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Last Friday, the STL was the city for the concert LADIES NIGHT OUT starring R&B schoolers Tony! Toni!Tone!, Johnny Gill, Boyz Ii Men and Bobby (I mean. Bobbbbay) Brown held last Friday at the Scott Trade Center. To give yawl the skinny on the report, OUTTOWN sent THE SOCIALITE to the show to give her take on this event. Oh so fly – The Socialite Report The Valentine's Day Concert go-ers were in for a treat as they got a chance to see their favorite artist croon in concert last Friday at the Scottrade Center. The romantic jam fest included headliner by Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Boyz II Men, and Tony! Toni! Tone'!.

As an appetizer, Fans got a chance to celebrate their anniversaries while TTT serenaded them with the oh-so-classic "It's our Anniversary." Our fav New Jack Swing group from Oakland was minus crooner Raphael Saadiq, but they still sent us swinging the entire play-time making us believe that Southern California was still experiencing a drought ("It never rains in Southern California".)

Anyway, 3 lucky ladies from the audience gave us a "pleasant?" surprise by serving as temporary back up dancers for our favorite band. No need to go into their 5 minutes of fame, but

Ladies, let's keep those day jobs, ok? All in all, TTT jammed as the decadent opening act. I'm still wondering where they got the shiny couture' for outfits.... LOL Now, speaking of the next course, I hope the Ladies who attended the concert did their laundry, b/c the N.E. Heartthrob Johnny Gill definitely had them aroused. "My, My, My," was all you could say when you saw him enter the stage in that Crisp, Tailored White Tux! Damn, who knew Chocolate could look and sound so good!

But JG mesmerized us w/ his smooth sensual grooves, taking us back w/ "Fair-weather Friend," and "The Floor. "Our minds certainly had a "Quiet Time to Play" and his sexy stage presence definitely got the "Mood Right." Now I was still wondering if that passionate kiss between JG and a "fan" was staged, or for real. But Johnny, I hope you got her address to send her tonsils back! (Sista girl, how was it????) The romantic Ballads continued with a sincere tribute to Luther Vandross, which left no dry eyes in the building.

Nearing the Main Course, our fav quad Boyz II Men (minus 1, We miss you Mike!) first appeared "So-Shiny" bling blinging, as if they were advertising for Lee's Pawn & Jewelry. (Ok, more like Tiffany's...) But nuthin' but Love for B2M, b/c "Motown-Philly" definitely brought us again as they allowed us to reminisce on that "One Sweet Day," and the classic ballad "I'll Make Love to you," while Wanya, Shawn and Nathan still proved that they can genuinely connect with their crowd. Even though some weren't ready for the Motown Review, "Tears of a Clown, and "I'll be there," they kept the crowd grooving. But at the end of their set, Boyz II Men is no where at the "End of the Road."

Now for our main course, Our STEAK dinner, we had the pleasure of being graced with the KING of R&B, none other than former Original New Edition member, Bobby Brown. At first, concert-goers were confused, b/c they thought they came to audition for "Flavor of Love," Part 4, but no, guys, it was the King, in the Flesh, wearing that black Tuxedo, Red and Black Glasses and kicks, looking like our boy definitely and expressing "His Perogative." BB definitely connected with the crowd, w/ "Tender Roni," and showed us that even though he's been off the scene for a while, he still had the vocals we grew to appreciate back in the day. The Desert, w/ a cherry on top included Bobby and Johnny on stage together to cutt'n up on "Tender Roni."

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