Friday, February 08, 2008


OUTTOWN would like to give its thoughts and prayers to the city of Kirkwood, Mo. and all thode who were affected by the gunfire brought on by Kiorwood resident Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton (RIGHT) this past Thursday and his shooting of seven people (five dead as of this publishing) including Kirkwood Mayor Mike Swoboda (in balck and white pic) Swoboda was shot but survived and was in serious condition today. Another victim, Suburban Journals newspaper reporter Todd Smith, was in satisfactory condition with a gunshot wound to the hand.
The story made international news.
Charles Thornton stormed into the Kirkwood City Hall on Thursday night and used two weapons -- his own revolver and a cop's gun he took from an officer who was the first victim of the deadly rampage." Thornton carried a large-caliber revolver that he used to shoot and kill Kirkwood Police Sgt. William Biggs outside City Hall about 7 p.m. Thursday.
Then, he grabbed Biggs' .40-caliber handgun and walked into the council chambers with both guns.Within minutes, he had killed five people -- Biggs, Police Officer Tom Ballman, Councilwoman Connie Karr, Councilman Mike Lynch and Public Works Director Kenneth Yost -- before Kirkwood officers shot and killed Thornton.Neither slain officer had had time to draw his weapon to fight back, police say.
Reports say that Thronton was possibly disgruntled with city council after the city issued him zoning ordinanace violations for having a commercial vehicle to do business in a residential area as well as issuing him a numerous anbount of parking tickets. Thronton reportedly went to many council meetings to display is disdain of the violations and made a mimicry of the city council and disrupted meetings reslting in police escortiung him out of meetings.
What is puzzling the city was Thornton wa sa nice guy who knew many in the community and worked within the community of Kirkwood.
In the end, Thornton was shot and killed.
This is a tragic story but with all stories, every story has two sides. I am sure we will find out why Thornton did what he did and why his family said it wa sjustified of Thornton's actions.
Thoughts and prayers also go out to Thornton's family as well.

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