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OUT 310--OUT ON THE TOWN BITZ -DEC. 15-31, 2007

Happy 08 Y’all! I am back from a two week hiatus with X-mas and New years eve festivities and the following are some highlights of what went down: (PARTY PICS BY MA'ATOLOGY)

In mid December, former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr. and Bird and a Bear Productions’ Eric Rhone threw a party for their colleagues and friends in the lobby where their offices are located in downtown St. Louis. It was mos def for the grown and sexy (The majority of the partiers no doubt had AARP cards in their purse and wallets) and they let their middle class personalities at the door especially after the free drinks and soul food catered by Spruills(dem collard greens were to die for!)) got folks festive. The DJ was aiight (He was some brotha who wore his army fatigues up in the joint). He played mostly old school 80s tunes and a few hip-hop tunes, but for the most part folk got their party on up in there. Too bad many of the party people had to leave out close to midnite due to many having to hit that alarm and time clock the next day. In the house were State Rep Rodney Hubbard, Comptroller Darlene Green, Better Family Life’s James Clark, Stress Free’s Mark Anthony Jones, attorney Daniel Brown, and Freeman Bosley Junior personalities Darion Phelps and Nicci Roach, Kevin Bryant . The TMP (too much playin) came when Mr. Bosley was getting his “wipe me down” dance goin on the dance floor!

Also in mid December, three mover and shakers celebrated their b-day together –DJ Nappy Needles and SYGU Group members Mr. Rashad and Darryl Gillespie. The event was called Bigger and Deffer/ Usual Suspects 2 that was held at the new venue hall Lumen on 22nd and Locust. The theme for the party was one had to be g’d up or wear sumpin from the 80s. DJ Reminisce was on the 1s and 2s (hope you get your equipment back, man) wheelin and steelin those 80s jams and hoodstar Mocha Latte took back the night with her portable mike givin shot outs all nite (She also brought in a cake for the B-day boyz and 30-year-old black balloon for Rashad). They had free Jack Daniels cocktails for the first 50 who copped them before they were gone but they had two bartender areas serving err thing else for the crowd. After the party was the after party that was held at Nectar. For admittance the partiers had to give the password which was they were at the Lumen party and it was on. DJ Deception had it crunk up in there with his mash up hip hop jams and err body packed up in therrr gettin’ their dance, drank, convo and freak on (I saw you up in the cut, Mr. Meek. LOL). The party closed down around 3 in the morning, but folk go tteh shock of their life when the winter blizzard began hittin the streets. All the STL stars came through for both events including Jessica Dana, Melvin Moore, The Invisible Man,, Renaud Chavoz Lucas, Big Tah, Slim of Loosecannon, Close to Famous, singer Teresa Jenee, Keenan Harris, Calvin Nelson (beerin’ and peein’. LOL) Ms. Treanna, Jamie Spencer, FREE TIME, Cornell Boone and Robert Kirk.
Also during that time,.................................................. The Weinstein Co. set a private screening in the STL for St. Louis Rams practice-squad player JD Washington, son of Denzel Washington, to see his dad's new film "The Great Debaters." Big Pappa directed and starred in the film which opens in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day. Baby boy invited the entire Rams team to join him at a screening last Sunday night, following the Rams game against the Packers. He hoped the movie would help motivate the team for their Thursday night game against the Steelers. Well, as we saw, the Rams lost so I guess they were motivated to get its dismal season played out.......................... Also, before the end of the year, STL’s very own Chingy, who released his fourth studio CD, “Hate it or Love it” Dec. 18 and had a CD release party the following Saturday at Society (Ludacris hosted) , had set to become the latest celebrity to launch a fragrance when he was about to release Confident By Chingy in 2008. What does it smell like? Well…like Chingy. I guess if the album doesn’t do well, we can see him doing commercials for Confident.

Murphy Lee had his b-day party at Dante’s during the break. It was a special My Drink and My Two Step that is created and hosted by Mocha Latte. (He was celebrating 26 years). It was jammed packed as always and some of his friends came through to celebrate with Murphy including Bleezy, Slim of Losecannon, his brother Kyjuan, Slo Down, Rucka Puff, Jacque Land, and Big Tah to name a few.

St. Louis native comedian and former Majic 104.9 personality Guy Torry had his second installment of Jack and Jokes at the Loft last month. Torry did his share of joanin (including my shoes), but he told the crowd that he had to get vocal surgery due to pollups on his throat. He told the crowd that from doctors orders he knew he wasn’t supposed to perform but he didn’t care. Other comedian on the bill were comedienne Vanessa Fraction, Swayne and Rodney Perry. The event was OK but most people’s attention was on the plasma TV’s checking out the Rams /Steelers game.

