Monday, July 30, 2007


PICS: Kym taking out sex toys from a bag that was given to her by a local sex shop....Kym also had to put in check host Jay Lee for givin her her weak intro.

Kym had the crowd in stitches talking about sex life, weight problems and heckling the crowd.

Kym confessed of how she couldnt control herself while taping a pilot for HBO starring rapper Kanye West. She played his mother, but she demonstrated how she wanted to sleep him. CLASSIC.

Comedian David Arnold and kym shared the stage in their bit He Said, She Said.

David and Kym clown around with the sex toys... David has the crowd rollin when he talked about office politics and if Barak Obama gets elected, light skin black folks are comin back in style.

Local comedian Jay Lee, who subsituted hosting for Dee Lee (who's father took ill) warmed the crowd with his style of ghettofab humor.

Lee and the crowd.

House singer Jvar warmin up with a female fan.

Local comedian Longhorn, The Black Cowboy, tried his best to get the crowd funny on, but was off his mark.
EVENT-VIEWZ. After I left Therron Jospeh's b-day party, I drove and drove and drove to get to the comedy show. for some reason, I lost my way to get there when i got downtown and took the street leading to Broadway, but I took the Northern portion of Broadway and not teh way leading to downtown and i was about an hour out of pocket . I had to get gas and take the 44 to get back on track. funny thing is, when I got therre, i got therre right on tiem for teh second show!
Anyway, the host was Jay lee (the DO SHE guy) who subbed for Dee Lee whose father was ill and he had to take care of. It took a minute for the crowd to warm up to Jay Lee (he did the usual goin behind the curatin to get a better applause and teh Do SHE? jokes).
Then he brought up to the stage house singer JVar who did hsi usual freak-me-baby routuienand brought a sista on stage and seranded her.
Next, Jay Lee Then he introdued his fellow comic Longhorn, the black cowboy who was strugglin atthe mike. he wa sboming more times than Iraq,. There were a few chuckles here and there but his 10 minutes seemD liek a root canal for him I'm sure.
Then Jay Lee came back up and teased Longhorn about his routune and Longhorn yelped, "Fuck you." then Jay lee said, in a sissified lisp, "'Im sorry you cant do that, i'm taking for."
Then he introduced Kym Whitley, not to her liking. So when she came up , she told Jay Lee to come back up. She got him by the back of his head, got into his face and said, 'You better introduce me better than that like the star that I am. I want the dee-jay to give me some music that wuill make me pop my coochie up in here."
So he reintroduced her and the DJ played WIPE ME DOWN she was redeemed--so to speak. Her routine was off kiltered after a sex shop sent her a sex toy gift bag and brought it up on stage.
-She was taking out the sex toys and asking what each toy did
-She said, 'Have you ever been in church , reading your Bible then in you rmind your thinkin, about dick?" Her refrain was, which was use dtrhoughout her set, "but He knows my heart."
--Demonstrating how it was fuccin lil dick men who try hard(She clapped her hands )
--She said she was a wearing seven bras.
--She heckled the young sistas who were up front who wasnt wearing bras and saying that their titties will flop in 15 more years and a brotha in teh crowd who looked like a pimp and said that he was the chokin kind
--How old men wants to do her and one showed her the Stickshift
David Arnold was up next and he was talkin about:
Office Politics--"I got fired so many times that it must be Lords will for me not to work in an office. I hate to work with people that you hate. they make you buy X-mas gifts for them too."
--He also did the joke he usually does about when his wife cant have sex during the six week rule after pregnancy and that he got a prescription from the doctior abouthsi wife have to give him head.
--He said he broke up with a girl cause she washed her body parts then her face with the same wash towel having a zesty ass face.
--Then a couple in the front dropped a drink on the floor and David said, "man yawl really know how to kill a room dont you."
--Then both David and Kym got on stage and mostly talkD about the sex toy bag that Kym was given . One funny moment came when she had soem ben-wa balls that can be used in the vagina and she said,"Thats all I need to put these in my coochie at the office and one slip out and I have to explain to my boss what just happened, saying ah, that was a fax machine that just fell out."
Then they heckled the pimp guy in the crowd who had his lady with him throughout the show but she had left and they asked, "Where is she" and He said, "I choked the shit out of her."
Afterward, I was going to take snaps of Kym and David and others but the juice was out of my cam so I just ended up shaking Kym's hand and told her she did a good job.

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