Monday, February 04, 2008



A pic of the several of thousands waiting outside the Edward Jones Dome to get inside to hear Obama.

Once inside, folk got into position to hear the presidential hopeful.

Therre's State Rep Rodney Hubbard showing some love with a colleague at the Rally in the VIP area. Other political dignitaries in the VIP area were STL Comptroller Darlene Green, the Rev. Sammie Jones and East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks to name a few.

Above are some of the many national and local media that were therre to cover the event. YOURS TRULY was up there too when the program began (Its also the area where folk behind us demanded we get off the risers so they can see the program!)

Therre were many crazy tee-shirt wearers especially this one!

The Harris Stowe State U marching band entertained the crowd before the Rally began.

As you see, the front area was already packed an hour before the program got started.

Around 8 oclock the crowd began to swell. Obama was to speak about 9 ish.

The crowd waited patiently for Obama.

This brother man wore the spirit of the night on his shoulder.

There were plenty flags waved at the Rally. Five of the ralleyers had letters that spelled O-B-A-M-A.

The T-shirt of the night!

Local rally organizer David Martino got the crowd hyped and told folk to txt digits in their cell phones in order to get on board to vote.

The lovely 2004 American Idol finalist Aloha sang The National Anthem.

Mardi Gras beads were passed out through the crowd.

Fox 2 news personality Betsey Bruce talked with her camera man in regards to the shots to get at the Rally.

Over 20,000 ralley goers showed up. They stood on the floor of the Dome.

The young, old, black, white and all in between were there to witness history.

Change We Can Believe In poster signs were held up all over by the rally goers.

As well as tons of other signs that were passed out to the crowd up front.

When Congressionman William Lacy Clay walked out to the stage,. It was evident that Obama was in the building. He told the crowd, "Welcome to Saturday Night Live in St. Louis starring Barack Obama!"

Also on stage were Russ and Jean Carnahan, County Executive Charlie Doooley and Congresswoman Clair McCaskill.

A long shot from one of the press risers.

McCaskill said, "I want everyone to look around the room . It looks like what America looks like."

When Obama was introduced, the crowd went wild as though he was a rock star.

The cheers for Obama were ear splitting!

Obama greeted his supporters.

Obama said that it was good to be almost home.

He said that he was not running because of some ambition but under the philospohy of Dr. King of "the fierce urgency of now."

The comment of the night was when Obama said, 'I can guarantee you one name that will not be on the November ballot, George W. Bush." which caused the crowd the erupt in cheer and applause.

One of the media photograhers got "Obama's back!"

Obama said that he was running for change especially with our health care system , have affordable eductaion for children from birth to college and raise the minumum wage every year to offset poverty. He also shared that he was born to a single teenage mother who died of cancer at age 53 and his father left him when he was two. he said, that because of his upbringing he could relate to the people.

After the Rally, Bruce got a comment from an audience member.

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