 104.9 personality Selena J speaks to the crowd before it hit the Common concert next door at the Pageant.

The Posts's Kevin Johnson and What's Ya Flava's Miss Keisha were some of the local VIPs in the crowd.

STL videographer Dana "Robin" Christian (Where's Batman?LOL), SYGU's Rahsad DMC (Where's Run?) and photographer Demond "T-shirt" Meek take a flick before they hit the concert.

Joe Edwards (Nice legs. LOL) meeting a member of the The Beat's street team outside of the Halo Bar/The Pageant.

The patrons.

Patrons enjoyin the show.

EVENT-VIEWZ. Cafe Soul had an condensed version of their popular open mike set at Halo Bar. The group had a pre-party to celebrate the concert of rapper Common (sans Common). It was a fam affair up in therre as people networked and fellowshipped and congratulated Cafe Soul for having the party for the Chicago rapper. For a review of the concert go to

It would have been great if Common himself would have made a surprise visit to the Halo Bar, but, oh well.

But a tripped out moment occurred as soon as the Cafe Soul event was over. As the patrons were leaving out to go to the concert next door at the Pageant, therre was a worker who worked at The Pageant who was at the door. Nappy Needles had just left out of the Halo Bar going back and forth packing his dee-jay equipment into his car. When he was about to enter the Halo Bar again, the worker, a white guy, stopped him. Needles was trying to explain to him that he was the dee-jay and he needed to get his things. Then the worker said, ""I don't know you. You are goin to wait here until I can get someone." Needles looked mortified, but he kept his cool.

The worker was then tryin to explan to Needles that he wasnt a worker for the Halo Bar for but the Pageant and someone told him to guard the door. While he was explaining his reasoning for not letting Needles back in, we were telling the worker that Needles was the dee-jay and he needed to get his things. Then Coco Soul walked up to the front door with her crew not knowing what was going on . Coco Soul told the worker that Neddles needed to get in to get his stuff. The worker, at this point was getting embarrassed and tried to explain to Coco the same story he gave Needles and then said, Well, he cant get in unless Big Joe lets him him. Well, when Big Joe came from the back of Halo Bar. Coco Soul asked Big Joe if Needles could enter back into the Halo Bar to get his stuff. Big Joe then said, "Yeah, let her in." Her?

I write all this to say, that it just seem that this white guy thought that Needles was just someone from off the street trying to get into the concert either berfore time or without a ticket (my presumptions) . The worker I'm sure tried not to make it look like a racial thing, but from our POV it looked that way. Then all the people--who were black-- who were trying to tell the white guy that Needles was working at the Halo Bar were also not taken into consideration ( I guess all black folk are liars. LOL).

It could have gotten ugly, but all things were resolved after Big Joe said it was OK for "her" to come back inside the Halo Bar.

And all I can say after this is CLASSIC.

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