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Herre’s what goin on!

Whats up with the The Special Administrative Board overseeing the St. Louis Public Schools St. Lousi Public Scvhools firing Superintendent Diana Bourisaw and then requesting her to reapply for her job? Well according to reports, Bourisaw is not having it and is resigning from the post. In a press conference given Tuesday Bourisaw said that she plans t remain on the job til the ned of the school season. Chief Executive Officer Rick Sullivan had stressed that "this is not anti-Diana Bourisaw. The board didn't select her, the public was never involved. We want public participation in the process." The administrative board made its decision to post the superintendent's job at a special meeting Monday afternoon. As yawl know, Bourisaw was hired in July, 2006, replacing Creg Williams who was ousted by a recently-elected new board majority. Williams' dismissal led to the state intervention The district's staff and teachers were blindsided by the administrative board's decision. Most learned of the pending end of Bourisaw's tenure upon arriving in classrooms and district offices Tuesday morning. Hmmm, what’s really going on? Why not the new board members just take a vote to continue Bourisaw as superintendent? Well as the saying goes, out with old and in with the new. And nothing new wants anything old. And who’s to day that she will get her job back if she does apply. Hmmm, I hate to say it, but is this poetic justice after the allegations in 2006 of Bourisaw assisting to get Creg Williams out of office when Veronica Obrien was prez of the former school board? Hmmmm.

The STL area is still reeling frm last Thursday’s killing spree of five people at a Kirkwood city hall meeting. (SEE OUT 332 for details) with the killing of community leader Charles Cookie Thornton (PICTURED) and several city leaders and the ongoing progress of the health of Kirkwood Mayor Mike Swoboda who was shot in the head and opened his eyes just recently after being a coma after surgery at St. John's Mercy Medical Center. This week the funerals for the five city officials including Public Works Director Kenneth Yost, Officer Tom Ballman, Officer William Biggs and council members Michael H.T. Lynch and Connie Karr. Flowers and balloons were placed outside City Hall Friday in their honor. On the radio dial, talk shows had its share of those asking why the event occurred especially St. Louis American City Editor Alvin Reid who is a native of and current resident of Kirkwood. He was recently on two respective shows talking about the tragedy on KMOX-AM on Charlie Brennan’s Morning Show and on WSLU-FM 90.7FM on Don Marsh’s show. Reid broke down a history of Kirkwood and how the city is separate amongst the color lines (mainly blacks living in the segregated Mecham Park area) and his thoughts of the event.’ On the KMOX show Reid said, “I’m just tired. We can still pull the community together. Its just devastating and knowing the assailant who was well received did not help.” He also had a hunch that Thornton was the gunman while on the PBS show Your Turn last Thursday, the live talk in show after Donybrook especially after he heard that it was a shooting at a zoning meeting. This was definitely a tragedy and will become the microcosm of race relations of America and what needs to be done to reconcile this matter. Thoughts and prayers go out to those who were killed as well as the assailant’s family..............

........................In other newz, local shock jock , J.C. Corcoran, got in trouble for shocking statements he made about AmerenUE.Corcoran's comments were made on his morning show on last Monday. He was upset that his power went out during the Super Bowl halftime show. His first hostile comments were directed at Richard Mark (who was on the Freeman Bosley Junior SHow last Sunday talking about the matter) , Ameren's senior vice president of Missouri Energy Delivery. Mark is African-American, and Corcoran made racially derogatory comments about him in a voice that was intended to mock black dialect. He also criticized longtime TV anchor Karen Foss and said that since she had been hired to do public relations for the utility, she was "harder to find than Osama Bin Laden."What really got people upset was when Corcoran talked about climbing to the top of Ameren's building "with an AK-47 and just start picking people off." Corcoran further made sexually tinged comments about Ameren executives (eg. Mark’s penis) . Some local groups who were offended by Corcoran's comments called, e-mailed and wrote letters to the station to complain. As a result , he was suspended from his radio show on KIHT for two weeks without pay on Thursday (Fox 2 who carries his commentary also suspended him until an investigation of the matter ended) Later last Thursday, Corcoran read a statement from Emmis' offices at Union Station. "I made a terrible mistake," he said. "I made some ill-conceived, hostile, on-air comments about Ameren. I spoke out of anger ... after 30 years on the air, you'd think I would know better. I apologize to our listeners, our community, our advertisers and the good employees of Ameren." About his suspension from KIHT, he said: "It's a punishment I fully accept." Some folk say he should get what Don Imus got for calling the Ruckers B-Ball Girls team “nappy headed hoes.” I say, two weeks ain’t enough. How about infinty?

