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HERRE ARE SOME LEFTOVER PICS FROM DECEMBER 2007 (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY, INSIDESTL.COM AND STLONFIRE.COM) Here are pics from Keith "Griff Hollywood" Griffin's "27th" B-day party celebration at the Imeprial Lounge Dec. 3. ABOVE: The cake (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!)

LEFT: Griffin doin his Ballin dance on the dance floor. B-day boy cuttin the cake

LEFT: Another Ballin shot!
RIGHT: Griffin, Mocha Latte an Robert Kirk

Griffin with his family and friends.

After the Imperial Lounge, YOURS TRULY and Mocha hit 1st Friday that was held at Kyo.

On Dec. 14, three heavy hitters on the STL scene, Darryl Gillespie and Rashad of SYGU Group and Dj Nappy Needles celebrated theri B-days for SYGU's event Usual Suspects 2 at the new rental hall, Lumen. ABOVE: The cake.

RIGHT: The B-day boyz (Needles, Rashad and Darryl) clown around with the cake with Mocha Latte, who hosted the event.

Rashad's well wishers gave him b-day cards and a 30 Y.O. balloon.

I like this pic. Rashad and his well wishers dance up the place.

African style-hairstylist Ms. Erika and freind at the Usual Suspects 2 b-day party.

RIGHT: DJ Nappy Needles doin what he does best on the 1s and 2s and Mocha Latte looks on.

Body paint artist Jessica Dana and model Miss Kassandra gettin their sexy on to the OUTTOWN CAM.

Mocha Latte clowning around on the dance floor as poet Invisible Man looks on.

"You wanna know whos' bad?" Invisible Man and Darryl in a stare down.

Harris Stowe class prez Renaud Chavoz Lucas and YOURS TRULY. (Thanx Jameelah for takin the pic!)

Therre's two of OUTTOWN's socialites of 2007: Miss Keisha and Big tah and Miss Alisha at Usual Suspects 2 party.

An "up" view of the Grecian-styled pillars in the balcony area at Lumen.

An aerial view of the party people.

On Dec. 13, I attended JACK AND JOKES, St. Louis comedian/actor Guy Torry's invite only event where he hosts a night of comedy (special guest Rodney Perry) while attendees drank 2 free Jack Daniels drinks. In the house were Diversity gallery owner Ms. Lynette, singer/Cafe Soul co-creator Coco Soul, Stress Free Friday co-creator MarkAnthony Jones and Cafe Soul co-creator Nichol Stevenson.

On Dec. 20, St. Lunatics member and Grammy-Award winning rapper Murphy Lee celebrated his 26th B-day at Monopoly Productions' weekly My Drink and My Two Step party at Dante's.
ABOVE: St. Lunatic members Slo Down, Murphy Lee and Kyjuan get the party started as they perform some of Lee's hits for the crowd.

Loosecannon Slim, Slo Down, Murphy Lee and Kyjuan in an "extra" moment (Hmm, whats up with Slim and tha fingers? LOL)

Therre's Jus Bleezy hypin the crowd as Kyjuan help out with the hypin.

Loose cannon's Slim and Monopoly's Mocha Latte.

Mocha on the mike.

"Watch out with that stick, Daddy."

The crowd at Dante's.

On Dec 28, YOURS TRULY attended the Grand Opening party at Lumen hosted by St. Louis Rams' Orlando Pace.

After I left Lumen, I attended Jerrod Jones and Precision's Panache 2 at Kyo. ABOVE is Precision's Rob Kirk flanked with some beauties up in VIP.

Stress Free Friday's MarkAnthony Jones, Mocha Latte and DJ Reminisce at Panache 2. Latte hosted and Reminsice was on the 1s and 2s.

Actor/comedian JT Jackson takes a pic with YOURS TRULY.

Members of Soul STylz(including Boone, Treanna and Jamie Spencer) and friends (which included newlywed Millicent Jones on the RIGHT) pose for a flick.

On Dec. 30, FREE TIME and teamed up to do THE COUNT DOWN, a pre-New Year's Eve party at Bar Italia. Pictured are Mr. Tony (kneeling), and from left: Adrian Saddler, daryl Freirson, Rob Robinson Jr., Joe Jennings and socialite Ken Houston.'s Mr. Tony and Joe Jennings.

Mr. Tony and his lady.

Therre's SYGU's Rashad comin to the party.

Some of the party people at the party.

So Diverse's Jameelah E. and Joe Jennings cut a rug.

From left: Jameelah E., Tim Slater, unknown guests, Lia (in headlock) and Rashad pose for a flick.

Lia drawing Rashad up to her uh....yeah. LOL

"Sorry no autographs tonight." There's rapper Vandalyzm talkin to some of his fans. The rapper released his 1st CD, Megatron Majorz late last year.

There's Mr. Larry Blue and friend who zoomed directly to the CAM.

"So what do you get into?"

Therre's FREE TIME's Roy Robinson Jr gettin his party on with the party people.

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