Monday, January 28, 2008

OUT 324--GOT LYRICS AT VAN GOHZ --Jan 23, 2008

PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY Got Lyrics host Mocha Latte began the show givin the crowd a taste of her lyircal talents.

The first poet on was brother Knowledge (RIGHT) then it was sista poet Kels (BOTTOM) with the love poem' Bittered."

Nick from kingston Jamaica did an ode piece to the Got Lyrics poets.

Miss Jay performed a tight poem called "Recession Over Time."

The poets had the crowd in an intense listening vibe.

Repeck broughht it with his hip hop style of poetry

DJ KT had it poppin on the 1s and 2s with the transitions.

Poet Exquisitely Intelligent spat the controversial piece Real Nigga PSA as Block TV taped the event.

Folk were therre to check out featured poet Angel.

Got Lyrics vet 16 bars represented with the Black History Month poem "Feb Views" as well as celebrating his b-day.

Evening Whirl entertainement editor Jay Bailey spat a twisted poem on love with cigg in hand.

Folk were chillin and gettin there libation on during the show.

Mocha LAtte spat one of her signature piece of how she got her stage name for the camera.

Featired poet Angel was in rare form with her no holds barred poems on relationships gone bad.

Although her mother and g-mother were in the audience, Angel still tried to get X-rated up in therrre. Mocha gave Angel a gift for being the featured poet of the week.

Popular performer Bobby Wuilliams spat his tribute to his love of black women. Before he spat he free styled a rap under 50 Cent's "I Got Money' beat that got the crowd hyped.

Poet/Laughs on the Landing assistant Diesal brought it as well.

Da Poet spat "Soul Food."

16 Bars' friends helped him eat the cake. Therre's Got Lyrics assistant Miss Erin taking a bite of the sweets.

Strike a diva pose. Therre's Miss December Eye Candy Model Ashlai Box with Miss Mocha (showing off her House of Dereon shirt) . Box will be competing in the Eye Candy 2008 Pageant this Thursday at the Loft.

Miss Crystal added an alternative vibe to her life in words.

Chicago poet R-20 got the crowd hyped with his double entendre piece, "I Want You to Fuck Me."

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