The STL are still wondering what was going with the mother of 3-year-old leaving her child at ST. Louis Mills? Miscommunication according to the mother, Shameka Taylor. Well the ST. Louis County wasn’t having that and lost custody of the boy, Cortez Bass During a court hearing on today Wednesday the boy's father was awarded temporary custody. Taylor turned herself in earlier this week to Hazelwood Police, and then transferred to the St. Louis County Jail. The boy was discovered by employees around 8:30 p.m. Saturday at NASCAR SpeedPark in the St. Louis Mills mall in Hazelwood, not long before the mall was to close. Mall security searched the area, seeking a parent or guardian, but couldn’t find one. They notified Hazelwood police around 9:15 p.m. The boy told police his name was “Cortez,” and officers determined he was 3. But his complete identity was unknown until nearly 21 hours later. Authorities say the boy was at the mall with his mom, aunt, and five siblings for a birthday party. There were a total of eight children there for the gathering. Somehow the group got split up. Police don't know how the boy got left behind in the NASCAR Speedpark, and they don't know why no one reported him missing. Wow, this ones a hard one. Maybe Taylor didn’t know. It is easily to lose a child if miscommunication is involved (Hmm, remember miscommunication was the reason for the affluent couple who left heir baby infant in a heat infested car at Wash U and got off with no charges.....................................
Speaking of children, one of the three children critically hurt after a car crashed into their north St. Louis home died this week, 10- year old Ania Martin. She died at St. Louis Children's Hospital last Sunday afternoon. The family have donated her organs so that other children might live. Three weeks ago a car crashed into the three greta-childrens grandmothers house Phelia Brown house. Ania's brother Migeal Asford and their cousin Isaiah McDaniel are still being treated at St. Louis Children's Hospital. When the car came through the house it caused serious damage, so rebuilding a house and burying a child are challenges the family never planned for. A medical fund has been set up for the Browns Medical Fund Information: A medical fund has been set for Isaiah McDoanial and Migeal Ashford. Donations can be made to: Bank of America, 4625 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108A family fund has been set up by firefighters:Checks should be made out to: "27's Assisting Mrs. BrownFirefighters Credit Union, 5530 Fyler, St. Louis, MO 63139 Or Engine House 27, 5435 PartridgeSt. Louis, MO 63120.................

Looks like the controversial hotel Adam’s Mark is about get bought out. Last weke it was announced that a San Francisco-based investment group has completed the purchase of the hotel chain.
Chartres Lodging Group LLC said it completed its purchase of five Adam's Mark hotels from HBE Corp. and plans a $63 million renovation, rebranding and repositioning of the St. Louis Adam's Mark as the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront. Hyatt Corp. will assume management of the St. Louis property now as an Adam's Mark until the rebranding this spring. The project is expected to be completed later this year. The new owner said it plans to spend more than $238 million on extensive renovation and repositioning of all five properties over the next 18 months. A sale price for the Adam's Mark portfolio has not been disclosed. The rebranded St. Louis property will be the region's second Hyatt hotel, joining the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at Union Station downtown. The St. Louis Adams Mark has been struck with several discriminatory suits in years past as African American guest complained of alleged racist treatment. (Hmmm, I wonder if this the reason why social events Martini Mondays and Sexy Saturdays are moving to other venues beginning in March?)

Is your Blackberry pic still out?

Congratulations are in order for Djimora. According to has EXCLUSIVELY learned that St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou are engaged. was outin full force at a recent event Baby Phat - KLS FashionWeek after party and we saw Kimora and Djimon wearingmatching rings on their left hands. One of their spies managed to make her way over to Kimora and asked her about to rings. Kimora told's spy, "We're getting married.” They also reported that Simmons may have a bun in the oven, too. Hmmm. We will see in a few months if that’s the case—the pregnancy that is. LOL...............................Veteran soul singer Ronald Isley will have to serve his three-year prison sentence for tax fraud in full after losing his appeal for an early release. The Isley Brothers star, 66, was sentenced to jail in September 2006 after he was found guilty in 2005 of evading federal income tax payments to the total of $3.1 million between 1997 and 2002. America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accused Isley of hiding millions of dollars' worth of assets in various bank accounts and with family members. He began serving time in an Indiana jail in August 2007. But the Grammy-winning star took his appeal to a Los Angeles court earlier this year (08), arguing his sentence in an Indiana jail should be reduced on the grounds of poor health and old age, having recently suffered a stroke and kidney cancer. However, last Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Dean Pregerson denied Isley's bid for a lesser sentence, ruling the judge in Isley's original trial was right in sentencing and "best balanced the need to sanction Mr. Isley's 'pathological' tax evasion against the need to accommodate Mr. Isley's poor health". Isley was once married t St. Louis native singer Angela Winbush in 1993 and bought a home in the area. They divorced in 2001.

