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Photos by Ma'atology and Jason Bailey of the The Evening Whirl(first pic) YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins all dapped out and doin the OUTCAM thang at the Traffic Music Awards (TMA) Check out who else was there down below and who were the winners at this event.

The tee of the Traffic Music Awards that all the 26 nominee categories listed.

Three of the escorters at the event.


STL comics Matt Collins and Longhorn

STL rapper Chocolate Tai and singer Jus Bryan

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks

St. Louis Attyand Mayor candidate Irene Smith

Comic Jay Lee

Businessman Mike Roberts, Jr.

Model Michelle Star

Model Lady Star

Comic Ms. Funny



Thick Click

TMA creator and host Tony J of Hot 104.1 chillin backstage


TMA nominee Khalia

TMA nominee East St. Louis' Blue Flame

Folk up in the balcony area.

...and the front row gettin their party on.

Kenny Knox and his posse opened up the show with his radio hit, "GET GHETTO." .

Kane singin the hook to "GET GHETTO."

TMA nominee/STL rapper Huey and his boy chillin at the TMAs. Huey performed later on in the show.

Some TMA supporters.

The Matiff Dancers also opened up the show as the TMA theme song was played by 104.1 DJ DC. .

Future Mic singing the TMA theme song.

The Matiff dancers in the VIP area gettin crunk!

And dunked!

Host Tony J welcomed everyone to the show. (Nice winter white suit Traffic Guy. You clean up well. LOL )

Rapper Rucka Puff presented the first award, R&B Artist of the Year to Nikko Smith who was not present.

Suite STL's Jamie B (also of 104.1 FM) and Chris Renee presented Collaboration of the Year TO:

The collabo for the song, "You Know The Family."

AI presented the Educator of the Year to Dr. Henry Givens but he was not in attendance.

Stylz presented Street Song of the Year TO:

Kenny Knox, "GET GHETTO"

Comedian Darius Bradford, who recently joined the radio cast for the Rickey Smiley show and Deez Nutz as well as opening his own club the Big Joker inside Lights On Broadway, presented Poet of the Year TO:


Rapper Spade Rippa presented the TV Personality Award to Fox 2's April Simpson who was not present.

Video director and TMA nominee Dana Christian presented Songwriter of the Year to Bradd Young who was not present to receive his award.

TMA nominee Skiddalz rocked the crowd her vanilla flow.

East Boogie socialite and TMA presenter T-Baby (right)with her accompanied guest who mos def needed an award for her outfit! LOL

Beer merchandiser Ray Hill and St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green presented the Male Prodcuer of the Year TO:

Loudie of GCB Productions

The GCB crew which included 100.3 The Beat personality Shorty Da Kid (in shades) in winning mode.

The Harris Stowe Marching Band opened up the performance for:

The crowd. LOL. No, actually it was interesting that within the crowd were undercover cops who were ready to pounce on anyone who smoked anything more than tobacco. It was announced during the show that it would happen! Luckilly nothing did.

A crowd member gettin hype during:

TMA nominee Young Ro's performance of "Donk Dat Booty" which followed the Harris Stowe Marching Band.

Followed by TMA nominee Phat Pheezy

Pheezy performed his radio hit, "My Pockets Flooded."

Comic Lil Rock and Mike Roberts Jr presented the Club Song of the Year to:

Shorty Da Kid for "Wa Wa Wow" . He also won Song of the Year. Shorty told teh crowd that he is mor ethan just a dee-jay referring to his gig on 100.3 the Beat.

Club owner Drexel Stith and Atty Irene Smith presented Group of the Year TO: East St. Louis female group Unladylike who was not present./

Comic Hot Sauce and Mr Mark (who did a joke about DMX being rearrested in prison was Rick Ross. LOL) presented the Publication of the Year to:

The St. Louis American which was accepted by its Entertainment Editor Bill Beene.

DJ AJ and TMA nominee rapper Khalia presented the Comedian of the Year to Jessie Taylor who was not in attendance.

DJ AJ brought host Tony J up to the stage and told him that he was inducted into the Derry DJ click in St. Louis.

Hot 104.1 personality Boogie D and hairstylist Leann presented the Promoter of the Year TO:

Mocha Latte of Monopoly Promotions. YAYE!

Bill Beene and DJ Quest preseneetd Business of The Year to:

Black Pearl Tattoos which was accepted by one of the owners son, rapper Young Ro.

Ms Funny presented at the award show. She said that she wa spissed cuz "a bitch was hungry and they didnt have any chicken backstage." LOL

DJ Sno also presented. He presented Politician of The Year toTD El-Amin who was not present.

