Monday, March 30, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology

Two of the waitresses at VIP. RIGHT: Socialite Gina Wynn entering the event at Lumiere Place

Wynn getting her VIP bracelet.

Folk networking in the sitting area of the VIP area.

The VIP area from the elevator.

A sketcher sketching a model at the event.

The completed sketch.

Alive Magazine staff preppin for the show.

A logo of Brown Shoe, one of the major sponsors of fashion week.

First up was Love Brigade by Alyssa Key, Jamie Rockaway and Christopher "Tinypants" Dang

Crowd attendees included St. Louis Post Dispatch fashion editor Debra Bass (with camera) and Vincent Flewellen (next to Bass).

Designers Alyssa Key, Jamie Rockaway and Christopher "Tinypants" Dang

Next up was Bolongaro Trevor by Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor

Next up was Wrath Arcane by Sean Bilovecky and Brian O'neill

Model Christian Cofield was all decked out in several scenes.

Designers Sean Bilovecky and Brian O'Neill

Next up was Diesel by Renzo Rosso

Designer Renzo Rosso

After the show attendees Post Pop Music Critic Kevin Johnson, Coco Soul, Post Fashion Editor Debra Bass and Vincent Flewellyn pose for a flick for OUTCAM.

Coco Soul also flicks it up with St. Louis Rams player Chris Draft.

After the fashion show, we hit Soul Stylz' event SOL at the Black Label Gallery in South St. Louis.

The poster advertsing the event.

Soul Stylz' Cornell Boone and guest.

Nuvo sponsor Elson Tre Williams and guest.

The Greedy Genius Boyz were in the house.

Fish in the tank.

Lisa West, Kim Jordan and guest.

Cafe Soul co-creator Nicol Stevenson (center) with Clifford Brandon (left) and guest.

DJ Third Degree kept the jams in synch.

Folk comin in to the event.

Folk at one of the two bars at the event.

The dance floor area.

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