Congrats are also in store for St. Louis native comedian/actor Cedric The Entertainer, who had the No., 2 flick at the Box Office last weekend with Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. The film made Made $17 million (second to Fool s Gold that made 22 mil). This family comedy of a talk show host returning to its Deep South roots was surprisingly good. I was definitely expecting a color by numbers version of a Cookout ghetto flick, but the movie was entertaining. The film’s star Martin Lawrence showed some range as an actor (sans having to depend on his constant mugging). Some of the highlighted scenes included Lawrence with Cedric playing a rival cousin (Oh and we cant forget those frisky dogs, too) Cedric Good solid ensemble (who would have thought James Earl Jones and Cedi in the same movie?) cast and if you get beyond some of the crudeness of the flick, it is defiantly in the tradition of the new trend of Black family movies revitalized started by 1996 The Preachers Wife. I’d give the flick 2 ½ stars.

See below what East Boogie footballer Brandon Harold is OUTTOWINing on

Props go out to St. Louis Rams; Torry Holt for doin his thing in the Pro Bowl last Sunday in Hawaii. Alothough he only had two passes, it still added inches to his record of being the first of all time in NFL history in receiving yards per game with an 84.7 yards per game average (I wonder of Holt went to Imo’s to celebrate. LOL) . On the East Side, East St. Louis defensive end Brandon Harold (ABOVE LEFT) made his official visit to Kansas State on Jan. 18. The 6-foot-7, 275-pounder, the Post-Dispatch defensive player of the year, picked the Wildcats over Illinois and signed his letter of intent.

In other football newz, OUTTOWN heard that New England Patriots Laurence Maroney had a packed as hell party at Club Society . Loose cannon threw a welcome party for the ST. Louis native up in there and gave him some STL Love (Check out pics on this week’s Evening Whirl of the party). Too bad he didn’t have a Super Bowl ring along with all the love (I wonder if anyone threw up a 18-1 poster up in the club? LOL) ……OUTTOWN spotted 2004 American Idol finalist Nikko Smith chillin with some friends at his father’s bar and restaurant Ozzie’s in Westport Plaza over the weekend…….St. Louis fitness model Fred Williams will be seen on TV speaking on his being on the book cover of the upcoming romance novel One Aint Enough on Wednesday Feb. 20 on both Show Me St. Louis (KSDK Channel 5 ) at 3 p.m. and the Best of the STL (City 10) at 7 p.m (SEE OUT 335 FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE BOOK)

Looks like we have some STL representation on two reality shows this season. STL model B Skye (PICTURED) can be seen on third season of Flava of Love on VH-1. She survived the first week. The name that rapper Flava Flav gave her is Big Arches. We also got some rep on the new season of American Idol. Asia'h Epperson is from Joplin, Mo. She auditioned in Atlanta and made it through to Hollywood. She was the sista whose father died 2 days before her going on Idol. She sang an emotive version of Leann Rimes, “How do I Live” To see her audition go to

STL female rapper Ebony Eyez is pissed and ain’t holding her tongue. On Eyes blasted her former producers of her 2005 debut CD Seven Day Cycle, the Track Boyz and the shady practice of the music biz. To hear that interview go to……………
Why has OUTTOWN been spelling SYGU Group member’s name wrong? Its Rhashad not Rashad (and his last name is Whitter)……………….

Congrats are also in store for STL rapper Bleezy of Black on Black Entertainment who is getting serious airplay with his new single "Like Me" that features R&B singer Trey Songz (the video was shot late last year at Club Society) . The song is from his upcoming CD "Crak Talk," which presents a "gangsta's perspective," but from a different perspective. There will be a listening party for the CD It will be out Feb. 27 at Club Society, hosted by Kay Slay and with Yo Gotti. More information is available at or

