Monday, July 30, 2007



Musiq began his set with his hit, "halfcrazy."

The crowd was in a frenzy with him (as you will see later on in the pics)


A shot of Musiq getting filmed and shot near the stage.

One of the first songs he sang from his new CD,LuvandMusic was, "Betterman."

Folks up in VIP were also all up in Musiq's music.

A back view of the crowd watching Musiq perform.

RIGHT: A deaf interpreter at the concert.

When the sun came down, Musiq was still on stage. But it wass time to say goodbye as he sings off his goodbye after performing hie comeback hit, "BUDDY."

Musiq walked toward VIP as greeted his fans.

As you see, they got a little zealous.

The blonde sista along with some of her hedonist cohorts kept cat calling the keyboard player here Monty. They loved his bawwdy.

Live on the Levee volunteer Leannette Payne takes a pic with Monty. She later said up close, that he wasn't all that phyne. LOL

The finale was the fireworks display.

Newcomer Chrisette Michelle opend for Musiq and wowed the crowd with her beauty and talent.

Michelle opened with the uptempo groove, "Let's Rock" from her debut CD, "I AM"

She suprisngly quite agile in her dance moves.

I like this pic. Michelle and her background dancer posin for the crowd.

Michelle's voice has been compared to Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald

She also sang the blissful slow jam, "Love is You" that she co-wrote with John Legend. This was where she shines. Just her and the keys.

Someone had an asthma attack in the crowd and it was a mess tryin to get to the victim in the 30, 000 plus crowd.

Majic 104.9 personality Chas Saunders takes a pic with Michelle before she graced the stage.

Local jazz artist Lamar Harris performed a hip-hop jazz set as the opener of the event along with DJ Reminisce. He aklso did tunes from his latest CD Groove Theory. Harris said that it was honor to open up for the Levee.

Reminisce and Harris before they got on stage.

The Live on the Levee sign.

The Sauce Cafe, a dining area where patrons can order a full course meal and watch the show from plasma TV while dining at their table.

Some of the Volunteer staff inclduing Leanette (up front), Stress Free froday co-creator Mark Anthony Jones (in back) and YOURS TRULY on the left (Well, I was just wearin the shirt. LOL)

Pamela Harris, Angela Robinson and CW 11's Kelley Hoskins chillin in VIp before the concert began.

the crowd.

the crowd!


Frontline Security's Brian Stemmons (right) checkin folks before they enetered the spot.

A brotha havin to tell someone to call them back so Stemmons can check his ID.

There was another party goin on outside in front of Kitchen K.

Folks chillin outside waitin until Musiq pullD up to greet his fans andm some just stauyed outside especially when they found out that it was $15 bones to go inside.

For a moment, it seemed as though people werr goin to just party outside cause of of a free liquor truck!

The white truck parked behind the black car was serving up mixed drinks. (I had better pics but I was threatened to erase them. SEE EVENT VIEWZ BELOW FOR THAT STORY)

A pic from across the street wherr the truck was serving drinks.

People still outside waitin.

EVENT-VIEWZ. Due to the length of this weeks blog posts and my already highlightingteh concert already i will just do other highlighted moments:
--When I got there (I had parked my car at the Meterolink at Casino Queen) I took the Mtero from the Union Station eventto Lacelde;s landing to ghetto the Live on the Levee event. The first person I recognized was 2004 Amercina Idol finalist Aloha. I flirted a bot with her telling her how sexy she was. She blushed. And as I was going to get my bag checked. I thought I was going to get away with the can of CAMO in my bag. Then the lady said, "Do you want to drink this now? I just told her to go ahead and toss it. Then she said. "You should know better, especially withyou being media." Then she smilD.
_-I saw Mark Anthony Jones , Stress Free Fridays co-creator at the volunteer booth along with some other volunteers and he offered to give me a Volunteer shirt. I said cool. So I was pretending I was a volunteer.
__Event coordinator Missy Slay saw me and sked why I was wearing an LA Raiders cap and not a Cards cap and I told her that my cap was in the cleaners. She hit me on the shouldr playfully (I think she likes black men)
--At the concert, my sister texted me 10 times . I callD her and she said she was near the front of the stage . She waved her hand and I saw her hand. She was trying to get up in VIP and I told her she was too late for me to do all of that.
--As Musiq was getting prepared to go onstage and putting in his earpiece. People in VIP were shouting out, "Look over here!' They were tryin to get his photo with their cam phones. He finally smilD at them and walked on stage. He is teeeeeeny!
--The sistas in VIP was admiring Musiq's keyboardist Monty. One sista, who was the loudest in VIP who was sportin blonde hair said to Monty while he was on stage, "Hey keyboard player, we are lookin at your bawwwwdy."
--There was a lost child in the crowd and Musiq brought him up on stage and his folks saw him and he returned to them.
--I dont think the crowd realized how thick Chrisette Michele's NYC accent was.

