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CENTER PIC: YOURS TRULY arriving at the Loft for the festivities....There's the infamous sociate Lia (pink shirt) comin to my celebration before her hitting 1st Friday...YOURS TRULY all buzzed up after a few drinks with Kamren (left) and Stress Free co-founder Mark Anthony Jones

RIGHT: Well wishers Mr. Paul and hollabackboi

More well wishers Mr. Mark and Gary Johnson

The band G-String (or was their name G-Spot????) was entertainment during Stress Free Fridays (The lead singer, Pookie in the hat, whose all in the crowd wished me happy d-day )

G-String lead singer doin his thang!

The party wouldnt have been complete without The Rose Man

I dont know what was goin on with this pic but old boy look like he really needed to talk with the sista.

AT THE FAMILY HOME: My neph Jerome (with acne creme on his face), the mom, YOURS TRULY and younger neph Tyrek .

Me and my sis, Tina, who was gettin ready to get her work out on.

Me and my balloon and cake.

Another pic of me and the cake.

A closer look of the chocolate cake with whipped cream friosting. Yum! Yum!

EVENT-VIEWZ. Last weekend was my weekend as I celebration two important things in my life--my B-day (If I tell ya my age I would have to kill the number of people that my age is.LOL) and the 2-year anniversary of my OUTTOWN website. On last Friday, the Stress Free Fridays networking group obliged to have their free Happy Hour event as also the hangout for the b-day celebrations held at the Loft. I used e-vite and my celly to invite about 40 or so peoepl toit. My stratgegy was at least 10 percent would show (which is correct) and the rest I just wanted to inform them of what was happening.
Before I got to the Loft, I picked up some CAMO and a bottle of Dasani water at the QT to get my buzz on early. I got to the Loft about 7 (HappyHour actually started about 5) and the first person I saw who I invited was Gary Johnson, a good friend who was a well wisher and wondered wherr I was. I wanted to make my grand entrance casue you gotta do that when you're the center of attention., right?. He brought his buddy (who is a bit creepy)and I thanked them for coming.
Meanwhile, I saw Stress Free co-creator Mark A. Jones and I greeted him. He bought my first drink which was a Corona. I told him that I wanted to start light and work my way up (and I would pay for it later). SO as I was drinkin the beer down, one of my invited guests hollabackboi came through who brought a buddy. He told me that some of his buddies from the gym we go to were coming later on (one actually showed up). Then I saw Kamren coming through, who does message therapy for STress Free and he came near wheer me, hollaback and his buddy where at the bar and wished me a happy-b-day (he later told me he lande dthe gig to message beyonce before her concert! lucky bastard. LOL). I didnt know how to take Kamren cause he didnt come through for me as a model for TESTOSCOUTURE, but it was my b-day so, all was cool...at that moment.
The Post's Kevin Johnson also came through as we talked about the Beyonce concert that wa goign to be hapepnign on sunday and other entertainment things (I dont remeber if he bought me a drank or not.LOL) He said that he remember meeting me eight years ago (1999) and was trying to figure out my age.
Now mind you, I was tryin to take pics of the club wheel drinking (I drank wine, a jack and coke, an Asbolut and seven and a screwdriver and hollaback's buddy said to me" You're mixing it up like that?"). The local band G-String(featuring Pookie) was the featured band on the makeshift stage. they mostly sang old school R&B (I cant recall what songs were caus eI was pretty much drunk), but I do remeber the lead singer wishing me a happy b-day. I also KINDA remember a bit that I walked near the dance floor after the mini-concert to the dee-jay booth and told DJ Soundz that today was my b-day. I think he grinned or somethin . I was so out of it aint no tellin what I said after that. Other well wishers who either came through or was already therre were So Diverse's Lia, actress Shawn Guy-Pitts and St. Louis American's Charmane Brown.

OK, this is where my story gets interesting. So as I am drinking and gettin toe up, hollaback knew these two sistas who came to the club and wished me a happy b-day and before you know it, I had my ARSE bent in the direction of one of the sistas and she was spanking me. Then when the song Pop, Lock and Drop it came on, the cipher was tellin me to do the dance. Well, I must have did it cause hollaback was saying, to the small clique "He is gone."
Around this time, about 1sh, the club crowd was comin through the door like wildfire. I also dont remenber hollaback taking my pic with Kam and mark. All I know I was smiling as though I won the lottery. Mark then asked if I wanted another drink, and as soon as I said NO (in between drinks I was drinking lots and lots of cold water) I told my crew that I was goin to thw restroom and lo and behold I became friends with thw camode.
After I did my bowel business, I felt the urge to retch and as soon as I felt the tingling up my throat BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I must have hurled about five times. Man, if I ever wanted to get an ab workout, that nite they were definitely workin overtime.
So after I did what I did, I returnD to the clique and hollaback had asked if I was in any shape to go home and I said YES repeatedly (not a good sign) and asked could someone see to it that I get home. I remeber Kam saying, "He will be all rite."
Well, as soon as I thanked all for comin to the celebration, I walked to my car and proceeded to drive back to the crib. I made it to the East Side on Highway 40 heading toward Fairview Heights and all of a sudden I saw myself driving too closely to the orange constriuction barricade cones and before I knew it, I hit one of the cones with my left rear view mirror and it hung by a knub and shattering the glasss in the rearview. I was like OH SHIT! Luckily I was still able to drive on and that the left side of my car was not damaged.
So when I got home, all I did was park the car and got into bed and deal with the rear view mirror in teh morning. So when I got up, I had a low hangover (Im glad I drank the waters!) I got some twine to temporarily wrap the rear view mirror back in place then drove to the gym to try and get a work out on (bad mistake). I limped through my exercise regimen as my low hangover was taking its told along with the queasiness of my stomach. I only stayD for about an hour and vamped.
So, after the gym, I drove to Walmart and got a temporary rear view mirror kit and some water-reisstant cement glue to repair my mirror. Its been four days as of this writing, and it is still holding on strong.

On Sunday, my fam gave me a b-day cake and balloon as they sang Happy B-day to me (the standard and Stevie Wonder versions). The cake was from Wal-mart and chocolate with a whippD cream topping. later, we ate chicken and salad and talkD about planning my older neph, Jerome's Sweet 16 B-Day in October (He wants Michael Jordan to be at his party. LOL) Man, 16? I remember when he was in diapers and playing it-tag with me when I didnt want to be IT ! LOL Now he's almost a man. Time definitely dont wait for no one--and neither does a bus. LOL

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