Monday, February 04, 2008


PHOTOS BY MA"ATOLOGY MPAC's Maranda Witherspoon celebrated her 28th b-day in Hollywood style as pictured from the ice sculture above.

Some of her well wishers showed up including Soul Stylz Jamie Spencer (left) and Free Time's Roy Robinson (right)

MIA Found! Therre's actress Shawn Guy-Pitts (whos expecting in two months) and her husband, Chris.

Dj Sno on the 1s and 2s.

There's Miss Monica and Maranda's brother MPAc's Mo Spoon.

Miss Maranda got out of the Hummer limo to make her grand entrance to go to the party. Outside was also a red carpet in lines with the Hollywood theme for the invited guetss. LMS' Tim Slater (in Mardi Gras beads) was taking snaps of thsoe coming to the party.

NEXT TWO PICS: Some of Maranda's invited guests.

The VIP guests were waiting for the b-day girl. I wonder what the sista in the white ensem was talkin about?

The crowd

Party people in their Top Model gowns.

Therre's former 2007 Eye Candy model and Ebony Fashion Fair model Miss Carmen Currie striking her diva pose.

Some bare naked ladies with paint arrived at the party.

It was close to midnite when Mo Spoon intro'd his sister to her party She sashayed up to the VIP area with her bottle of Moet. Her theme song was Beyonce's, "Hollywood."

As you see Miss Maranda wore a sexy baby doll dress that had the crowd oohing and ahhing. She also had a long black faux fur she wore but took off when she entered the door for her promenade to the VIP area.

She was ready for her close up all that nite.

She chilled up in VIP with her family and friends.

It was mad packed up in therre after Maranda showed up.

YOURS TRULY, Fox 2 perosonality Rob Desir and his lady Chaquita Pollen at the party.

Pollen and Fox 2's Summer Knowles.

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