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From the PIC ON THE RIGHT, protestors at the MLK march in downtown look like the Civil Rights Movement of old. Thinsg went totally awry while Mayor Francis Slay spoke at the King Dream Cionfrenece march/parade when protestors began booing the Mayor during his speech honoring MLK at the Old Courthouse. From the pic, protest leader and Tauheed Youth Group founder Anthony Shaheed (in the KKK suit) led the boos and rants of Slay Must Go" Well we all know the reasons for this organized melee mainly of Slay’s his handling of former fire chief Sherman George (who was the Grand Marshall of the parade and tried to strike peace during the protest) .The only African-American ever to head up that department was fired after he refused to promote any fire-fighters to captain. George was reported as saying to the crowd, "I appreciate you being here, but there will be other days.” Slay has been reported as saying that the few who protested “hijacked the event” and wanted to apologize to those who attended. Also, both George and Slay shared niceties during the event. There has been constant debate since the incident of whether protestors should have done what they did and of course the results were split. But my thing is this, in the spirit of MLK, I don’t see what was wrong with doing it. Something had to have been done to make a point of the constant racial injustices and divide in St. Louis, a city whose state was the last to abolish slavery. Of course George and Slay did their spins for the public, but I’m sure behind closed doors, both parties got the message of how the city is feeling.

Family was the reason why Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is not running for a second term right after the heels of his State of the State address last week. In a press conference Wednesday, Blunt said family issues as the reason he won't seek re-election. Asked to expand on that, Blunt said campaigning and serving as governor has kept him away from his wife, Melanie, and their son, William Branch, more than he would like. Blunt also said he made his decision in the past few days -- sometime after his State of the State address -- but he wouldn't pin down exactly when he arrived at his decision. This past Tuesday, Blunt made a 3 minute video of his announcement posted on YOUTUBE. Speculations had been that he was seeking other means of government office. His colleagues were saying he lost the fire in his belly. Well, after today, we all will find out the reason why he will not seek another term. (It would have been nice if a tear would have dropped from his eye as we all see how that did for Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire)To watch the video go to

Two national Presidential candidates made appearances during the MLK weekend, Democratic senators Hilary Clinton and John Edwards—on the same day, Saturday at different times. Edwards spoke at 9 a.m. at the Carpenters Union Hall in St. Louis whereas Hilary m, along with hubbie bill who introduced her, addressed supporters at 10 p.m. at McCluer North High School in Florissant, Mo. (which had over 6,000 folk in attendance). They were there to tell their respective crowds what they would do if elected pres and to get the Super Tuesday ball rolling (Missouri is part of Super Tuesday on Feb. 5)…..Look like the Cardinal Ballpark Village project wont be ready when the All Star baseball game comes to the STL in 2009… According to the developer’s
Cordish Company contract of the project, If Ballpark Village is not completed by 2011, the Cardinals will pay a $3 million fine per year until the project is finished. As of December 2007 the city of St. Louis has not yet broken ground on the ballpark village.…........................…Speaking of developers, Metro has settled and awarded super construction group Cross-County Collaborative (which included African American based group Kwame Building Group) $6 million in losses after they were fired from the Shrewsberry Metro expansion project. Following their court victory last November, CCC was seeking reimbursement of $27 million in legal costs. The victory also cost former Metro prez Larri Salci his gig and the tax hike amendment to be pulled from St. Louis County ballot next month.............................

The third time is not the charm for Kevin Johnson last week when a judge in his murder trial hearing judged that his second trial last November was fair and was not tampered when it was discovered when one of the jurors knew a crime scene detective who was on the crime scene when Kirkwood police sergeant William McEntee in July 2005. Johnson will be sentenced on death row Feb. 1……

St. Louis was the main event last Friday when boxer Devon Alexander did his thing in the ring at Madison Square Garden when Alexander won a unanimous twelve-round decision, bringing his pro record to 14-0. Against former junior welterweight champ
DeMarcus Corley. Alexander was quoted as saying to afre his win, "It felt great to go 12 rounds with a former world champion. It was hard because it was my first 12-rounder. I was pressing hard early trying to get the knockout. But my coach (Knockouts Bar and grill owner and Cory Spinks’ trainer Kevin Cunningham) told me to just settle down and do what I do. I'm ready for more. I'll do even more in the future. I want everyone in St. Louis to know I came back with the win."…………….

In other sports news , Cards 1st basemen Al Pujohls was pitching a fit this past week and banned Fox 2 News St. Louis from participating in a news conference at the conclusion of the team's winter warm-up. Pujohls was angry about his name being incorrectly linked to the Mitchell Report on steroids last month. At the news conference, Pujohls asked the Cardinals media relations director to kick out a crew from St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI Channel 2. Last month, the station devoted heavy coverage to rumors linking Pujohls and other players to the Mitchell Report. The rumors started with an erroneous report from a New York TV station….Wow banning? I guess this is yet another miffed situation along with recent outcry against manager Tony LaRussa and his dislike of his decision to not play him in the All Star game last year………

I guess you all have heard that St. Louis adopted son music legend Ike Turner died of a drug overdose The medical examiner's office in San Diego said its findings were that Turner "abused cocaine" which resulted in "cocaine toxicity". The report also listed hypertensive cardiovascular disease and pulmonary emphysema as "significant and contributing factors" to Turner's death. Turner died on December 12 after years of drug abuse.

St. Louis director Greg Carr made news this week as he became Dr. King with the presentation “MLK Conversations with a King: The Speeches of Martin Luther King” that presented last Sunday at the Missouri History Museum. He portrayed King from his days as a young man in Atlanta and throughout his life, ending in Memphis in 1968. If his performance was like the snippet that he acted out on Fox 2 news Morning Show, I am sure that it was a hit. Carr had King’s vocal intonations down to a T!......It was good hanging out with former St. Louis American fashion editor Keith Underwood over the weekend. He was in town as an assistant to his client actor Lamonn Rucker during the King Dream Conference that was held at the renaissance. I had a chance to see him in business and party mode (He also gave me a blind item that I will hopefully post up within weeks)and how the Hollywood style protocol is done with the press…………Congrats are in store to message therapist Kamren Holbert who just landed the lead message therapist at Lumiere Place……………Two hot spots in the STL area have made transitions. One has closed shop—the Filter bar (Troy Williams’ establishment)located in Belt in the Central West End. Its lease was up and not extended and the other changed shop, the former Panama Reds on Locust. It has been bought out and now called the Tin Can……………Happy upcoming B-day to former Radio One executive. Gina James (formerly Covington)...........OUTTOWN wishes Frontline Protections' Brian Stemmons a safe and speedy trip overseas so he can do his last tour of duty in the Air Force Reserves. He will return back to the STL during Memorial Day. We will miss ya. You are a good guy!..........

And lastly, the owner of the St. Louis Rams Georgia Frontiere died last weekend. The St. Louis native who became a hometown hero when she brought the NFL's Rams from Los Angeles in 1995, died Friday. She was 80. Frontiere had been hospitalized for breast cancer for several months.

IN THE MIA (Missing In Action)FILE: What ever happened to STL rapper Penelope?

BLIND ITEM: Which benefactor bailed out last week’s blind item person and paid their back mortgage payments so they wouldn’t get kicked out of their house?


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