Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OUT 320--OUT ON THE TOWN--Stress Free at Reggies, CAFE SOUL at Lucas House/NEO SOUL at Old Rock House FEB.18


Therre's Reggie's Backstage manager Rachel Dickson and Stress Free Friday's Mark Anthony Jones. Stress Free had its weekly happy hour event at the new restaurant and bar acroso from the Fox Theatre.

After Stress Free Fridays, OUTTOWN checked out popular open mike event Cafe Soul at Lucas House. In order of photo appearance, DJ Enoch had it poppin on the lower level of Lucas House

Upstairs, DJ Nappy Needles had it poppin upstairs.

It was mad packed up in there!

Care Soul co-creator and host Coco Soul. Later on in teh showm, she sang an impromtu version of Snoop's "Sensual Seduction" A licia Myers, "If You Play Your Cards Right," and Floetrys, "Say Yes."

The first performer was Jennifer Williamns.

Poet 16 Bars performed the poem, "After the Storm" about the upcoming 2008 elections.

Trio True Lyric wowed the crowd with an a cappello song, "I'm Gonna be with Him."

Poet Abby performed, "Black Man."

Cafe Soul guitarist Wildman did some skit skat adlibbing for the crowd.

They had the waitresses workin up in therre!

Poet State of the Art spat "Poetry in Craze."

A moment in the show. Cafe Soul and DJ Needles.

Alive Magazine Editor in Chief Attilio D'Agostino and St. Louis Posts's Pop critic Kevin Johnson chillin for the OUTTOWN CAM.

Party of of six (well, five, one didnt want their pic taken. LOL)

Cafe Soul creators Angie Brown and Coco Soul during intermission

Upstairs folk got their party on!

Singer/keyboardist Teresa Jenee performed.

Poet Andrew miked "A poem for Rachael"

Upcoming singer Aunyae performed "Summertime" which got a rousing response from the crowd.

Laughs on the Landing assistant and poet Diesal also performed.

After Cafe Soul, around 11: 30 ish, OUTTOWN checked out So Diverse's Neo Meets Soul that was held at the Old Rock House. This month's event was a charitible event. Monies raised were given to the Ronald McDonald House.

So Diverse Beauties: Jameelah, Lia and Deidria

So Divesre front door sista Ms. Lisa and LME''s Tim Slater.

Dj Sno was on the 1s and 2s.

SYGU's Rashad huggin up on a friend (Check out her green fingernails!) .

YOURS TRULY was there reppin.

Blood siblings Corey and Lia.

"And I am telling you , you are goin to....(FILL IN THE BLANK) me!"

An aerial view of some of the crowd. That's FREE TIME's Darryl Frierson gettin his talk on with a sista. Wonder what the convo was about?

Party people

Party people and the screen.

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