--I hear that tehMusiq concert brought over 25,0000 peopel mainly because of the 10,000 or so who were here for the National Urban league Conference.

I left Levee about 9ish so I can get ready for the Afrter Party at Kitchen K. Meterolink was hectic with poeple from the Levee as well as the Cards game(No one was checkin for tix either!) I got to my stop at Casino Queen (I also ran into local singer Sanmuel on the train who was givin away free CD's of his music and didnt realize he works as a cook at one of the resturants in the Casino Queen)
I changed my clothes to my club clothes in my car and drove to Kitchen K. It took my about 30 minutes to ge there cause the traffic was crazy from the Levee)

The crowd was sparse due to the 15 dollar charge. Many were outsuide partyin. Therr were some dudes who partked their white truck serving free mixed drinks ( I was taking snaps of this action until this big bouncer guy walke dup to me and asked to 'holla at me" (OH SHIT!) and asked very nicley, surprisingly, if I could erase the pics cause they had some females in the car that werent "wired." Whatver that meant, but I wasnt goin to say NO and have my face kiss his knuckles. You feel me?
Anyway, Ileft out about 11ish cause I was tired. I didnt see Musiq but he did show up. To see pics go to


STL-TIDBITZ. Whats up with the State of Illinois gettin ready to run out of money? (who been puttin their hands in the cookie jar?),....I hear Ike Turner sounded off to the media about the city of St. Louis denying him a proclamation to the city during the Blues fest in September. (I wonder if he is goin to give Mayor Francis Slay a good backhand when he comes here?)...Congrats to local rapper Huey. His single "Pop, Lock and Drop it' was just certified GOLD for selling over 500,000 copies (In the world of downloading music, this is a big accomplishment!). Which local mover and shaker who puts on weekly networking event helped Harry Michel and Fred Finley name their upcoming club After Seven?...STL social networking group SYGU taped a hot commercial regarding their upcoming party Smokin Aces. To peep it out go to It was produced by videographer Dana Christian...Has anyone got an update on the health of comedian Dee's Lee's father?...Several St Louis people passed on thie past week: Director of the West End Community Conference Marie Fowler , baseball legend Mike Shannon's wife, judy; and the grandson to Dred scott, John MAdison, Jr.

IN THE MIA FILE: What ever happenned to socialte Anthony Beasley?

Last week I said that the West End Word was goin to publish my article in regards to the Live on The Levee. Well, they claim they didnt have enough room to publish it. So here is the article Enjoy!