WORDZ TO THE WHY’S-….to the 2008 Grammy Awards. Why did Nas wear a shirt that had the word “nigger” on it?.....Why did Jill Scott’s dress look like the Princess of Dark Vader?.......Why didn’t Tina Turner say anything to the crowd about her late ex-husband Ike Turner?.....Why was Beatles drummer Ringo Starr babbling?........Why was Chris Brown wearing that goofy smile after his joke bombed on stage while presenting?.....Why did Aretha wear that yellow Gothic dress?....Why did Beyonce almost knock Tina Turner over during their duet of Proud Mary?.....Why did Kanye blast Common about releasing his album the same year he did?....Why did country star Vince Gill rip Kanye when he received his award?....Why did Natalie Cole blast Amy Winehouse for winning her awards?....Why was Solange presenting?..............Why did Prince say that Frank Sinatra look like he was 150 years old?..........And why didn’t Prince perform with Morris day and the Time?..........Why did Jay Z look awkward after Rihanna hugged Jay Z and pulled him up on stage when they won a Grammy while Beyonce looked on sitting next to him? Why did Fantasia put a streak of blonde in her hairdo?....Why was Little Richard looking corpsy with all that makeup?....Why wasn’t Madonna on the awards presentation?........Why did vocalist Keely Smith look uncomfortable singing and presenting with Kid Rock? Why wasn’t the Thriller Tribute to Michael Jackson didn’t make the cut at the Grammys (OUTTOWN heard it was a near riot at the Staples Center where the Grammy were held because of it)?

IN THE MIA (MISSING IN ACTION) Where is St. Louis native Tijuana Bradley who was on the 2003 season of the TV show “Survivor?”

BLIND BITZ. Which mover and shaker was caught going to a popular event with someone that wasn’t their significant other? (Hint. The mover and shaker has events for “singles” and the event rotates when the weekend starts.)

STESS FREE FRIDAYS, Friday, February 15,5pm, Studio Blu (website under construction) 8909 Natural Bridge Road (Highway 170 and Natural,In the Strip Mall)St. Louis, Missouri 63121 314-426-3337 AND Let's work together to keep the memory of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Johnnie Johnson alive—Johnnie was one of the FOUNDERS of Rock and Roll...Please support this worthy cause and meet the Producer and Creator of the Johnnie Be Good Documentary, KSDK NewsChannel 5 News Anchor, Art Holliday: Saturday, February 23, 2008 5pm Cathy's Cozy-Up Restaurant and Lounge 8428 Olive Boulevard University City, MO 63132, 314-995-5340 Art Holliday will debrief us as to why he is doing the documentary and then show a brief video clip...this fundraiser is to assist Art with expenses associated with the completion of this historicalDocumentary. If you have any questions, please reply to

The Black Rep, the country’s largest and premier professional, African-American theatre company will be the first African American company and second theatre company to complete all ten plays in August Wilson’s epic dramatization of the African American experience and heritage in the twentieth century when it opens RADIO GOLF on February 13, 2008 at the Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square in St. Louis, Missouri. The production runs through March 9. By popular demand The Black Rep will continue its Friday Rush Hour Nights special for their production of RADIO GOLF by August Wilson. No honking horns, road rage, or highway shut downs – just great theatre at a great price. On Friday, February 22 and 29 and March 7 and 14,, 2008, come to The Black Rep Box Office at Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square between 6 and 7 pm and pick up your ticket to Radio Golf for just 20 bucks – plus…enjoy complimentary cocktails from New Amsterdam Gin and appetizers from Jive Turkey Soul Food. For Details call 314-534-3810 or visit
TICKETS: $20, For info please call (314) 534-3810....................


African American Heritage Celebration 2008 “My History, Your History, Our History”. St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley 3400 Pershall Road, St. Louis, MO 63135
*Calendar of EventsFebruary 2008

Feb. 1 – 29 African American Art ShowPhysics Lab in Science/Math Bldg. room 252.Featuring artwork by Cbabi Bayoc, Aundrea Warren, Joel P.E. King, Mathew Schultz, & Jomo CheathamMon. – Fri. 10 am – 2:30 pm & Mon. – Thurs. 5 pm – 9 pm

Feb. 13 African American Film SeriesFeaturing the “Piano Lesson” & “Native Son” followed by a panel discussion and yes POPCORN & SodaStudent Center MPR 11 am – 3 pm

Feb. 21 Chocolate and Jazz ConcertFeaturing Mae “Lady Jazz” Wheeler & Dr. Karla FryeMrs. Wheeler is known as a living legend and a jazz diva with over 40 years in musicStudent Center MPR 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Feb. 27 The Changing Faces of American PoliticsFeaturing a Panel Discussion about American Politics:”What about Obama, Hillary, & Huckabee?”Student Center Cafeteria 11am

Feb. 28 Book signing by Dr. Joy LearyAuthor of “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” will be here to do a meet and greetIR building 3rd Floor (Library) 1 p.m. – 2p.m.*Refreshments provided at each event. Call (314) 513-4291

All events are FREE and Open to the public

Sponsored by SLCC-FV Campus LifeFor more info contact Laurencin Dunbar, Associate Professor of PhysicsSt. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley3400 Pershall Road St. Louis, MO 63135(314) 513-4056 office ...............................................



