Monday, March 02, 2009

OUT 565--CAFE SOUL at OLD ROCK HOUSE Feb. 28, 2009

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins taking a flick at Cafe Soul. Check out who some of the artsists who performed on that nite when we got there during the second half of the show (an explanation of our lateness follows the pics).

Photos by Ma'atology and Larry Blue of Something Blue (above pic) Host and co-creator Coco Soul takin a break during featured artist East St. Louis singer Deandre Perryman.

BOTTOM LEFT: St. Louis Zoo's Jennifer Poindexter and 4246's Anthony Robinson RIGHT: Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer, State Rep Tishaura Jones and Clifford Brandon.

Something Blue's Larry and Becky Blue.

The featured artist was singer Deandre Perryman.

Perryman was in full performance mode.

Over 500 came through to this event.

Perryman always gives his all when he performs.

Perryman brought up a young lady to the stage to do a two-step with him.

The crowd on the top floor.

Wildmann on guitar.

Perryman thanked everyone for coming out as Coco looked on. He dedicated his set to a love done he lost recently.

Coco on stage. She told the crowd that she was on YOUTUBE and ran up on a church spoof of the song "Single Ladies" and sang a verse of it as the band played with her. .

Cafe Soul fave Silky Sol also performed.

Jamie Spencer was sang.

Singer AB performed.

Rodney from St. Louis came up on stage to participate in Coco's Finish the Song Segment of the show.

Along with Rodney was Chitown's Ramone (left)

He won a cup for playing. LOL

NYC comedian Naim Lyn did some comedy for the crowd.

Poet Corey Black and Perryman pose for a "promo" pic.

A long shot of the stage.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cafe Soul was our second choice of attending an event. Our first was to attend the Rip the Runway fashion show at F15teen, but management said it was too many people who were attending the event and we had to wait for folk to leave to enter, regardless if we were part of the media. Well, you know us. there's three things we don't do: we don't pay to work an event, we don't do lines and we don't do no waitin! So we bounced and came through Cafe Soul.

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