The building of a Levee
By Marcus Ma’at Atkins

The summer is here and we all know what that means—hot weather, vacations stays and great outside music concerts. And St. Louis is providing all three.
The city is hosting currently the 3rd Annual Live on the Levee/Celebrate St. Louis festival, a free 12-night weekend concert series that takes place under the Arch Fairgrounds. Since its opening July 6, the festival has had Grammy-Award winning and nominated artists on the main stage. Some include Texican rock band Los Lonely Boys, country icon Emmylou Harris, musician Bruce Hornsby, and neo-soul artist Musiq Soulchild. Food, family fun and fireworks are also part of the mix

There will be one more weekend of music with St. Louis-based urban jam band Madahoochi who will perform Fri. Aug. 3 at 6:30 p.m. They will open for multicultural funk band Robert Randolph and the Family Band who performs at 8 p.m. On Sat. Aug. 4, concert opener country act Lucky Shy performs at 6:30 p.m. followed by Grammy-Award winning national recording country artist John Michael Montgomery at 8 p.m.
Since 2005, more than 40,000 people have attended the Levee and the Fair St. Louis Foundation, the non-profit organization over the Levee, has raised well over $90,000 for various charities. However, in order for the Levee to continue to be successful, a team of workers behind the scenes make diligent strides to make the event a success.
Missy Slay, executive director of Fair St. Louis and Live on the Levee, said that the process of making the Levee a success starts with the committee.
“We make a concerted effort to offer 12 nights of various areas of music and make sure its (Levee) is diverse and having a little bit for everyone,” she said.
Slay said that the entertainment committee plans its “wish list” of entertainers to perform at the Levee in January and, afterwards, it is more of a “hurry up and wait’ process with the entertainers they seek out until their deadline in May.
“We begin to check schedules and see who’s available and that fits our budget,” she said.
The budget Slay refers to is a $3 million in funding that is donated by corporate and individual sponsors.
Slay also said, “It’s a long process because we are a free festival and that’s unique in itself, so the entertainer’s fees are so much higher than they would be if they were playing at a ticketed event.”
At this year’s event, the Levee committee had some hits and misses with the entertainers.
“We had an offer for John Legend and our booking agent told us we were in the Top Three and it looked really good but the Grammies came up and his demand was out of the sky,” Slay said. “His people couldn’t figure out when he was touring so he became unavailable.”
The first act who said YES was Los Lonely Boys.
‘A lot of it was routing,” Slay said. “They were playing somewhere close and it fit their schedule so it was easier to book the deal.”
Slay also said they were lucky to have booked Musiq Soulchild who currently has a hit CD and is currently on tour with hot singing sensation Chrisette Michelle.
There have also been challenges with the food and beverage component of the festival.
For the first two years, there was the Eats Bridge, a restaurant venue stationed on the Eads Bridge on the East Riverfront. But this year, the concept was scratched.
“Eats (Bridge) was a great success, however, we kind of felt a kind of disconnect with the proximity from, the main stage to the Eads Bridge,” Slay said. “We had local entertainment up there (on the bridge) but people wanted to see the main acts and you really couldn’t hear them.”
To solve matters, Sauce Café was introduced, a 150-seater restaurant venue located near the Budweiser Main stage under the Arch grounds that takes place on Saturday nights from 6p.m. to 8 p.m. There, patrons can order meals from participating restaurants and watch the main act on three-42 inch plasma screens.
“People love it,” Slay said. “It’s something different. One night we had to expand it to seat 500 people.”
There are also a number of food and beverage vendors and for the children, a popular Family Fun Village all located near the main stage. After the event is over, the committees will collect their notes, return to drawing board and plan for next year
“We are always looking for ways of making improvements,” she said. “I get excited about the whole process. It’s fun for us and see people talking about the shows and walking away saying it was a great experience.”

For more information about Live on the Levee call 314/434-3434
or go to



The ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ – Shoe Fashion Show representatives in partnership with Clear Channel, Brown Shoe Company and St. Louis Community College – Forest Park are looking for one lucky female shoe model to take part in the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ – Shoe Fashion Show benefiting domestic violence and sexual assault programs in the Missouri area. Runway experience not required. The Competition will be held August 4, 2007 from 9am to 5pm @ the Mildred Bastian Performance Arts Theatre on the campus of Forest Park .
If you are aged 21 to 30, with shoe size between 7 and 10 and interested in supporting a worthy cause, registration begins 8.00am to 9:00am. Interested models need to sign up no later than 9:00am. The winning model will participate in the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ - Shoe Fashion Show October 4, 2007 along with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, local female celebrities and also receive
- a pair of designer shoes by New York designer to the stars Samanta
- a $250 Ribbons Gift Certificate by Williams International
- a (4) four hour photo shoot with famed photographer Wiley Price
- 2 VIP tickets to the show
NEW - $4,900 Scholarship John Robert Powers Academy & Images AgencyFor more information please call 314 531-SHOE (7463)