GOT Lyrics hosted by Mocha Latte’ every Wednesday night is back on track. Got Lyrics is held at the new location, Van Goghz MartiniBar and Bistro, 3200 Shenandoah Ave. , from 7pm to12am each week. Admission for the event is free before8pm. After 8:00 the cost is minimal; $3.00 for poets and $5.00 for audience. Members of the press are welcome and encouraged to attend opening night.My Drink N My Two Step Thursdays at Dante's hosted byMocha LAtte . Ladies Free Admission and Drinks til Midnite. Birthday parties and VIP available. FREE B-Day parties all in January/Feb, which include cake, balloons, FREE female guests with unlimited drinks before midnite and their male guests are only $5 before 11:30 p.m. B-day person gets a free bottle of champagne. You must reserve space with Mocha Latte




For more info on these events, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or


TIME AFTER TIME Celebrating the American SongbookMarch 27-30Thursday-Friday, 8pm; Saturday, 5pm & 9pm; Sunday, 2pmTickets are $50 & $40 and go on-sale March 8 at 10 a.m.Tickets are available through MetroTix at any outlet or by phone at 314-534-1111 or online at The Savoy Room at The Sheldon3648 Washington Blvd.St. Louis, MO 63108Award winning Cabaret and concert artists, KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler have created a dozen different shows heralding the greatest composers and lyricists of the American Songbook – George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Stephen Sondheim and Richard Rodgers – to name just a few. “Time After Time” is an exuberant and stylish celebration of the American Songbook.Back by popular demand for FOUR fabulous shows!

RAIN: The Beatles Experience - A Tribute to the Beatles, is the most renowned Beatles tribute in the world. There are other tribute acts who respectfully attempt to replicate a subset of the Beatles music, but only RAIN can perform the full range of the Beatles discography live onstage. No other rendition of the Fab Four's music comes close to this level of performance; from the early days of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, through the Sgt. Pepper era and on to the Abbey Road years, RAIN's performance captures it all flawlessly.

Presented by Fox Concerts.People Magazine declared her new album – The Real Thing¬ – “The sexiest album of 2007” and it also earned her three Grammy nominations including Best R&B Album, Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Hate On Me” and Best Urban/Alternative Performance for “Daydreamin’” featuring Lupe Fiasco. JILL SCOTT, THE REAL THING TOUR WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26 AT 7:30PM Fabulous Fox Theatre $58 * $48 * $37 Tickets go on sale this Saturday, January 12 at 10am! Purchase tickets at the Fox Box Office, MetroTix outlets or by calling 314-534-1111. Order tickets online at

CHRIS ROCK Sunday, March 30 7:00 PM Live at Fox Theatre!Tickets on Sale Saturday, January 26 at 10 am!Reserved Tickets: *$45.50, *$55.50 and *$75.50*price does not include service charge

Celtic Woman, March 28-29Friday & Saturday, 8p.m.Prices and on-sale date to be announced. Celtic Woman features the very special talents of four Irish female vocalists and a very exciting fiddle player. Together, the women create a wonderful musical experience that presents the unique voices and styles of each as soloists, as well as the group as an ensemble.


THE SPACE, 320 Vandeventer, Thursday, February 14, 7:00PM Phone: 618-567-0237 JPEK CREATIVE WORKS LLC - Presents - a Valentines Day Love Letter - brought to life through the hypnotizing vocals of Brian Owens, and the seductive strums of acoustic guitarist Shaun Robinson. "Love"- Sung the way it should be Thursday February 14th, 2008 &Friday February 15th, 2008Cover: $15For more information call 618-567-0237 or 217-553-8890..........................


*Valentines Day Comedy Show & Concert on Thursday, Feb. 14th at the Roberts Orpheum at 7pm *Featuring nationally renowned Comedians Jesse Taylor (NBC's Last Comic Standing), Darius Bradford, & Javon Bibbs (both from BET's Comic View). *Also special guest performance by R&B Recording Artist Cuziano w/ a live band (performing #1 new hit single, "Tranked Out") *Lavish Dinner Buffet (smoked salmon, brisket of beef, jerk chicken brochettes, vegetable spring rolls) and a Chocolate Fountain *For tickets call ticketmaster at 314-421-4400. For additional Info call No Sense Entertainment at 314-609-8967

STL Bar and Grill presents Living it Live Thursdays Valentine Day Dinner, 12948 New halls Ferry near Parker Rd. 7p.m. Hosted By Cersie Inseparble Woman. For more info.
Call 314.831.8929

NAUGHTY BUT NICE LINGERIE PARTY AT CLUB XES (ON THE LANDING), FrI. FEB. 15, 10 p.m. $5 before 11 p.m., $10 after 11 p.m. Naughty Dress (No Cover) Sweet Lingereie Contest. Winner Receives Free Bottle service.

