Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OUT 321--OUT ON THE TOWN--MLK DREAM CONFRENCE at Renaissance Grand and Sexy Saturdays AJ's Jan. 19, 2008


The MLK Conference was going on all this past weekend. One of the events the panel discussion for invited youth to attend. On the left are some of the invited panelists who were local and out of town dignitaries, leaders and personalties..

RIGHT: St. Louis gospel diva Meardine Gales speaks to the crowd as panelists Louisiana Police chief Warren Riley, Enterprise Rental Car's Lee Lewis and Youth International Speaker Alfred Coach Powell listened on.

Veteran broadcast journalist Robyn Royce moderated
RIGHT: Real estate broker Mary One Johnson talked about the black leadership in the city of St. Louis as City Licensing Collector Mike McMillan listened.

A long shot of the crowd. BELOW: Actor and activtist Lamann Rucker spoke on his upbringing and the importance of mentoring. Author Lyah Leflore (next to Rucker) also talked about the importance of mentoring as well as the importance of listening to the elderly. In thf background was actress Bern Nadette Stanis of "Good Times" fame.

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks answered the question on how can St. Louis help bridge the political gap with his city .

Therre's Majic 104.9 Tony Scott Show producer Arrika Parr.

16 year old Patera asked a question to the panel about how to establish credit as King Dream Conference founder Gary Boyd leaned the mike for her to ask her question.

Later on that evening, R. Kirk Precision had Sexy Saturdays with Rucker and Stanis as the invited guests (Stanis was a no show) .

In the house were the Griffins, Keith and Carri .

Keith and some admiring friends. Thee sista on the left was trying to make it rain, more like make it drizzle, with five ones that she kept throwing up and catching the bills herself. TMP!)

The crowd

Therre's actor Lamonn Rucker handling some business with St. Louis Actors Studio/Gaslight Theatre Artistic Director Milton Zoth. A possible acting gig?

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