EVENT-IDBITZ. Wine Down Wednesdays, Aug. 1, 2007, 7-11pm @ Rance John Styles and Barbering, 2909 S. Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 314.772.7511

STRESS FREE FRIDAYS Friday, August 3, 2007 > 5pm> > Cuetopia Billiards & Sports Bar> (> 11824 W. Florissant (W. Florissant and Halls Ferry)> St. Louis, Missouri 63033> 314-830-1200> **Next to The Broadway Night Club


THE NETWORK GROUP, DJ CAPTAIN and ANDRE IGOUDALALocation: Prairie Capital Convention Center Ball Room1 Convention Center Plaza, Springfield,, IL 62703 USView Map F
ind a HotelWhen: Friday, August 3, 7:00PM
Phone: 217-553-8890
Springfield are you Ready for the Biggest Expressions in the Dark Ever!
DJ CAPTAIN, THE NETWORK GROUP & ANDRE IGOUDALA -Bring you Expressions in the Dark & The Gut Bustin' Laugh til' it Hurts tour of Comedians! Some of your FAVORITE POETS/ Singers / and Comedians will be gracing "THE PATCH" for this awesome event! Come mingle with some of the NBA's hottest players... BET Comic View & BAD BOYS of COMEDY Comedians / Some of the HOTTEST POETS in the Country... DOORS OPEN AT 7:00 PM - SHOW STARTS AT 8:00 PM tickets available at the Prairie Convention Center or by calling 217-553-8890. Check out our myspace page at
for additional information!



Absolut Sundays at Club 609 on Eastgate, with DJ Nappy needles and other special guest dee-jays, Doors at 7 p.m. networking at 9:30 p.m.Ladies free all night. Fellaz $5 after 9:30 p.m.

The Sunday Night Shindig w Mocha Latte Sundays at 9 p..m. Lucky’s (Tucker and Washington). Ladies Free/Free Food.

UPDATE: MOCHA LATTE IS DOIN SUMPIN SUMPIN FOR THE GUYS. THE FIRST 50 WHO EMAIL HER AT will get in her SUNDAY NIGHT SHINDIG ABOSLUTELy FREE! All you gotta do is email her with the subject line to read "MAN FOR FREE" and write that you saw the update on OUTTOWN then you in like flynn!

SLO DOWN presents Flirtatious Fridays at Club 314, Hwy 270 and St. Charles Rock Road (in the Econo Hotel Lodge behind Ryan’s. Ladies free til 10;30 p.m. For Vip and b-day party info call 314. 479.6283Contact for more info to these hot events!


DT ENT and Derrty DJ's present STL Unleashed, Thursday, Aug. 16 at the Pageant featuring beano, Ludy, Nikko Smith and Deandre Perryman to name a few. 8 p.m. $5 . For more info call 314.652.8025
When two of the hottest promotion crews in STL get together you know its gonna be smoking...

So FreeTime LLC and SYGU Group present "Smoking Aces."

So on August 17th Come on down to the Landing's new chic Club Xes(612 N. 2nd Street) and experience a night to remember with the party of all parties to end the summer

Now upscale dress is a MUST!! So lets keep it real and look fresh to def...

Doors open at 9 and we partying all the way till 3 in the morn.

For more info/VIP contact:
314-397-4007 Don't forget to look to your left to see the "Smoking Aces" Commercial
FreeTime website:

SYGU website:

Misouri Black expo, August 18 and 19 at the America;s Center. For more info go to

Well, that be it son. Hotme upo at for any pub or ish goin down!


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