Cafe Soul, Fri. , Feb, 15 at Lucas School house, 1220 Allen Ave. 8 p.m. $10. For info call 314.621.6565...........................

On Saturday, February 16th The Drunken Fish is the place to be as FreeTime presents the 2nd edition of "Winterfresh". Last year FreeTime had the Landing jumpin! This year we are bringing one of the best Winter events to the heart of the Central West End. In celebration of FreeTime Founder Darryl Frierson's birthday all Aquarius' get in FREE all night (with ID)! All ladies are FREE before 10! DJ Needles AND DJ Trackstar will keep the party moving all night long. For bottle service or more information call 314-397-4007 or go to its website

MEGATRON MAJORZ: Album Release Party & Concert feat. Gotta Be Karim
DJ NEEDLES And DJ REMINISE Sunday Feb. 17, 2008 Doors Open at 8pm
OLD ROCK HOUSE 1200 S. 7th Blvd - St. Louis, MO 63104

After Hours presents Nightlife Networking Feb 21 @ Posh - NO COVER!! (and every 3rd Thursday NO COVER. Join us for another laid back night as we give you the next edition of Nightlife Networking at: POSH 408 N. Euclid(Central West End) LIVE Jazz Band:Under the Influence8pm - 12pm.Doors open at 7, the night doesn't end until 1:30.Seating is limited... so don't meet us there, beat us there.................

LME PRESENTS BROWN SUGAR, Friday, Feb. 22 at Posh, 408 N Euclid, Dj Enoch on the 1s and 2s, 9 p.m. FREE ADMISSION and Jack Daniels Drink Specials all night. For more info 314-324-1934 or go to

A Colored Funeral written and directed byGREGORY S. CARR
February 22-23, 29 & March 1 at 8 pm ; February 24 & March 2 at 3 pm
Main Theatre Mildred E. Bastian Center for the Performing Arts
5600 Oakland Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110 Tickets are $4 for General Admission, $2 for students and seniors. For information call the Theatre Box Office at 314-644-9386.Open to the Public. ...........

SODIVERSE,PRECISION AND PROCEL ENT PRESENT FUNKY BLAZER AND JEANS SOIREE, Sat. Feb. 23 at J Bucks (Downtown); Attire Blazer and Jeans. DJ AJ on the 1s and 2s. For VIP info call For more info go to

Stray Dog Theatre presents "Night Mother" DIRECTED BY: GARY F. BELLFEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 15, 2008THURSDAY - SATURDAY AT 8 PM - SATURDAY 3/15 at 2 PM ONLY$18 FOR ADULTS / $15 FOR SENIORS & STUDENTS9 PERFORMANCES ATTOWER GROVE ABBEY2336 TENNESSEE AVE. / SAINT LOUIS, MO 63104For Tickets and InformationCALL: 314-865-1995

LUSH presents a party Saturday, Feb. 29 with live go go dancers, dancers, cocktails, colored lights and 3 DJs. 8 ;30 pm to 9:30 p.m. private VIP party; 9 p.m. doors open to the public. To RSVP email by Feb. 27 to

PRECISION PRESENTS PANACHE SAT 2.29.08 AT KYO....................
SOUL STYLZ presents The ZODIAC CONNECTION Pisces & Aries Ladies Wearing All SHADES of Green & Gray FREE All Night. Guests come in Attire of Your Choice at J.BUCK'S RESTAURANT1000 CLARK AVE. SATURDAY, MARCH 1, 2008 9PM-2:30AM For more info call 314-588-0505

J-Maxx Promotions and ENT LLC presents Lovin the Skin I’m In 2008 Calendar Release Party and Model Search Sat. March 29. For more info, call 314.323.8774

Stray Dog Theatre ( is holding non-equity auditions for the 2008-2009 season.

Regrets Only by Paul Rudnick opens September 11, 2008 and closes September 27, 2008.
Die! Mommy! Die! by Charles Busch opens December 4, 2008 and closes December 20, 2008.
The Trial From the novel by Franz Kafka / Adapted for the stage by Kenneth Albers opens April 16, 2009 and closes May, 2, 2009.
Everything In The Garden by Edward Albee / From the play by Giles Cooper opens June 4, 2009 and closes June 20, 2009.

