Monday, January 14, 2008


Last Thursday, St. Louis got word of a horrible car accident that involved the carless driving of a young driver crashing into the home of a woman whose grandchildren is currently criticlaly injured in a local hospital.

Last Thursday, a man, by the name of Greg Richards III, plowed his car into the home of 5400 block of Partridge Avenue 9near riverveiw) as his car went airborne while was speeding when it jumped the curb.

The car smashed through a chain-link fence and a shed and was still airborne when it crashed into the small frame home. The car finally came to a rest inside a room of the home.. The man eventually died.

But the reocvery of the young children who were hit. One child, Isiah McDaniel, 7, suffered a skull fracture. Another child, Ania Martin, 10, suffered several broken bones and chest and lung injuries. A third child, Miguel Ashford, 8, suffered head injuries.

The great-grandmother, Phelia brown and two other kids in the house
were not injured.

The children are currently in St. Louis Children's Hopsital.

Now Vincent Brown (SEEN IN PIC ABOVE) is left to clean up and fix his mother's house, while worrying about his injured niece and nephews.

"They were actually just in there sitting at a computer game and before they knew it they were being broad-sided with a car," he said to, "So it's real devastating to me and my family."

The children were visiting their grandmother in the 5400 block of Partridge Avenue when Richards' car hit the home.

In an interview this morning, Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said the home is next to a city firehouse, known as "the 27s," and the injured children were well known to the firefighters there.

All three children go to Meramec Elementary School. Police say it's still unclear whether the three were hit by the car or debris. The house suffered significant damage.

This is where the Freeman Bosley Junior Show comes into play. Bosley Show personality Pat Wahsington said on the show his past Sunday on 100.3 The Beat, that she requested the community to rally around helping fix the damages of the house. Her call was for those who did repairs or donate to the cause for helping the family in their time of need as tehy wait teh ourtcome of the three children.

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