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ABOVE PICS: YOURS TRULY with hanbag designer Miss Raquel...So Diverse's Jameelah E. (Left) and b-day girl Deidria....FREE TIME's Darryl Frierson (blue sweater) and Roy Robinson (right) with b-day girl....So Diverse's Lisa and Joanna (blonde)

DJ Marco Emerson ....Deidria and......LIA

The So Divese crew gettin their eat on (Oops, looks like I caught Deidria in a moment.)

SYGU's Darryl Gillespie gettin his point across with fellow SYGU colleague.....FREE TIME's Darryl Frierson talkin with Lisa of So Diverse

Party people in the house!

Deidria's family and friends

FROM THE HOLLIS FOUNDATION B-BALL GAME....The baby cheerleaders gettin theri cheer on (They also blew blue and red lit whistles and stole the show!)

The b-ball palyers and crowd watching the baby cheerleaders.

The young lady cheereleaders.

Singing group 3 Shades of Black doin their windin.

One of the singers from 3 Shades of Black

Some kids in the crowd.

Some kids in the crowd participating in the game to shoot a hoop for free sneaks

"Flava of Love Charm School" personality Buckeye with some of her young fans.

The Geeks in a huddle which comprised of the St. Louis Fire department.

In ya face--Vistors 2 points!

One of the visitors sitting on the floor as Buckeye tried to get the ball.

Well, she almost had the ball until it was stolen by a Geek.

Second half action as the visitors score yet another basket over the Geeks

The Vistors and the Geeks get ready for a jump ball.

Two more points for the Visitors!

The Visitors on the sidelines watching the action

The crowd

100.3 The Beat personalities Craig Blac, who was one of the commentators and Bishop V-Luv who was the dee-jay of the game.

Bally trainer Deanthony and teammate watching on the sidelines as they watch their team get creamed by the visitors

STL comedian Jay Lee commentating on the sidelines--DO SHE?

Hollis Thomas and Buckeye pose for a shot during the b-ball action.

The Geeks: The St. Louis Fire Department

The Harris Stowe U band gave the crowd an impromtu performance after the game.

DA BAND outside gettin their drumline on

More drumline action!

EVENT-VIEWZ I checked out two events back to back last Friday. First, I checked out the Hollis Thomas Foundation's charity b-ball game Greeks v Geeks that took place at Harris Stowe University. I got there about 7 or so cause I had to take care of some J.O.B. biz at the Water Geyser then I rushed over to the game. When I got therre, I missed one quarter of action and the baby cheerleaders were performing. They did their thing and they took over with their hip-hop dance moves and thr blue and red lit whistles that they blew during the middle of their routine.

After that, I walked over to give Maxine a hug to lether know I was therre, meanwhile I didnt realize that my SIUE alum Jamal Isaac was tryin to get my attention. He is a local firefighter and when I did see him when I sat in the lower bleachers he said he was tryin to get my attention but I didnt hear him (He is the guy that is in the pic with the firefighters and the only one in his firefighter uniform )

Anyway, the b-ball game was entertaining. The football players were playing against the local Greeks and Geeks who were the firefighters and some of the locals who are in frats aka the Greeks . (I was somewhat confused of the title of the game cause if its Greeks v Geeks, then who were the football players?)

The celebs were Buckeye of Flava of Love Charm School (who looks much prettier in person. She looks like a black Teri Hatcher) and model Maliah. During the game, they took pics with their fans in the crowd as well as played a little b-ball. They didnt do much full court running, but it was funny to see Buckeye get mopped on the floor (see pic above) and Maliah trying to play ball in high heels(She later changed into some sneaks ).

Local personalities who serevd as commentaors were Jay Lee and Craig Blac (who forgot who I was when I took his pic which I found hilarious. Was it that long between jobs? LOL)


*They had a Time out where people can go into the lobby to get a free hot dog.

*They had a competition with little boys and girls to shoot a ball for free sneaks. Some of the boys look like they were a s tall as Kareem Jabar.

*The MVP player of the Visitors football was Houston Texans' Jacoby Jones who was a showman (he came out in some black shades) who hooped up and dunked all over the court.

*One of the football players asked Bishop V-Luv if he could play rapper Lil Flips' 'Game Over' cause the home players got skunked (The final score was 97 vistors and 62 home )

After the game was over, the Harris Stowe band started booming their drums in the lobby as they played outside in front of the auditorium as the onlookers watched them perform.

The event was over around 9ish and I had some time to cruise around a bit (I was debating on whether i was goin all the way into the County to check out Hollis Thomas Foundation's comedy show at Studio Hitz but decided to go to Posh cause it was closer. I wanted to go to check out Sonia Branscomb do her comedy thing) before I got to So Diverse member Deidria's 30 B-day party that was goin to held at Posh( THIS WAS NOT A HOLLIS THOMAS FOUNDATION EVENT BTW). I drove south of Grand to get a peep of Stress Free's event that was held at this spot called Urban (cross street Humphrey) . I didnt see too many therre (It might have been over by then) but it look like I saw therapist Kamren sittin out front with someone talkin but it was hard to tell. (There also was something happening at the St. Louis bread Company that was a few streets north of Grand where the paramedics and cops were near.

Anyway, I got to Posh around 10ish or so after waitin in my car for about 20 minute sor so before goin inside. I didnt wanna be the frist oen tehrer (The first go round therre, they were just gettin' the food up in therre). So around 10 :30, I went insdie and saw soem fmailiar faces including the b-day girl Deidria who told me to have some food (which included chicken, salad, rolls, and other miscellenous items) and she asked me where was Mocha Latte and she said, "Still gettin over her teeth?" I said YES. As I got a plate other guets sof heres came through. We were sectioned on one side of Posh for the invitees which included her family and friends. They also had a de-jay therre named Marco Houston (who looked like a little kid up in therre. LOL).

Overall the event was nice. Small crowd of guets as the other partiers looekd over to where we were who were near the bar area. The drink sepcials were provided by Jack Daniels (I thought the drinks were goin to be free, but I will let that slide). Err one who knew Deidria wished her a happy 30 b-day and afterards went to other events that were goin on (including the June Eye Candy party at Club Society) afterwards. Me? I went to work.

In the house were: SYGU, FREE TIME (Yawl downed those Tequila shots with the b-day girl like water! LOL) , purse designer Miss Rachel, event coordinator Thrill, Big Tah, and of course.....Lia.

On Saturday, I was all prepared to go to Hollis Foundation's After party at Studio Hitz in the County, but it took me a minute to find the spot (more like an hour) on Riverview, but just as I got therre, I saw the kind of crowd that was parked outside of their Hummers and hoopties --the thuggish ruggish and I saw that the club had bouncer guys with wands ready to search people) and I didnt feel comfortable goin to this, so I headed back east and waited to go in for work. As my mamma always say, always follow your first mind and that I did--back to the East Side.

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