Casting authority: Gary F. Bell

Audition LocationTower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63104

Plays: Audition Dates & Times
Monday March 3, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Audition Appts. / Callbacks 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday March 4, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Audition Appts. / Callbacks 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday March 8, 10:00 AM – Noon Audition Appts. / Callbacks 1:00 PM – 4:00PM

Play auditions will be held in the upstairs studio.
Prepare a 2-3 minute monologue or a cold-reading from the script (sides provided at the audition).
Provide one headshot & resume for play audition, and one headshot & resume for musical audition.
All positions are paid.
Stray Dog Theatre honors diversity and non-traditional casting practices.
You may audition for plays and musicals on the same day of your audition.

Pippin by Robert O. Hirson and Stephen Schwartz opens October 23, 2008 and closes November 8, 2008.
Songs For A New World by Jason Robert Brown opens February 12, 2009 and closes February 28, 2009.

Casting authority: Jay V. Hall & David Horstman.

Audition LocationTower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63104

Musicals: Audition Dates & Times
Monday March 3, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Audition Appts. / Sing and act only.
Tuesday March 4, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Audition Appts. / Sing and act only.
Saturday March 8, Noon – 2:00 PM Audition Appts. / Sing and act only.
Saturday March 8, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pippin call backs for dance audition.
Musical auditions will be held on the Main Stage
Seeking: Actor / Singer / Dancers for Pippin
Seeking: Singer / Actors who move well for Songs For A New World
Prepare 16 bars of a song. Provide sheet music appropriately marked and in your key.
Prepare a 2-3 minute comedic monologue or a cold-reading from the libretto (sides provided at the audition).
Provide one headshot & resume for play audition, and one headshot & resume for musical audition.
All positions are paid.
Stray Dog Theatre honors diversity and non-traditional casting practices.
You may audition for plays and musicals on the same day of your audition.

Call: (314) 865-1995 for audition appointment or more information.



Kobalt Books has just inked a movie-production dealwith Factor Media Group/Applecrate Films/OmniquestMedia to develop the true life story of Rev. BurtonBarr Jr. and his autobiography, “The HoodlumPreacher”, into a feature film. The publisher, KobaltBooks, is currently looking to raise development fundsfor this film. Potential investors will come on asmanaging members of the company thatproduces thefilm.For More Investment Info, Contact:Cedric Mixon at 314-503-5462........................................Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services forthe youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyonewho is in need of some extra educational support,please feel free to contact her or give them hercontact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314)418-9803................STL rapper/producer J-Kwon-has a new label deal and we are looking for someinterns to work on the new label HOOD HOP MUSICgraphicdesigners street team female street team club streetteam models internet teams (e-blasting,bloggers,writers)We are looking for the best. So instead ofjust grabbing the person that says they are the best,we are looking for people to SHOW us they are the bestat what they do. The bread-winners will be put onpayroll with a permanent job with the company. If youthink you will be the next hottest publicist, model,A&R, sponsorship writer, whatever it is that you do,then get at us! If you can do mixtape covers, adcovers, posters, willing to do street team work and beapart of this new label contact me directly at…………………………..

Joel P. E. King, owner of JPEK CreativeWorks LLC and The Space, wants to make an offer tothose of you who are in search for party and eventspace. Close to 2,000 square feet of available spacefor your next event, wedding party, baby shower, artexhibition and more. Here at The Space, you willacquire elegance, convenience and wonderfulhospitality. The Space located at 320-24 N.Vandeventer (off Lindell Blvd. in SLU area) Contact:314.494.5976 or 314.494.9095................
Saint Louis has anew STREET TEAM. STL Promotions Professional Staff ,On time reporting with Pictures Electronic Marketing:E-Cards, E-Blast, Website Presence, Guerilla MarketingTechniques, Service Street, Radio, College, andMixtape DJs, Special Events, Telephone Conferences,Retail, Market Visits, Professional Marketing Strategyfor Saint Louis, Premium Product Placement, Exposureevery day and every night at every event Our machineoperates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!! We willexceed your expectations!!!Contact us at 314-750-6806.................


The Black Rep's blog, Black Reppin. It can be found on its website,, or directly at As with other blogs, readers are invited to join the conversation..............

