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LEFT: Therre's
singer/keyboardist Teresa Jenee chillin and waitin for the show to start. By the way, sista girl will be performing at the Old Rock House, March 4 with Nikko Smith for the weekly Tuesday event,Sweet Soul Spot. ABOVE RIGHT: DJ Reminise had it crunk on the 1s and 2s before the show started.

The Man of the Hour rapper Vandalyzm with some of of his well wishers Miss Joi and Miss Teresa.

A pic of Vandalyzm's CDs that were on sale that night.

Detroit rapper Finale (SEEN BELOW) was at the spot selling his CD"Develop." (SEEN ON LEFT) he also was scheduled to perform as the opener to Vandalyzm. To peep out his info on the CD go to

Sexy singer Aloha with SYGU's Rhashad Whitter

Folk chillin for the show.

Check ot the white bruh man and his fro!

Nappy Needles also spun on the 1s and 2s before the show

Therre's sexy socialite Valarie Johnson and her friend Michelle

Can't you believe DJ Reminise doing what he rarely does--socializing. LOL

Miss Rachel, Miss Keisha and Miss Jackie.

Before the show, Vandalyzm encouraged the crow dto get hyped so the ladies can get comfortbale and make love to him!

Vandalyzm and his cuz Rhashad doing impromtu dance moves on stage.

SYGU's Darry Gillespie also got in the act.

The there of them clownin doin the Snake.


What was up with this Trois Cookie? FREE TIME's Adrian Saddler (right) and the dude in the orange shirt got some explainin. LOL

The crowd

There's rapper Gotta Be Karim looking at the crowd. He performed with Vandalzym during his set.


"Are you my Brother's Keeper? Huh?"

Rapper Finale blazed the stage with his fluid lyircal style and trippy hip-hop. One of those jams was "Mr Nice Guy."

He dedicated many raps to slain hip-hop producer J-Dilla.

Vandalyzm put on a show for real. He opened up the set with a cool and mellow hip-hop tune, "Lonely Life" an interpolation of Foreigner's "I Wanna Know What Love is."

Gillespie and buddy clownin around during Vandalyzm's " Lonely Life" as though they were at a concert with lighters (the dude on the left actually had one)

Vandalyzm represented true underground St. Louis hip-hop.

The concert was amped a notch when Gotta Be Karim joined Vandalyzm joined him mideway in the set. One of those songs was "Studio Gangstas."

The Men of SYGU, who sponsored the concert, and their posse atteh end of teh stage. Eddie Hollman (far righT0 introd Vandalzym but befor ehe did, he gave a quick hiphop lesson of what is and isnt hip-hop. He nodded for Needles to spin two records "A Bay Bay," and "Party like a Rock star" and said after each snippet, "This is not hip hop." and then later said, "I am tired of people saying real hip-hop is dead."

A long shot of the crowd.

Vandalyzm was joined on stage with his cuz D Hendrix.

The long angle of the stage.

POST NOTE: On Tuesday, Vandalyzm posted teh following comment on his Facebook account about Sunday's show:

My thanks to all...> > Real rap...last night was history made. Very insane> turnout...lovely folks, I think we rock the crowd> real was a win win.> > I want to give out sincere thank you's to EVERYONE> who showed up and showed support. It means alot. > Again, this right here, my music, is mainly a one> man movement.

So my career THRIVES off of the> support of the people. If you enjoy it, dont> complain about the price, cause you are getting what> you are paying for, you feel me.> > I mos def am not one for focusing on the negative,> when the positive trumps it by LEAPS AND BOUNDS. > But alot of people were making alot of noise about> $10...real rap.> > (And no I aint talking about you Rach, you already> know whats good...) >

But...real up. Not when I know SOME OF THESE FOLKS> have no problem dropping a dub on any random> saturday at the Loft.> > Ten dollars getting a party, and a> concert...on TOP OF THE FACT giving you events of> this nature COSTS MONEY...> > So all in all, folks real rap...look at the worth> more than what is being asked...cause trust me...ive> see ish being done like I did in other places, and> they charged WAY more than what i do...and survived> that.

Thank you to everyone, I mean that...march is right> around the corner...and for my hip hop heads...I got> something REAL ILL lined up...> > -Majorz> --------------------> > To reply to this message, follow the link below:>

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