Monday, February 25, 2008

OUT 342-OUT ON THE TOWN-- FRED WILLIAMS MEDIA TOUR at SHow Me St. Louis and Best of the STLShow --FEB. 20

ABOVE: STL Fitness Model/engineeer Fred Williams talked with "Show Me St. Louis" personality Wendy Erickson on the set at KSDK-TV about his being a cover model on the urban erotic novel ONE AINT ENOUGH (GO TO OUT 335 BOOK BITZ FOR DETAILS ON THE BOOK) as well as his day job being a mechanical engineer.

LEFT: After the interview, Williams and Erickson sat at the anchor desk at KSDK-TV.

Later on that same day, Williams was interviewed on the cable access channel The Best of the STL on STL-TV (foremrly City 10). Afterward Williams was swarmed with autographs from the audience.

Williams poses with the Best of the STL personalities including from left Todd Blackstock, Gilberto Pinela, Cassandra Walker, Ivy Hartmann (right of Williams) and guest Dan Buck who was interviewed on the show.
To peep out his interview on Show Me St. Louis go to :
To peep out his interview on Best of the STL , go to (NOTE: It should be posted sometime in March)

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