Every Monday night the Old Rock House, 1200 S 7th St, St. Louis. 314. 588.0505 Music by DJ TrackStar Spinning Hip Hop and Soul. No Cover Charge. Three levels. For more info call 314.588.0505

Martini Mondays at AJ’s, 5 p.m., Free Happy Hour FreeFood Live Band: The party will roll through the nightuntil 3am with Charlie Chan or DJ Cuddy on the 1's and2's.NOTE: Martini Mondays will no longer be a weekly event. Martini Mondays will be featured on the 1st Monday of each month. The goal of Martin Mondays is to create a sexy atmosphere that allows the professionals and hard workers in our city a chance to network, relax, and listen to live music. With this goal in mine the premier of the ALL NEW MARTINI MONDAYS will be March 1, 2008.......................

NEW: Suite Soul Spot, 1st Tuesday of each Month at the Old Rock House, 1200 S 7th Blvd. 9 p.m. 314-588-0505.

J’var, JE and Maxxed Out Entertainment Present Lyric Lounge every Wednesday @ Laughs on theLanding, 801 N. 2nd Street Featuring Poets, R&B, NeoSoul, Jazz and Funk artist weekly……Singers and poetryslam enthusiast gather weekly to present a uniqueblend of spoken word poetry and music from local andnot so local artist…….Doors open @ 8 show starts @9…..$100 weekly cash prize to the hottestlyricist….live band …..door prizes….giveaways…….allfor only $5 at the door For more info, call 314.241.5233 or go to

NEW: Power Stiletto Entertainment presents Power networking Wednesdays, beginning Wed. Jan. 30 5 pm-10 pm at the Lush Café and Lounge 3037 Olive St. For more info email

Roc-a- Star presents Refreshin with DJ NeedlesThursdays at Xes behind the Drunken Fish, 612. N. 2ndSt. Lacelded landing. Ladies FREE til 11 p.m.

Urban Causal Fridays hosted by Bishop V-luv, HappyHour at Spruills, 1101 N. Jefferson. Free from6p.m.-9p.m. (2 for 1) Free food 9 p.m.-11p.m. Drinkspecials until midnite. Party 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Ladies free til 11 p.m. for more info call 314.574.9601 or314.625.4595 or go to

NEW: The Virtual Lounge Expressions, A Christian based open mic every 1st Friday, Cookies jazz and More #20 AllenBlvd. Webster Groves, Mo. Doors open at 8 p.m. Cover $10. For more info go to

Tuff On Paper ENT presents Network and ShowcaseSaturdays every first Saturday of each month and LoveYourself Saturdays every third Saturday of each month,9.m.--until at the Spyglass, 255 Union at Lindell $5at the door. first 50 Ladies Free until 11 p.m. First25 ladies get a free drink. 21 and older. Grown andsexy attire. For showcase info hit up or call 314.443.5001

STL Events and R. Kirk of Precision presents Sexy Saturdays at AJ’s inside the Adam;s Mark Hotel on 4th and Chestnut, 9 p.m. -3 a.m. with DJ AJ. Ladies free til midnite and Guys $5. NOTE: Sexy Saturdays will be moving from AJ's TBA
Beginning Feb. 22, Precision presents Ladies Night once a month at 609 Lounge.

Check out Leannett Payne’’s CHOCOLATE BLOG by emailing her at!UC ME Radio with Murphy lee, Kyjuan and comedian Darius Bradford, 6 p.m. Sundays on 100.3 The Beat.

Bosley and Associates Traffic Law Centers .Suspensions, Speeding. Revocations. DWI. PointProblems. Accidents. Frison ‘s Flea Market, 7025 St.Charles Rock Rd., Fri-Sunday 9 am-5 p.m. or Big TopFlea Market, 367 Chambers Road. For more info, call314.621.1744

If you want to get on Vanita Applebum'shot new entertainment newsletter, email her

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you tothe Saturday to a straight up Old School limitation! The house party will belive at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Hallsferryand West Florissant! AND at the new Knockouts! Formore info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to

Check out Lisa Rose hot blogsite on Strong PositiveBlack Sisters at or go to her my space page at

for local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literaryactivities for the family and youngsters.

Check out Lachrisa Crenshaw’s spa products at call her at (314)401-0710Check out Diversity Gallery, for all of your naturalhair and beauty needs as well its café located at 6150Delmar Blvd. in the Delmar loop. For more info call314.721.3361 or email at

For body painting, makeup, face painting wigs andother special effects, contact Jessica Dana at or go

For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE andpics,go to

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radioplaylist.The Flow: Music Lounge. Peep it out at go to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

Peep out Marquita Parker's entertainment blog

STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot website where people can send their professional music videos and films to get exposed. Itis

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