Monday, March 23, 2009


Photography by Ma'atology STL R&B group Mo Tre members Santana Barnes, Angelo Blakely and Jermaine Casey was not only in harmony fashion wise as well as on CD at their listening party for their upcoming CD Imperfect Gentlemen

Barnes explains the motivation for each song that was played for the crowd. Songs played included "So Right, " Maybe," "Make No Mistake," "I Want Cha," "Got This, and the first single, "Hot Spot."

The crowd enjoyin the party as the banner poster of the group hangs above the attendees.

Some of the invited VIP were Cafe Soul's Coco Soul and Angie Brown (LEFT) and VAE's Vanita Applebum and guitarist Wildmann (minus the rabbit ears. LOL)

The groups manager JP thanked the crowd for coming and listening.
ALSO in attendance were singer Theresa, the Post's Kevin Johnson and socialite/fashionisto Craig Minter

AFTER THE LISTENING PARTY we trekked to Monopoly Promotion's Sunday Night Shindig where STL model Mr McClure was celebrating his b-day upstairs in the Moon Room at Lush.

Mr Mclure came in fashionably late (and apropos with him being a model) for his party at Lush.

Shindig Host/creator Mocha Latte and her "lil brother" McClure pose for a shot for the OUTCAM.

STL rapper Huey also dropped by as he snapped a flick with Latte.

Singer Aloha also came through as she gave a diva pose with host Latte.

Mr Mc clure with his blood brother.

America's Next Top Model finalist reppin the STL Shannell Howard talks with host Latte.

Huey was doin some serious poppin, and lockin but no droppin at the party. LOL

McClure socializing with his female guests at his b-day at his booth.

STL model Sarah Bryant (left) also kicked at McClure b-day party.

McClure walked around and greeted his well wishers.

AND NOW FOR SOME SASSY SISTAS who were up in therre.

We don't know what these two sistas were thinkin about but we guess the sista on the left was thinkin about how ready she was to burst out of her pink shawl shirt and the sista on the right was meditatin her next move for the nite. LOL. Well one of these sistas TURNT it out (see BELOW which one)!

This sista got the Ludy dip goin up in therre.

As latte and the crowd egged her on!

Oh, the sista from a few pics up was not to be topped on the floor and got her dance on.

And dropped it like it was hot !


The packed crowd. Can you spot Craig Minter in this pic? LOL

NOTE: Overall, both of these events were definitely events to cap off last weekend. Mo Tre's event was classy and biz industry oriented (and the free drinks, food and cake were off the chain). The McClure b-day event was hoodfab and folk were havin themselves a crunked out time as Dj Krisstyle (who also was at Motre's listening party) was on the 1s and 2s. An interesting moment occurred when the b-day boy got on the mike and told the guys to stop dancin with each other and start dancin with the young ladies there (Well, well, well) . He was very teed off about it. WOW. But overall it was a cool mix. We left before the shiney leg contest by the way. LOL

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