STLonfire's Kevin Jordan--who made a comment that he does not work for the Post Dispatch and that the Flipside where he use dto work no longer exist-- and Chocolate Tai presented the Legend of the Year award to:

DJ 618

DJ Cuddy in the crowd.

Rapper Ebony Eyez performed two songs. The first was her hit, "In Ya Face."

The second was a new song, "Got em Shook."

STL Mayor candidate Denise Coleman--who urged folk to vote for her on Tuesday--presented the Alternative/Rock Artist Group Award to Logic who was not present.

Radio One personality Loni and KSDK TV Personality Jeff Small--who told the crowd he is the only Afrcian American TV broadcaster that is on during the weekends-- presented Radio Song of the Year TO:

Murphy Lee for "MY Shoes." He later said, "Damn I aint never won shit." LOL

I AM's Kim Trigg, Big Walt and Mayor Alvin Parks presented Male Artist of the Year To Jus Bleezy who did not attened the ceremonies.

Mocha Latte and her daughter Sydney presented the Humanitarian Award TO:

The late Lee "The Roseman" Nixon. The award was accepted by his brother and his daughter, Lecia. The award was the highlight. The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Nixon's daughter was moved to tears. She thanked all who loved her father and said that she will try and continue his legacy.

The Nixon Family giving love back to the crowd.

T-Baby and her one of the members of the TMa nominated Blue Flame presented DJ of the Year to:


Hot 104.1 personalities Lil Dee, Dj Cuddy and Jenee presented the Radio Personality Award TO:

Former Hot 104.1 personlities DJ Kaos and Silly Asz. Another highlight of teh nite. When Silly Asz (PICTURED) accepted the award. He brought up a tee that read, "FIRED FOR NUFFIN" to protest the conrtoversial firing of the duo late last year after comments made by Kaos which caused both to be fired. Asz said that their old time spot was takin from them (and repalced by Boogie D), for nothin which caused Boodie D to say from the crowd, "Oh, it was somethin." Asz then said that his partner Kaos is now working at Walmart jokingly. He also said that the duo will be back on the web with a new show, Dawhole Nine show.

Murphy Lee, St. Chuck, City Spud and Kyjuan presented the Female Artist of the Year


Comedians Master Jewels, STL Slim and Bradford presented the Videographer of the Year TO:

Dana Christian who told the crowd that he is not a videographer but a director.

Huey performed at the TMAs

In performance mode

Huey performed a 10 minute set which didn't include his chart topping hit, "Pop, Lock and Drop it" surprisingly.

The Black Pearl Mafia performed a song about their uh... member. LOL

Judge Jimmy Edwards--who made a joke that most of the nominees backstage was trying to get the hook up with him--use , singer Miani and a member of Fire Boy presented Label of The Year TO:

UC ME. Murphy Lee accepted the award.

TMA nominee Jibbs performed his hit, "King Kong."

And his new hit, "J Walkin."

Jibbs literally moved the stage (The long mic cords he and his hypeman were using draped over the sound monitors dragging them on stage. LOL) .

TMA winner Mocha Latte with her daughter Sydney and TMA assistant/model Lady Star.

TMA winners Loudie and Shorty da Kid performed "Wa Wa Wow." Before performing, he said, "I am about to to curse but this has been a fuckin' good year." Then Shorty asked the women in the crowd if their va-j-j's were clean and asked them to raise their hands.

"Old Ratchet ass Ho. Old Ratchet Ass Ho."

Folk up in the balcony gettin their Ratchet on.

TMA winner Skiddals joined Shorty on stage.

Tony J brought up his assistants (including former STL mdoel Paris Caldwell on the right) to thank everyione for coming and stated that of they wanted to get nominated for next year to have their fans vote for them just like what (rapper) Skiddals did and not just vote for themselves or ask their MySpace freinds to vote.

Tony J also brought up his staff who worked with him to make the award show possible.

The staff.

Tony J gettin' interviewed after the show by a TV show.

NOTE: This event, that was sponsored by Major Brands' (Elson Williams pop and son) Covassier, was definitely one that will get folk talkin for weeks about (just go on and you will see the comments floodin!) We saw it as a hood version of the American Music Awards, more like the Source Awards. Unfortunately, a lot of the winners did not attend. But for those who did attend to cop their awards, the crowd was hyped (especially when Murphy Lee came on stage) on whoever won (the nominees were voetd on by the Traffic Music Awards polls) Thankfully there were no gunshots or violent acts (just a threat to arrest those in the crowd who tried to smoke that OOOOWEEEE), oh, we forgot of that moment when the houselights were brought up for a couple of minutes of a potential but overall the event helped to bring the STL together. To get politicians to present awards as well as attend with the hoodest of the hood is mos def a feat in itself!


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