Stress Free Fridays co-creators Mario Wayne adn MarkAnthony Jones had its weekly happy hour at three consecutive different venues in the University Loop area: Twisted Olive, the Delmar lounge (with special celebrity guest KSDK’s Art Holliday) and the Loft where Stress free co-creator Mario Wayne was celebrating his B-day, also therre local R&B quarter LLC performed and Majic 104.9 dee-j BJ the D J was on the 1s and 2s spinnin 80s and blues jams.

Rams player Orlando Pace had a party for the opening of the new establishment Lumen (on 22nd and Locust. It was an invite afffair with Koncepts productions. It was packed up in therre and there were a slew of white folk up in therre but they got their party on as though they had melanin in ‘em (You should have seen them doing the Cupid Shuffle and the Soulja Boy). Other VIP Rams up in therre were Steven Jackson and Torry Holt 9 I saw you Miss Rebecca up in therre. LOL) After his party, I checked out Rob Kirk/Precision’s Panache 2 at KYO where Mocha Latte was on the mike and DJ Reminisce (who recently got his 1s and 2s equipment stolen and a benefit for him was done at 609 last month) was on the 1s and 2s. It was mad packed as always with all the STL stars up in therre (including actor/comedian J.T. Jackson of the rum and seven up commericals)

For the New Year’s eve celebrations, FREE TIME and teamed up to have the COUNT DOWN at Bar Italia last Sunday. The issue at hand was the midnite kerfew for clubs on Sundays (the event was from 9 p.m. to 1: 30 am). They managed to extend the hours (but I hear they lost an hour of money when they let latecomers come in free after they found out they can extend to 1:30 am)) Folks packed the spot around 11;30 or so and the team made money. The highlight was white boy dee-jay Track Star who was doin up the 1s and 2s with neo soul and hip hop (He mixed up Kelis’ caught Out There” which was mad sick!)

The culmination was Fame/Fortune put on by Loose cannon and Monopoly (That’s Slim and Mocha). Two parties went on at the same time for New Years Eve. Fame was at Society (which I will get into later) and Fortune was at 555 Building on Washington. I traveled to Fortune via chartered bus by the black Beckhams Carri and Keith griffin (inside joke) that had about 30 or so people chill out at their house until the bus pulled up (which had their faces on the advertisement box on the side of the bus! (I hear the Griffin’s put up about 4 grand for this occasion (bus, VIP table and food). I got there about 9ish (the bus was to pull off at 9 :30). Some of the folk chillin for the bus were Calvin Nelson Dr. Jennifer MCcleary, Karen banks, David Blair,. Tim Slater , Miss Traci, Rob Kirk, Miss Maria, Big Kenny and two members of FYB (For Your Body) Security were therre in case anyone got buckwild on the bus from drinkin (which I will get into later).

Anyway, the bus got therre about 10 p.m and we loaded onto the bus. As we pulled off, so were the bottle caps (from Alize to Zimas). What was wild was the sistas were chuggin up octane harder than the brothas! It was a definite chug-chug pass atmosphere as the jam Pop Bottles blasted on the speakers.

The Black Beckham's Keith and Carri Griffin partyin it up at Fortune at 555 Building.

We got there about 10:30 ish or so and we got therre it was a bit of confusion of who was to give us VIP bracelets. Well, when Mr. Beckham Griffin walked up to the VIP table for those on the list, he let them know we were good. But the problem was folk tryin to sneak in with us. That cause chaos. It was pretty much like that for the rest of the nite of folk tryin to dodge payin or sayin they were with so and so. Mocha Latte was running back and forth tryin to do 20 jobs at the same time (host, VIP bracelet person, bartender, waitress!).

Keith Griffin and his VIP crew.

For the most part the two groups of Fortune tried to get the STL stars a taste of what the Hollywood folk do it, but as Slim said on the mike, “STL was late comin to the party.” I hate that happened cause it was a great effort to make something like this pop off without any problems. But that’s just the half of it. After we partied and ate and gave good cheer to the New Year (Not to mention Griffin taking out a duffle bag of ends wrapped in paper holders made it rain in his VIP area), we left around 1ish or so to load back on the bus to go to Society. Well, when we got there, the bus driver stopped the bus a few feet back from the entrance. Mr. Griffin left the bus to walk up to see what was going on. Come to find out, a hood star shot at a valet guy and there was several fights up in the club (I’m sure after the $10,000 make it rain segment happened). So, Griffin got back on the bus and told us the action and said the bus was going to the East Side. Well, before the bus got there, the bus driver took us back to his crib for those who wanted to jet on their own to wherever (I chose the crib). Before heading East Boogie to the clubs. Some of the movers and shakers who were at Fortune were Larry Hughes, SYGU, FREE TIME, So Diverse, State rep Rodney Hubbard,, 104.1’s Young Dip, David Carroll, and Kyjuan to name a few .



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