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CENTER PIC: Jessie and Bridgette preparing to say their vows to each other....BELOW PICS: The autograph picture....Jessie and the bridegrooms

LEFT: That kiss!

RIGHT: The crowd witnessing the ceremony.

RIGHT: The Taylors goin down the isle.

LEFT: The wedding party goin down the isle (That's socialite Lester Robsinson all dappered up)

The flower girl and the ring barrier...Too cute!

The reception hall.

The wedding party entering the reception hall.

The Taylors makin their grand entrance to the reception!

A full view of the wedding party at the reception.

The Taylors and their first dance as a wedding couple.

Jessie clownin around.

The Taylor's immediate family area.

Local singer JVar entertaining the crowd and the party.

J'var up close and personal with one of the bridemaids (This was too hilariuous. She was iggin him throughout!)

People gettin champagne from the champagne fountain for the toast.

The wedding cake.

Jessie's best man gives his heartfelt thoughts to the wedding couple.

One of Bridgette's best friends and Matron of honor givin a tearful speech to the wedding couple.

Brigette's close friend givin her keep it real speech to the wedding couple.

The Taylors toast to their future.

The Taylors cutting the wedding cake.

The Taylors give each other cake (No they didnt do the smooshing in the face)

Jessie thanks the crowd for coming to their wedding.

Bridgette prepares to throw her bouquet to the single females in the crowd (It was caught by the sista in the third row to the right with the bushy Afroish hair

Jessie crawling to get Bridgette's garter (This was too hilarious!)

Jessie taking the garter form Bridgette's leg.

Jessie clownin around smelling the garter. LOL

Jessie throws the garter to the single men (but it was caught by the lil man up front)

The sistas gettin their last chance to dance with Jessie.

Well wishers give Bridgette her dollaz (I love this pic!).

Err body on the dance floor.

People havin a good time on the floor!

100.3 The Beat's Dwight Hypeman Stone hypin up the crowd (Lookin buff these days I see. LOL)

A long view of the party people

Some bridemaids gettin their dance on

The bridegrooms doin their choreographed steppin.

Bridgette showin the crowd how to dance old school (She almost had a warbroibe malfucntion there. Ooops!)

EVENT-TIDBITZ. After the fashion show, I drove to the Chase Park Hotel with my suitcase in order to change into my suit I was going to wear. I drove to Baden to get to Light On Broadway (wherr Spotlight used to be)and got therre about 5. I had a feeling that the wedding wasnt going to start on time (the invite said 4pm) So when I enetered me and this sista (who later on would catch the bride's bouquet) got therre just when the bridegroom's were about to enter the church. We wiated for about 20 minutes casu ewe had to wait until the bride walked up the isle to get a seat. In the meantime, I signed the guests book and the autographD picture of well wishers.

The following are highlights from the wedding:


The wedding party walked into Case's "Happily Ever After"

Other songs that were played Brian McKnight's "Never Felt this Way", Jessie Powell's "You" and Luther's "Here and Now" (when the couple lit candles )

When the pastor asked Jessie would he take Bridgette to be his lawfully wedded wife, the crowd couldnt hear what he said, so he turne daround and said, "I will." The crowd laughed.

When it was time for Jessie to put the ring on Bridgette's finger, his best man didnt have the ring (Oh-oh panic). The very last guy in the party--which was about 10 men down-- had to pass the ring all the way up to best man.

When local singer JVAr serenaded the couple with his song "Marry me" and started singing., "He, is your man." and all, Jessie had a confused look on his face as though he said the lyric wrong. CLASSIC. The crowd laughed.

The song the wedding party exited to was Teddy Pendergrass' "When Somebody Loves you Back."

Soon after the wedding was over, the crowd walked to the other side of the building where the reception was goin to take place. We waited in the lobby until they opened up the door (On the big screen above the doors was R Kelly's video, Bump and Grind)

When they opene dteh doors, I got me a seat on Jessie's side. Here are some highlights:


It took a minute but we got served the food--baked chicken, roast beef, strung beans, roll and salad (the reception began about 6 and we got sreved about 7ish. You do the math).

This young boy who sat at the table where I was told me that I looked like the guy from the movie "Drumline" and the older pre-teen asked how was I in relation to Jessie. Jessie's playmmama asked if I knew her son., Duck (Who was in the wedding actually). I felt so like a stepchild. LOL

This ghettio couple that sat at the table I was and they were asking the waiter for some hot water so they can dip their silverware in it. The female was still complaining until her man got the hot water himself.

There was a sister who wore a tight fitted party dress and a straw cowboy hat.

While I was filling up my glass with champagne for the toast, the flower girl asked me "is that beer?" Later on, I saw her get a glass, fill it up with champagne and got a sip until her mamma hit her on her hand and told her to stop drinking it. CLASSIC

When JVar was singing to the bridemaids, one of them he sang in her ear while she was sitting eating and she was cutting her meat as though he wa snot therre. It was hilarious!

The speeches from the wedding party were touching espcially the sista who was best friends with Bridgette since 6th grade. She was very ride-to-die in her delivery saying that she would do anything for hger girl and would be on the next plane smokin if need to.

Jessie crawling on his hands knees to get to Bridgette's garter. While he was crawling, he did push-ups. When he finally went under her dress and got the garter, he smelled it. CLASSIC

Jessie had trouble throwing the garter to the single men. One of the throws made the garter fly up into the sheer decorations in the ceiling. Some of the guys had to act like they were slam dunking to try and get it down (The DJ started playin the beginning of Maxwell's A Woman's Worth ("Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuh") cause of the difficulties tryin to get it down) When it was finally gotten down, it was caught by a 5 year old boy. CLASSIC

I got in the Cupid shuffle slide!

The choreographed step moves during the Fantasy slide by Jessie and bridegrooms were great (putting in Pretty boy, Temptations, Michael jackson moves in the mix).

Local VIPS in the house were Platinum Groups' Jacque and Leata Land, rapper Rucka Puff, comedians Javon Bibbs, Carmen, St Louis SLim (who was off the chain loud up in therre) and Maurice G, Mo Witherspoon (that lil girl of your got a lot of energy. LOL) and socialte Calvin Nelson.

Later on, before I left out to go to the third event of the evening (to see Ashy Larry at Laughs on the Landing),congratulated him then asked Jessie (who was pretty much lit from teh alcohol) where was she taking his wife on her honeymoon and he said, Jamaica, but he didnt know when at the time cause he had a show to do at St. Louis Nites next door to Light On Broadway. LOL

Congrats Jess. It was a beautiful wedding!

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